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    switch between a normal an a KLWP wallpaper with Tasker.

    Rotil · 5 · Last reply by Rotil

    Hello all, I like to switch between a normal an a KLWP wallpaper with Tasker. Does somebody knows how to do this.. I have seen some treaths but I don't get it to work. It would be great if somebody can assist me... Thanks!

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    Shutdown app after stop playing

    Rotil · 3 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Hi Guy's, 

    I use xiialive pro to play radio.  Is there a way to close the app when I stop playing.  If I stop playing the app stay running in te background.  


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    Image import as svg problem

    Moloko · 3 · Last reply by Marco Genovese


    When I import an image as a svg the selection doesn't match the shape (it is always a square). Is there a way around that? Or maybe I shouldn't use svg files? (I like the fact that it's scalable and since I don't know yet what I want exactly it's easier to tweak)

    Thank you

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    V20 second screen

    Jhastine Iñgel · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    The second screen won't work.

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    Contact/Favorites Image

    Paul J Ogilvie · 2 · Last reply by Massamino

    If I have a contact that I want to create as a shortcut to launch dialling their number, is there a way to pull the image of that contact and use it as a "background" for a shape? Essentially I want to create dialer shortcuts with the images of the contacts that are in my address book...

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    Is it possible to make a picture appear and sound play on touching screen (picture must appear in place you tapped)?

    >Nova< · 2 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I want to make a small picture appear at place i tapped and disappear after a very small period of time (0.01 sec for example) and it would be good to play short sound on tap.

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    Kwgt everything vanished on reboot

    Lee Rock · 3 · Last reply by Lee Rock

    Hi KWGT,

    I purchased kwgt and have been enjoying it for a few weeks. I restarted my tablet today and on reboot all my backups, exported widgets and fonts have vanished.

    Everything was placed in the default root folder of the app, nothing on my SD card. The widget I actually have still there is all messed up and even though I have a list of supposed back ups they do nothing.

    Any help would be appreciated as if this is a bug or recurring issue i won't bother remaking my widgets. Thanks in advance


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    Black screen when applying wallpaper

    Al · 3 · Last reply by Al

    Everytime i apply the persona 5 wallpaper i get a black screen.

    I use the Xiaomi redmi note 4.

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    no results

    Vigy Muh · 2 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I just bought the pro version and it shows no results on every widget package I have installed. I don't have greenify o purify installed either.

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    KWGT widget featured on google play

    AndreaWozzup · 0 · Posted

    Hi, I really like this design:

    I installed the free version but this specific widget is not present (there is a vertical calendar but with different alignement). Not sure if the one above is a single widget or a combination of a clock and a calendar either.

    Now I understand that the whole point of KWGT is creating your own design but still I'd like to know if this one (and also the other ones featured in google play screenshots) are already available somewhere, of course I understand I'll have to buy the PRO version to import it.



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    Snapchat icon

    Deroxel LW · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    There is no icons for Snapchat. I don't know where they have gone but I can't find it anymore

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    Sanchith Hegde · 0 · Posted

    Frank Monza, I have many questions. Please help me.

    1. Is there any animation options in KWGT? (especially, is any POPUP option available?) As far as I could find, I didn't find any and thinking it is not there, I'm asking my next question. If it is there, it would be helpful if you could provide me a Kode or a Formula.

    2. Is it available in KLWP? If the Popup option is available, then please provide me the Kode or the Formula.

    If it is not available KLWP also, +Frank Monza, then please include this feature. Or is there

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    Valentino · 0 · Posted

    I would like to parse a local variable eg %tf(hh:mm)% in a wg function, something like $wg("www.google.com?q=%tf(hh:mm)%",txt)$. Is this possible? Many thanks.

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    Run apps windows

    Rotil · 0 · Posted


    I’ m affaire I know the answer, but I in case I'm wrong.... Would it be possible to have KLWP start an app in a definable smaller Windows. I don't think so, but would it be a feature request if possible at all. It would be great to make a totally designable wallpaper.


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    Explanation and confirmation that DST filter is working.

    Michael Belew · 2 · Last reply by Michael Belew

    I am in the process of writing a free tutorial, for all of the image filters in KLWP, but I can not figure out how one would use the DST filter.  I believe the filters in KLWP use Duff-Porter methods,  but my understanding of how DST should work does not seem to be they way that it is implemented here. Could someone explain how they believe DST filter should work, and verify that it does work, and explain that here.


    Thanks Mike

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    how to show the same items in lockscreen and 3rd screen with animation (by scroll)

    Lam Zero · 0 · Posted

    Layer>Visible: $if(si(locked)=1|si(screen)=3,"always","remove")$

    Animation : By Scroll=>scroll

    because of the function called "Rule" with the option (center/before center/up tp.....................), the above visible formula was not working.


    and i will get the result as following

    lock the device at 3rd screen > items shown 

    lock the device at any screen except 3rd screen > nothing shown

    how can i show the items in lockscreen with "by scroll animation "


    thankyou so much

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    Why does it take too long to update a 3rd party variable in komponents?

    areallytinydot · 1 · Last reply by areallytinydot

    I have a tasker variable set in a global in a komponent. It takes longer to update than when set in the root.