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    Layer and live wallpaper scrolling problem and wanted solution

    big nigga · 0 · Posted

    This was my first time using klwp)I wanted to use the persona 5 theme and i loaded it clicked The little disk icon to use it all was looking fine when i went to the home screen and the live wallpaper wasn't scrolling and the layers where all on to of each other how do i fix this?

    (See picture attached for more in-look in this situation)

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    Kwgt everything vanished on reboot

    Lee Rock · 3 · Last reply by Lee Rock

    Hi KWGT,

    I purchased kwgt and have been enjoying it for a few weeks. I restarted my tablet today and on reboot all my backups, exported widgets and fonts have vanished.

    Everything was placed in the default root folder of the app, nothing on my SD card. The widget I actually have still there is all messed up and even though I have a list of supposed back ups they do nothing.

    Any help would be appreciated as if this is a bug or recurring issue i won't bother remaking my widgets. Thanks in advance


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    Weather forecast parameters

    Evgen · 0 · Posted

    Is it possible to add the snow presipitation forecast in percent parameter to wf section? There is only for rain there now. 

    Thanks in advanse! 

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    Black screen when applying wallpaper

    Al · 3 · Last reply by Al

    Everytime i apply the persona 5 wallpaper i get a black screen.

    I use the Xiaomi redmi note 4.

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    Can you have a splash [loading] screen cover everything until the preset is fully loaded?

    MK_XXXIX · 0 · Posted

    Is it possible to have a simple, yet entirely custom splash page that sits on top of everything else and doesn't show the rest of the design until it's done with the loading of the preset in the background?

    In other words… that lame looking generic black screen [in my case with an LG G6 Andoid phone] that's generally displayed on the desktop as the preset loads, instead of that being what's displayed, have a single page that's part of the preset containing some quicker loading elements cover the screen. So within the actual preset, you could create a layer

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    Widget size: can a widget "know" its height & width?

    Jeff Levy · 2 · Last reply by Jeff Levy

    Is there a way to import the current width & height of a widget and use them in calculations? (In any unit!  I know KWGT has some interesting . . . features . . . regarding size units.  I can work with that as long as I know the hardware screen res and maybe the launcher's row/column spec.)

    For example: I'm trying to build a smart music widget that knows whether it's got a PORTRAIT or LANDSCAPE aspect ratio so it can decide to display album art & track info as either right/left panels or top/bottom panels.  I want it

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    Possible to grab WeChat notification count?

    Matt · 0 · Posted

    Hi, I'm trying to use ni to get the unread WeChat notification count, but I'm not sure how to go about doing it. I've tried ni(pcount, com.wechat) and ni(pcount, com.tencent.wechat) but they don't seem to work. Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: Nevermind - I was using the wrong pkg names! For future reference...it's com.tencent.mm

    Just learned how to get to get the correct pkg name from ni(0, pkg)

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    How to make a moving row

    How to make a moving line if the text don't fit into the width of the field? (syntax)

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    no results

    Vigy Muh · 2 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I just bought the pro version and it shows no results on every widget package I have installed. I don't have greenify o purify installed either.

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    KWGT widget featured on google play

    AndreaWozzup · 0 · Posted

    Hi, I really like this design:

    I installed the free version but this specific widget is not present (there is a vertical calendar but with different alignement). Not sure if the one above is a single widget or a combination of a clock and a calendar either.

    Now I understand that the whole point of KWGT is creating your own design but still I'd like to know if this one (and also the other ones featured in google play screenshots) are already available somewhere, of course I understand I'll have to buy the PRO version to import it.



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    Hiding Notification Box

    Katie · 4 · Last reply by Katie

    Hello, I have a notification box on my KLCK 

    I'm just wondering, If I don't have any notifications how can I hide the box?

    I've done it with my music player using this code: $if(mi(state) = PLAYING, ALWAYS, NEVER)$

    What $if code do I need for notifications?

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    Notification count

    Hello, me again 😊

    I have a Stack group with 4 Overlap groups in.

    In each overlap group is 1 shape and 1 text.

    How do I hide this if the count is less than 1 notification?

    I did try this code in each overlap group > layer > visible

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    Snapchat icon

    Deroxel LW · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    There is no icons for Snapchat. I don't know where they have gone but I can't find it anymore

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    Are anchors still a thing?

    I can't find them anymore in the animation menu... I know sawt hem once

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    turn off transparent background in pattern lock screen.

    Hi, I made a custom lock screen, looks beautiful, when I swipe to unlock it goes to the lock pattern screen with a semi transparent background, what is seen behind is the default lock screen of Android Oreo. when I don't use Kustom Lock screen the pattern screen appear with no transparency. is there a way to deactivate the semi transparent background in the pattern lock screen?

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    If function question...

    Trying to set an if function, so that It will display a number of notifications only if there is any.. what's wrong with this?..

    $if(uc(WhatsApp)=0, " ", "uc(WhatsApp)")$

    Instead of getting the number of notifications there is, I get a text: uc(whatssapp)

    Help... :)

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    Sanchith Hegde · 0 · Posted

    Frank Monza, I have many questions. Please help me.

    1. Is there any animation options in KWGT? (especially, is any POPUP option available?) As far as I could find, I didn't find any and thinking it is not there, I'm asking my next question. If it is there, it would be helpful if you could provide me a Kode or a Formula.

    2. Is it available in KLWP? If the Popup option is available, then please provide me the Kode or the Formula.

    If it is not available KLWP also, +Frank Monza, then please include this feature. Or is there