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    About data(3G 4G) code

    Duy Chau · 0 · Posted

    I have 2 simcard, 1st for call, 2nd for data (3G 4G) and code $nc(dtypes)$ just show the 1st sim, how to change for the 2nd.Thanks

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    Wake without unlocking

    Joseph Nixon · 0 · Posted

    Just tried out the custom lock screen app. I think I'll get quite a bit of use out of it, assuming I'm able to get past this. 

    I use my power button to wake my nexus 6p, and view my lock screen, as a quick way to look at and manage notifications. With this app so far though, as soon as I press my power button, it just skips to my active app, no view of the lockscreen whatsoever. I want to make it require me to swipe or what have you. 

    Also does this app disable my built in

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    Snapchat icon

    Deroxel LW · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    There is no icons for Snapchat. I don't know where they have gone but I can't find it anymore

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    System Partition +

    Jeremy · 0 · Posted

    Hi there,

    I'm new to Kustom Widget and I've looked though the FAQs but can't find an answer.

    How what string do I use to display the free space left in my "systen" partition?

    I would like to display it in GB (gigabytes if possible)

    I would also like to display my storage free space in GB's as well, (I have found how to have it in mb).

    The other thing I would like to do is stretch my text horizontally. Is this possible?

    I have a bug report in that there is an issue in that the text for

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    Unlock after waking up

    Marco Genovese · 1 · Last reply by Kaviloko .

    Directly unlocking by fingerprint off screen is working, after activating the phone doesn't work, I have to do the gesture on the screen.

    Is it a bug?

    Huawei P9 - Android 7.0

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    KLCK intent for external app

    Marco Genovese · 1 · Last reply by Marco Genovese

    I'm planning to add a new tab to my app for KLCK skins but I need info, I don't find it there:

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    HELP! Tasker removing KLWP?

    fan · 2 · Last reply by fan


    I just started using KLWP and Ive run into trouble keeping it active.

    I use Tasker to change my wallpaper upon unlock. I can successfully send the tasker variable to KLWP. I go to homescreen and see the wallpaper will change to the current wallpaper set by Tasker, and KLWP will be active as I can see KLWP's time and date texts but once I lock and unlock my phone KLWP disappears. I want to keep KLWP active when I lock and unlock my phone.

    Any help to fixing my problem would be appreciated, thank you!

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    some items disappear on wall only

    Shani . · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    all presets appear corrupt on my wall but in the editor and preview it looks OK 

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    How to make a monthly calendar?

    pf · 0 · Posted

    I am working with deadlines -normally two weeks, sometimes more. Therefore I want two monthly calendars side by side for easy finding the end date of the wished deadline.

    I have found some ready to use monthly calendars which work fine. But they always start at the actual month. I want one with the actual and one with the next month.

    The monthly calendar I found and use does not show formulas or some I could see. I don't know how they make a calendar my own, too. Even I could not find a tutorial for it.

    Is there a

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    Bitmap And Text Module Set To AI Sunrise/Sunset Fuction NOT Working. Please Help.

    M Fatym · 0 · Posted

    I Have Two Pictures Set As A Bitmap With The Visibility Set To Run On The AI Kode For Sunrise And Sunset

    Kode I'm Using For Day Image = $if(ai(isday)=1,ALWAYS,NEVER)$

    Kode I'm Using For Night Image = $if (ai(isnight)=0,ALWAYS,NEVER)$

    The Switch I Wish To Have Occur Isn't Working

    I Do Not Have Any Global Variables Set Up For This Widget

    I Would Like Help To Make This Change Between These Two Bitmaps To Occur

    I Also Have 2 Corresponding Text Modules That I Would Like To Become Visible At Their Respected Times Sunrise/Sunset (Day/Night)

    I Am Using KWGT I Have

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    Tap a button to make a component visible, and leave the button to hide the same component

    Lakshay Dhiman · 0 · Posted

    In a project of mine i want the following task to be done , please help me to do it.

