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    Centralizing Notification

    Hello I have a stack group with an overlap group in that also contain a shape group. I can get my notification icons to show.

    Is there away I can make them central as if I only have one notification?

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    Toggle global switch problem

    jereld kua · 1 · Last reply by jereld kua

    Hi i have problem with toggle global switch when i set it with a list global variable to go next or prev. Doesn't work with the touch, but launch application works. I am using action 3 launcher

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    A complex if function

    Hundvd7 · 0 · Posted

    What I want to do is a widget that displays wifi speed, with some additional flavour. I have made that work as shown here:

    Now, I want this to show up only, when I'm not connected to wifi, if which case, it should show network type. Tryed many variation of parentheses, $ signs, etc. but I coulnd't make it work. One of my last tries is this:

    I'm sure it's my fault, but for the life of me I can't find the problem.

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    some items disappear on wall only

    Shani . · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    all presets appear corrupt on my wall but in the editor and preview it looks OK 

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    Weather Underground subscription

    Craig Johnson · 0 · Posted

    How much is the Weather Underground subscription through KWGT? The standard weather data is really off for my location (Brisbane, Australia).

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    Share rss link to telegram

    Edoardo Zerbo · 0 · Posted

    If i want to share a link from an RSS feed i have to open it on the browser and use that to share it for example in a telegram group. I was wondering if there's a way to do it in KWLP with a button that on touch would open the share menu to be able to share it without having to open it on the browser

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    How to add indiv. shadow to a text?

    DeMichaelis · 2 · Last reply by DeMichaelis


    how can i add a shadow wich is closer than the normal shadow effect to the text in my calendar widget?

    Shadow at 0 is not close enough.

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    Can you set image height/width/position in a formula in KWGT? If so, how?

    Ebeest · 3 · Last reply by Adam R Atkinson

    Hi there,

    Hoping someone can help me. I'd like to be able to set the size and position of an image (and maybe other things when I know the syntax) using a formula. The image is a global variable called by an if/then statement and when it changes to one of them I want to change the width, height and position.

    The current formula is $if(mi(state)=PLAYING, gv(pausebut),gv(playbutt))$

    Any help would be REALLY appreciated. I've tried editing the actual images but haven't gotten far and it WOULD be nice to change it in KWGT when I need to.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Battery level help please

    Autumn Wilson · 0 · Posted

    Can I assign a colour if battery is say between 90%-100% and have it changed when say between 80%-90% please? On a shape also? Thank you

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    Theme don't have back button

    Seangcool98 · 0 · Posted

    The theme button don't have a back button to exit the theme settings page

    Edit: nvm I figure it out, just tap anywhere on homescreen to get out of theme page 🤣

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    Attempting to create a KWLP; when re-importing, "Source File Not Readable".

    Was locked accidentally by myself at some point, any way to undo?  I want to test it on my old phone, but it keeps saying it's either not readable or corrupted.

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    Why is my material flat preset not working it is all off to one side on the screen and I don't know how to fix it

    Nick Bradley · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Why is my material flat preset not working it is all off to one side on the screen and I don't know how to fix it

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    Iterate over group elements

    Oskar S. · 1 · Last reply by Valentine Kozin


    I just started out playing around with KWGT, so please excuse my lack of knowledge about some aspects of it.

    I built a sweet little battery usage graph that displays the battery level over the last 12 hours. An Image of it is attached. I used multiple circle shapes in a stacked group (stacked horizontally), and set their vertical position according to the battery charge at that respecitve number of minutes ago.

    Now the problem is that the formula to calculate the vertical position is identical for all points except for the date of bi (which is increased systematically).

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    About 3D rotation

    Czy Ken · 0 · Posted

    Can you let 3D's X and Y axis spin together.

    The type of rotation can only be the 3D Flip X or the 3D Flip Y. There are many limitations.

    For example, I want to complete a three dimensional square rotation effect, but I can neither make one surface rotate on X and Y axis, nor make the length of the four sides of one surface different, so I can't do the effect.

    ps: My English is not very good. If there is something unclear about the description, please ask below.

    pps: I'm using KWGT PRO v3.30b803616beta

    ppps: This website

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    Creating a Menu: How to toggle other global switches off?


    i want to create an menu bar. My idea was to have different app images that toggle global switches.

    If one switch is toggled by touch all other switches should be turned off. So there can only be one active. But i dont know how to make this. I also cant find a handy description for gv(switches). Im a bit confused when its about global switches.

    My vision was to have the app bar to toggle a info box with related information. But because of the space only one box with related information should be shown. The other information

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    Wallpaper erasing

    Billy Fowler · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Why when I close the app my wallpaper disappears? Do I need the pro version just to keep the wallpaper running?  

    Thanks, Bill 

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    river katy · 0 · Posted

    i want new tc() . like a Excel's "LENB".

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    How to use a if(with for loop variable) statement inside for ?

    Utkrisht Sinha · 1 · Last reply by Luneye

    For eg.

    if I want to write number from 1 to 100 skipping every multiple of 3. How can we write it ?

    I tried $fl(1, 100, "i + 1", if(i % 3 = 0, "", i), " ")$

    But it didn't worked. It gave output from 1 to 100 without skipping any number.