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    Cómo puedo hacer para que el texto desaparezca después de un periodo de tiempo

    Samuel Castillo · 2 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Lo he intentado de todas las formas posibles pero no lo entiendo

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    On tap feedback setting

    areallytinydot · 2 · Last reply by areallytinydot

    Sometimes the wallpaper doesn't respect the On Tap Feedback setting. I had it set to none, but there were vibrations on taps.

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    Does klwp support Player Pro?

    Layfon Alsief · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I tried force linking it too from the klwp settings to choose default player. But still the widget player on the home screen doesn't respond to it. The cover art won't show, track info doesn't show either. Only thing working is the next and previous buttons. Also when i press the play button the pause button doesn't show. Everything works when i play using the default phone music player. But I'm using Player Pro n all my tracks are updated by the app too. So any idea why player pro doesn't work well in klwp?? Please help me. This is

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    forcast not available

    Mhs5200 · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    why dont working wheather forcast?

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    Temperature Incorrect

    Randy Holland · 2 · Last reply by Schakal Technology

    I have set up KWGT to use as my weather provider.  I am using the standard formula of $wi(temp)$.  The problem is KWGT consistently is showing about a 10 degrees Fahrenheit difference between what reports on the web and what the widget shows.  Forcing an update makes no difference.  My location is accurate per the GPS and the "Force Update" screen.  I'd rather have no info than incorrect info, but I'd REALLY rather have the right info.  Help!

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    Delay in opening the application by touch

    Zhukovaa18 · 0 · Posted

    I have several text fields. The touch event is set to launch the application in one field and links to calendar events in the other two.The first launch of the application after unlocking or clearing all background applications is triggered at normal speed, but the following start with a delay of 2 to 10 seconds after the tactile feedback (vibration). Is this a bug, or it is how it is?

    I am runnin KLWP on Xiaomi A1 (Android One program), Android 7.1.2

    Default and only launcher is Launcher3 (Google Now i presume).

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    Code to request current timezone

    Nichtwitzig64 · 1 · Last reply by Nichtwitzig64

    I want to create a world clock, that changes the arrangement of the few timezones I have preset based on where I am now. 


    I have set the main time to current timezone and added two overlap groups with one set to Pacific time and the other one to Eastern time. Now I want it to move the overlap groups to different positions based on what my current timezone is. But I can't request the name of the current timezone witha code.

    This is no way around this for me, since I never really turn on GPS and I

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    Provide a proper documentation for the Formulas language

    peanut_hacker · 3 · Last reply by peanut_hacker

    Please provide a proper documentation for the expression language used in formulas, including:

    • A complete reference with argument lists and return values, along with descriptions
    • A complete operator list
    • Boolean expression resolution (in if(...)), i.e. what resolves to true and what to false
    • Default conversion rules for when a variable of certain type is used as or stored in a global of a different type - if there is such a thing, as there seems to be.

    The current state of basically a few examples is very underwhelming, the few examples there are do a poor job. I'm quickly running