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    Can I hide the music controls

    Mortada50594 · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Can I hide the music cobtrcon when the music stops like the album

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    how can I restore a .klwp file?

    manuel · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I deleted my main custom preset file. Can I restore it?

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    Wrong info displayed

    Roman Samoilenko · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Hey there! I've put a music widget on my main screen but it keeps on showing me info (picture preview, artist and track title) from the othere media apps (music, video, youtube, etc.) I've used kmusic 2 preset for this widget. 

    Thank you in advance.

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    restrict music widget to certain music app

    Jayant · 1 · Last reply by Jayant

    How can we restrict music widget to a certain music app?

    E.g I want it to only control music of google play music player. It should not change if I play music from another app.

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    Send info back to Tasker. Problem with if condition.

    Regystro · 2 · Last reply by Per Johansson

    I wanted Tasker to access info given by KWGT in order to -for instance- say out loud the remaining time of currently playing track $tf(mi(pos),mm:ss)$

    Since KWGT doesn't support this right now, I managed a tricky way to do it as follows:

    1. Generate a global var: currentTrackPos with value $tf(mi(pos),mm:ss)$
    2.  Add Text Komponent to the widget with this formula: $sh("echo '" + gv(currentTrackPos, "No data") + "' > '/sdcard/myfile.txt'")$
    3. Now from Tasker you'll be able to read the text file and get the data.

    Then I was trying to improve this solution in order to avoid unnecessary text file rewrites, so

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    Provide a proper documentation for the Formulas language

    peanut_hacker · 3 · Last reply by Jacques Aucamp

    Please provide a proper documentation for the expression language used in formulas, including:

    • A complete reference with argument lists and return values, along with descriptions
    • A complete operator list
    • Boolean expression resolution (in if(...)), i.e. what resolves to true and what to false
    • Default conversion rules for when a variable of certain type is used as or stored in a global of a different type - if there is such a thing, as there seems to be.

    The current state of basically a few examples is very underwhelming, the few examples there are do a poor job. I'm quickly running

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    Iterate over group elements

    Oskar S. · 0 · Posted


    I just started out playing around with KWGT, so please excuse my lack of knowledge about some aspects of it.

    I built a sweet little battery usage graph that displays the battery level over the last 12 hours. An Image of it is attached. I used multiple circle shapes in a stacked group (stacked horizontally), and set their vertical position according to the battery charge at that respecitve number of minutes ago.

    Now the problem is that the formula to calculate the vertical position is identical for all points except for the date of bi (which is increased systematically).

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    adding a angle line

    Lam Zero · 4 · Last reply by Jacques Aucamp

    How can I add a line (rectangle) with an angle without using overlap group? Because it is difficult to measure the distance when using overlap group to rotate

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    Kustom lock screen

    Frank Ohriner · 1 · Last reply by Frank Ohriner

    I have read that there is a kustom lock screen app in the works, is there an estimated release date? I would love to create a lock screen that matches my home screen. I spent hours on my theme, and I look forward to finishing it.

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    Hourly weather icons

    Fear Me · 2 · Last reply by Fear Me

    Hey, super happy hourly weather forecasting has been introduced. But is it possible to do this with weather icons? I edited the Google Now Weather komponent to be wf(icon, 1, 0) instead of wf(icon, 0), which I would expect to be the icon for the next hour. But it seems to only work with days, as it was set originally. Is it possible to do this? If not, could you please introduce it? Thanks! 

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    If command doesn't work.

    NSchlr · 1 · Last reply by NSchlr

    The formula $if(ni(pcount, com.whatsapp)>0, 1)$ doesn't work. The comma after the pcount puts the >0 out of the condition, into the then, which makes the formula useless. Is that a bug or ist the formula wrong?