Common Problems

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    Edit: fixed it's self... "Calendar code working on home screen but not editor"

    Aetra967 · 0 · Posted

    Edit: never mind, it just fixed it's self. I just went back into the app and it was working again *shrug*

    When I use the ci command, nothing shows in the editor but it does show on the home screen (see attached screenshots).

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    Missing pro priviledges

    Danny Teh · 0 · Posted

    Hi guys I have paid 3x and mailed for my account in since 2 days ago. I  supposed to get a reply in 48 hours but I didn't get anything yet. Just in case I mailed the wrong address I am sending the complain here

     Please address this asap


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    No items listed even if they are present

    Alfredo Zedda · 0 · Posted

    Sorry for the lack of a better title but it's hard to summarize this. 

    I'm having this strange issue. I cannot add items because the plus sign on the top right is gone and my items list is empty even if I have a shape on the screen.

    This theme is mine, it's not locked and I created it from a new empty template. 

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    froze screen when create shortcut with gmail label

    Kuugo Wada · 0 · Posted

    When I created shortcut with gmail label, froze and black out the screen.

    Galaxy S8, Android 8.0

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    Can't get music info

    Nat Taylor · 0 · Posted

    For some reason kustom can't get any music information. I've tried numerous widgets and made my own, bit it won't show song name, artist, album art or anything. It has notification access and reinstalling and rebooting does nothing. It doesn't work with any music player. I've seen a few other people with my same issue, does anyone know a fix?

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    "Search and Replace" does not work on text formulas

    libnaniam · 0 · Posted


    If I select an overlap group with items in it and "search and replace," all instances of what I searched are replaced except for those in text items. This makes it especially difficult when I am trying to duplicate an overlap group multiple times and replace one small thing in the text of each group.

    Thank you

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    Blurry Klwp on Home

    Aditya Shakya · 0 · Posted

    Hi guys, I'm trying to make a klwp kustom skin, but having a problem. 

    It's looking fine on preview, but looks ugly on Homescreen.

    I'm using nova prime 5.2, and other klwp works fine... What is the problem with mine...pls help? 

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    Kustom is affecting my launcher

    pamuel j · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Every time I open the app or tap on one of my kustom widgets it resets my launcher to android o default. I use nova launcher prime on the galaxy s8+. I dont know if this is a bug with kwgt or something else but please help

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    All files in Kustom folder deleted

    Jacques Aucamp · 0 · Posted

    Whenever I force stop KWGT from Android App manager, all files in the SDcard Kustom folder is deleted and reverted to the default file structure.

    All exported komponents, or saved widgets, and my own fonticons are simply wiped.

    This can easily lead to more severe data loss... I have widgets that I've spent countless hours on, so to lose them would be extremely bad.

    Please check out this bug and advise

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    Widgets with the same height render differently.

    Paul Gregory · 0 · Posted

    I designed my widgets on an S7 to my satisfaction, now just upgraded to an S9, and tried to get my widget layout that I designed onto that, but have hit some weird problems with sizing. Most of the issues were down to me designing without size variance in mind, and I've managed to solve them. However, one issue remains and I cannot find a solution. In the attached image, the bottom two widgets are the same height, and both have a "shape" item for the border. Both border shapes are rectangular, and use a formula for the width and

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    Twilight app conflict.

    Peter · 0 · Posted

    This may be a Twilight app problem ( rather than a KLWP, however I have a repeatable bug. Whenever Twilight is active and KLWP is active, if you enter a whitelisted app (an app where you've specified Twilight not to dim the screen in) KLWP will crash and you will have to reset it as a wallpaper

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    Widget Components Disappearing

    David Reynolds · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I have created some very cool widgets,  Periodically, everything in the Kustom directory on the device (and I have had this happen on three (3) different devices) is returned to the default state and all the added data in the Fonts, Bitmaps, Icons, Komponents, and Widgets are cleared.

    I have backed up this data to a Cloud drive.  However, it takes about 1/2 to an hour to fix it and reconfigure the active widgets again.  Please help

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    Black screen

    Rod K · 1 · Last reply by Rod K

    Pixel XL - Constant loss of functionality and black persistent screen only. Reboot temporarily fixes only.

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    Huawei P20 Pro Phone, Nova Launcher with KLWP .

    Petre Onea · 0 · Posted

    Huawei P20 Pro Phone, Nova Launcher with KLWP ... the problem of scrolling pages. I mean, I have a three-page KLWP theme and I do not run my pages.

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    Your theme is not working in samsung s8

    I purchased your KLWP wallpaper but it doesn't work on my Samsung Galaxy s8. I am also trying it with nova launcher. But I failed.

    Help me with solution

    Raj aryan

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    Stacked Group Alignment

    Massamino · 0 · Posted

    There seems to be a little bug in stacked groups. If you align vertical left, right, center, contents dissapear. This only happens when here s a child stacked group and only on first insert. I deleted the sub stacked group and when I add a new one, the alignment is ok.

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    Locked presets can't be fully unlocked

    .bypass · 1 · Last reply by .bypass

    I've discoveres a bug in KLWP that seems to cause quite an inconvenience. The new unlocking presets feature is amazing useful, but appears to not be fully working. Ideally, a preset would be fully unlocked when authenticated with a Google account. However, currently, a preset that has been exported as read-only can be loaded and exported again, but copying of objects inside of the preset is still locked. 

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    Images won't appeared/load in the persona 5 live wallpaper

    Pocket Metal · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I have the note 8 and for some reason few of the images won't appeared in the screen. Not sure if this a bug or if i did something wrong? Please help :( 

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    Kwgt 3.32 font problems.

    Anthony Griffith · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Latest update randomly forgets fonts. Pixel 2 XL stock 8.1

    Will try to attach screenshots.

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