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    Aaron · 0 · Posted

    Last month I was in the middle of swapping to another Google account and before I was able to swap my apps over my grandmother passed away and I had to go to the other side of the country and now that I'm back I can't access my old Google account to redownload the pro key.

    I didn't know where else to ask. 


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    Lock screen

    jill gentry · 0 · Posted

    Hi, I created a new lock screen, but I have no idea how to get it to work. I turn off my phone and it just turns on again. Lol, with no lock screen. How do I get my new lock screen activated  

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    iconmoon iconfont

    Massamino · 0 · Posted

    I tried to create a icon font. After importing to KLWP I see the font, but it isn't aligned like it should be. It cuts of the bottom and right of the icon.

    I used the svg file from to import it to iconmoon.

    What's wrong with my file? I tried to set grid size to 14, but it gives me no difference.

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    Import from Zooper Widget?

    Nicholas Scott · 0 · Posted

    Hi, I have been using ZW but the app has been abandoned by the developer since 2015. KWGT comes up as a viable replacement. I like to keep looks, consistent across my phones. I was wondering if KWGT can import my ZW widget? If not, can it replicate it?

    I just loaded KWGT. First  off I was unable to set the widget size equal to my ZW dimensions. This may be my ignorance of the app, and I'll look further into it. 

    Attached is the widget I'm trying to replicate. As you can see, the weather function no longer works. 

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    How to unlock , accidentally I did a lockscreen without gesture

    thelastking · 1 · Last reply by thelastking


    I have a problem, I was doing my own lockscreen, I just put one Icon and I save the lockscreen, but accidentally I locked my device, then now when I turn on again my phone, then KLCK loads obviouslly the lockscreen that I was doing but I unable to unlock my device cause I didn't put a gesture to unlock :/ how I can unlock that ?

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    How to open apps of persistent notifications by touching them?

    Beerussama · 0 · Posted

    I'm making a notification panel jn my klwp screen setup, i hav both cancelling and persistent notifications, both hav same touch commands(kustom action -> open notification) , but only cancelling notifications open their respective apps, not the persistent ones, any help please

    Thank you in advance

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    Is there a max size for objects?

    Brett Garner · 0 · Posted

    I have an Overlap Group with a long text field (song lyrics, broadcast from Tasker).  The full text is available in KLWP but visibility is cut-off at an object height of around 2880.  In other words, if I use a tiny font size, I can see more text but as I increase the font size, more and more of the text gets hidden.  The object also shows the red outline at the cut-off point even though there is additional text beyond the outline.  Is there a defined maximum size for objects or is this a bug?

    FYI - visibility of

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    In the condition merge text and variable.

    Fany · 0 · Posted

    How can I write: If battery is bigger than 50%, then call back "battery is <X%>" else call back "battery isn't <X%>"

    This not working for me:

    $if( bi(level) > 50, "battery is bi(level)", "battery isn't bi(level)" )$

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    Battery level help please

    Autumn Wilson · 0 · Posted

    Can I assign a colour if battery is say between 90%-100% and have it changed when say between 80%-90% please? On a shape also? Thank you

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    Lockscreen mods?

    Autumn Wilson · 0 · Posted

    I am trying and failing miserably on lockscreen app, the new one, to make a shape dissappear when not on charge and appear when on charge, iv followed guides for live wallpaper etc, and it doesn't even detect when it's on charge? Help please? It's really confusing me. 

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    How to swipe to unlock on a specific object. (KLCK)

    Kaz · 0 · Posted


    I'm currently trying make a Nintendo Switch themed lock screen where you have to swipe down on the right Joy-Con to make it click into place like in the promotional material. I haven't seen much documentation on KLCK, so I haven't been able to find anything. Also, I can only find the "Scroll End" touch type in root.

    Does anybody know if this is possible?

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    How to use a if(with for loop variable) statement inside for ?

    Utkrisht Sinha · 0 · Posted

    For eg.

    if I want to write number from 1 to 100 skipping every multiple of 3. How can we write it ?

    I tried $fl(1, 100, "i + 1", if(i % 3 = 0, "", i), " ")$

    But it didn't worked. It gave output from 1 to 100 without skipping any number.

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    About 3D rotation

    Czy Ken · 0 · Posted

    Can you let 3D's X and Y axis spin together.

    The type of rotation can only be the 3D Flip X or the 3D Flip Y. There are many limitations.

    For example, I want to complete a three dimensional square rotation effect, but I can neither make one surface rotate on X and Y axis, nor make the length of the four sides of one surface different, so I can't do the effect.

    ps: My English is not very good. If there is something unclear about the description, please ask below.

    pps: I'm using KWGT PRO v3.30b803616beta

    ppps: This website

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    Weather Underground subscription

    Craig Johnson · 0 · Posted

    How much is the Weather Underground subscription through KWGT? The standard weather data is really off for my location (Brisbane, Australia).

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    Upgraded to KLCK Pro version....

    MICAH OMNI · 1 · Last reply by Captain Awesome

    I started with free version KLCK. ...I then upgraded to KLCK PRO VERSION .  Is it necessary for me to keep BOTH Apps on my device any longer? Ty

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    KWGT widgets in KLCK

    Roger Schreuders · 0 · Posted

    Can i use selfmade widgets from KWGT in KLCK?

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    Justino Martínez · 0 · Posted

    It is possible to implement catalan language?

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    Cómo poner mi fondo en la pantalla de bloqueo

    Lechugaz · 0 · Posted

    Cómo puedo poner mi fondo de pantalla de bloqueo??