    I have a button tapping on which makes a component to show up and tapping it again hides the component.

    What i want is that the component should be visible only for the time i am tapping and holding the button and, should hide when i leave the button.

    Is it possible to do?


    It is my first thread

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    Delay in opening the application by touch

    Zhukovaa18 · 0 · Posted

    I have several text fields. The touch event is set to launch the application in one field and links to calendar events in the other two.The first launch of the application after unlocking or clearing all background applications is triggered at normal speed, but the following start with a delay of 2 to 10 seconds after the tactile feedback (vibration). Is this a bug, or it is how it is?

    I am runnin KLWP on Xiaomi A1 (Android One program), Android 7.1.2

    Default and only launcher is Launcher3 (Google Now i presume).

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    Image import as svg problem

    Moloko · 2 · Last reply by Frank Monza


    When I import an image as a svg the selection doesn't match the shape (it is always a square). Is there a way around that? Or maybe I shouldn't use svg files? (I like the fact that it's scalable and since I don't know yet what I want exactly it's easier to tweak)

    Thank you

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    $tu rnd timer slot not working correctly?

    Matt · 0 · Posted

    So the Timer Utilities rnd function is supposed to work like $tu(rnd, 5, 1, 1000)$ where it chooses a random number between 1 and 1000 every 5 minutes, right? How I'm trying to use it, no matter what I put in the timer slot, it runs every few seconds.

    The code I'm currently using is in the background bitmap field, as follows:$tu(rnd, 10, 0, 1084)$

    There are 1085 images (0-1084) in the 1080/1920 directory at, and they are each numbered so they can be selected like for example. The above code does work in grabbing and displaying the images

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    Jrjmpls · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    li(country) li(loc), li(admin) report Bloomington MN USA when I am in Liverpool UK. How do I fix? 

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    Reseted automate variables

    Vb · 2 · Last reply by Vb

    I use 2 KWGT widgets, which display 2 different variables from automate (similar to tasker). But when one widget receives a broadcast from automate, it works fine, then they are both reseted to a null value after a few seconds. How does KWGT refreshes variables coming from broadcast?

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    KWGT widget featured on google play

    AndreaWozzup · 0 · Posted

    Hi, I really like this design:

    I installed the free version but this specific widget is not present (there is a vertical calendar but with different alignement). Not sure if the one above is a single widget or a combination of a clock and a calendar either.

    Now I understand that the whole point of KWGT is creating your own design but still I'd like to know if this one (and also the other ones featured in google play screenshots) are already available somewhere, of course I understand I'll have to buy the PRO version to import it.



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    What am I missing?

    Adam R Atkinson · 2 · Last reply by Adam R Atkinson

    Not completely convinced this is a bug but haven't been able to figure out what is causing this spacing issue seen at 2:14

    Everything works great in the editor but the live wall paper loads with funky spacing that snaps into the place when any element is activated.

    I think it's related to the combination of human readable indexes and regex because I don't experience that behavior when I use conventional techniques.  I've been studying this for a while and still can't find my error,  hesitant to file a bug report without review.

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    Can you set image height/width/position in a formula in KWGT? If so, how?

    Ebeest · 3 · Last reply by Adam R Atkinson

    Hi there,

    Hoping someone can help me. I'd like to be able to set the size and position of an image (and maybe other things when I know the syntax) using a formula. The image is a global variable called by an if/then statement and when it changes to one of them I want to change the width, height and position.

    The current formula is $if(mi(state)=PLAYING, gv(pausebut),gv(playbutt))$

    Any help would be REALLY appreciated. I've tried editing the actual images but haven't gotten far and it WOULD be nice to change it in KWGT when I need to.

    Thanks in advance.

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    No image formulas

    QkiZ MonsteR · 0 · Posted

    I'm trying to do live wallpaper with a slideshow from variable created by Tasker. I watched few video tutorials and i saw that I possibility to add formula to background images or images as objects. But I don't see option to add formula to image preferences. I can only select one file and that's it.