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    Dual SIM data switcher

    Hi guys, I'm completely new to this app.

    I'm trying to create a simple widget with a toggle switch to change whatever sim card I would like to use for data usage.

    It's a pretty frustrating operation done by hand, considering the fact that I switch data from sim1 to sim2 and viceversa a lot of time in the day.

    Can anyone suggest me how can I start building my own widget?

    Thank you very much

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    turn off transparent background in pattern lock screen.

    Hi, I made a custom lock screen, looks beautiful, when I swipe to unlock it goes to the lock pattern screen with a semi transparent background, what is seen behind is the default lock screen of Android Oreo. when I don't use Kustom Lock screen the pattern screen appear with no transparency. is there a way to deactivate the semi transparent background in the pattern lock screen?

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    Notification count

    Hello, me again 😊

    I have a Stack group with 4 Overlap groups in.

    In each overlap group is 1 shape and 1 text.

    How do I hide this if the count is less than 1 notification?

    I did try this code in each overlap group > layer > visible

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    Music player turn off when music not playing

    My music player is just text for minimalism and I want it to be invisible when no music is playing. 

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    Fitness data

    Hello everybody!

    I'm trying to deal with fitness data, 

    I guess it only works with Google fit?

    So I use it with date global according to a calendar, but it takes a while to load the data, is it normal? Has it a way to fix it ?

    Respectfully, have a good day. 

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    Progress bar for nighttime/darkness duration

    P · 5 · Last reply by Nelson Alberto Gonzalez Cuña

    I'm using the formula for the progress bar (level time) formula:


    However I'm struggling to adapt it to nightime... Any ideas? 

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    How to organize a table of series?


    I made a table of series, essentialy table with upcoming events from my calendars. I made it like three adjascent series components, stacked one next to another and text inside rotated to be in rows, like this:

    My problem is with the third column circled in red - when text varies in lenght, series put different amount of padding in the column, as if it tries to maintain the text to be centered inside the series, but every settings possible is set to be left aligned and with no paddings. The result is that if I have longer title,

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    Include a 24-hour and a 12-hour clock in the same widget?

    Susanna Withers · 2 · Last reply by Susanna Withers

    Hello! I often visit England from the US, and I'm trying to train myself to translate the familiar 12-hour am/pm time into its 24-hour counterpart quickly, so I'd like to make a widget that shows the time in 12-hour and right below it the time in 24-hour (for example, 2:30 right above 14:30). However, since the time format is specified in the general app settings, I can't figure out how to do this. I can set the KWGT time format setting to Auto, but then it defaults to whatever I've chosen in my general phone settings (I think). Is there

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    Play store


    I created widget and Komponent and I would like to share it on  play store.

    Do I have to activate read only when I export them?

    I made an apk with apk maker I succeeded to install it on an other phone, but kwgt pro is needed to use it????!!!! Did I do something wrong or is it normal?

    Any advice before I create developer account and pay for it 

    Have a good day  

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    Weather not updating - India

    Not sure what's wrong but weather does not work. I get ?? instead. I have provided the location permission, location is set to high accuracy, tried changing service provider. Nothing seems to be working. Anybody knows solution to this?

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    How can I display multiple alarms?

    I would like to display the next alarm and also the alarm after that all in the same widget. Is there a way to do this?



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    Moon phase

    hye evryone, I'm creating a moon phase icon with real quarter (not only a circle wich offset due to the visibility) but i have a lake of atrological knowledge, my question is: How could I know if the moon is growing or decreasing?   have a good day and don't forget to save world from alien invasion!

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    Location widget

    Sasha · 10 · Last reply by Sasha

    Hi guys. I'm trying to make a widget based on the "Location mode, one of: OFF, SENSORS_ONLY, BATTERY_SAVING, HIGH_ACCURACY, UNKNOWN". So i have five jpg location icons (green, yellow, orange, red, question mark), which I want to turn into a widget that shows one of the above mentioned location modes, but since I'm a real noob in the "if" syntax, I wonder if someone can tell me how to write it. Many thanks.

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    Centralizing Notification

    Hello I have a stack group with an overlap group in that also contain a shape group. I can get my notification icons to show.

    Is there away I can make them central as if I only have one notification?

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    How use the notification one 3.37 beta?

    I think everything is. In the subject. 

    I noticed this new function on setting menu but I. Don't know how to use it. 

    Have a good day  

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    OPPO Realme 1 - Kustom action-force weather update don't work

    Hello there,

    Can anybody assist on this? I have oppo Realme 1, Oreo, recent kwgt. Trying to use Kustom action for forcing weather update, but it isn't working. It works only when I'm forcing update in the kwgt app. Any ideas?



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    $tf Code more exactly?

    SomaKhaos · 0 · Posted

    Is it possible to get a time span more exactly? I want to Display the time span from a certain date till now. but if i use the $tf(2017Y10M27d)$ command it only says 1 year instead of the exact amount. is there a way to get it a little more precise, like 1 year 1 month 7 days? 

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    Touch event


    Is there any order for the touche event ?

    Like vba, from the top to the bottom?

    The bottom one on my button generate an url on a global, but if I want it to work, I have to click twice.

    Have a good day. 

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    Extract restore points


    Can I extract my restore points or snapshots? Because during experimenting, I sometimes destroy my theme and saving deletes previous restore points and snapshots.

    Thank you.

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    Weather forecast parameters

    Evgen · 0 · Posted

    Is it possible to add the snow presipitation forecast in percent parameter to wf section? There is only for rain there now. 

    Thanks in advanse!