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    Error: Source file not readable

    Elmir Fazlic · 1 · Last reply by Elmir Fazlic

    I bought the app about a week ago and I'm loving it. I downloaded some presets, specifically Beautiful Apocalypse for KLWP and NEXT for KLWP by John-Ivar Styles. I modified them very slightly just so that they use apps of my choice and they save to "/sdcard/Kustom/wallpapers" as ".klwp" files. However when I try to load them I get "Error: Source file not readable" regardless of if "Read Only" was checked or not. I was wondering if this was a known issue or if there was a workaround that I can use? It gets annoying when you have to change all the

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    Weather high temp isn't accurate

    Michelle McElroy · 1 · Last reply by Michelle McElroy

    I've tried using all the built in weather providers and no matter which one I use, the max temp is always current temp.

    Here's the formula I'm using $wf(max,0)$

    I set the values based on a static location, not based on current location.

    Please fix this issue.

    Today's high in flower mound, tx is 86, but my widget says 81...which is the current temp.

    Screenshots are attached.

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    KLCK, keeps showing / drawing after unlock

    T L · 0 · Posted

    KLCK - Huawei p10 plus - android 8/ emui 8


    With the KLCK activated, after unlocking the phone and going to home screen. The Lock Screen keeps drawing, making a mix of lock screen and home screen and it's unreadable ofcourse. The Lock screen keeps drawing over/with everything after unlocking and the phone (current window after open) unresponsive.

    Short fix is to press Home on your phone. 

    But the problem persist if u unlock again.

    I attached a screenshot. Lock screen functions keep showing and functioning! 

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    KLCK: Shape bitmap texture not working outside of editor

    Chris James · 0 · Posted

    Shape bitmap texture works as intended within the editor and even works in runtime when the source is either the gv pointing to a wallpaper or the album art from a music player, but fails to work in runtime when it is a YouTube thumbnail that has been stretched to fill the entire screen. If I don't resize the shape to be so big that a 16:9 image fills the 9:16 screen, it works as intended but then I have letterboxing going on. When I make it big enough to eliminate the letterboxing it only works in the editor for

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    Overlap group not displaying if 3/4 is moved off screen.

    Derek Dunsmore · 0 · Posted

    When moving an overlap group to the bottom left corner, so only the top right of the group is showing, the entire group and its children, do not show up on the actual wallpaper after saving. However, the testing wallpaper does show it. Moving the X position from -280 to -260, the group does appear. This is NOT true for the Y position.

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    Some SVGs are not working on 3.3+, but work on 3.29

    Craftmath · 0 · Posted

    Version 3.3+ of KLWP does not allow some of my presets with SVGs to display correctly. I reverted back to 3.29 and the presets work fine. Here is a link of a sample preset that doesn't work on 3.3+ but does work on 3.29:

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    Julius · 0 · Posted

    I have disabled haptic feedback but if i tap on a widget with a shortcut to open an App i still get a vibration feedback. By tapping on a Widget without any shortcut everything is fine.

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    Modules list does not keep position on back navigation

    Frank Monza · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    When entering a module configuration and then going back to the list the list resets its scroll position at the top instead of keeping the previous scroll position

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    Misplaced and unrotated Emojis in rotated text fields

    Yama Dayani · 1 · Last reply by Yama Dayani

    There's a bug, where Emojis in text which are rotated are shown unrotated and misplaced (see screenshot). In this screenshot you see an all-day calendar entry and its location, which have Emojis in front of their names. In this case the frog emoji is in front of the title and should be rotated too, as well as the fountain Emoji in front of the location. They're not in different text elements, it's just one text element with the string to show the first all-day event title and its location.

    The kode: $ci(title, a0, a0d)$, [s=0.7]$ci(loc, a0, a0d)$[/s]

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    App launch is not working

    Hi. I'm using a huawei mate 20 pro n I have assigned 4 dots to launch different apps but when I press the dots, kwgt opens instead. This is very buggy n plz fix this problem. 

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    Rotation bug in KLCK 3.37b900320

    Mr R · 0 · Posted

    All my objects on my KLCK Lockscreen turns 90 degrees when I tilt my phone without me wanting them to do this. This makes everything get scrambled and it even makes some of my background objects glitch so they won't go back to normal unless I turn off the screen and then on again.

    In version 3.30 (which I reverted back to) this does not happen. So is this a bug or is it an option to be set somewhere?

    I'm attaching four screenshots, one of how it looks normally and three different states of glitched.

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    Overlap Groups Not Displaying on Home Screen

    To start, this is what my screen is supposed to look like. 

    When you tap one of the overlap groups on the bottom third of the screen, it expands into the middle and reveals different app icons.

    At some point yesterday, they disappeared. I was still able to touch and interact with them, and the app shortcuts that I keep inside were still responsive. It's like the circle just went entirely see-through.

    I tried restarting the phone, and when it started back up the missing overlap groups had returned, but when I tapped one, the app icons were missing. They

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    Charging flag gets stuck.

    Tre 916 · 2 · Last reply by Tre 916

    Charging flag gets stuck like twice a week requiring me to re apply my wallpaper. This started about 3 weeks ago outta nowhere.

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    Wg pulling data from 500px is pulling up a 403 error and not loading photos.

    Peter · 3 · Last reply by Peter

    Using wg to get background pics just suddenly stopped working. Now using the URL results in an error 403 on the browser.

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    Monitor de recursos não funciona

    Fernando Uzun · 0 · Posted

    Utilizo a função de monitoramento de cpu, porém não está funcionando. Versão do Android 8.0 e fabricante do celular e lenovo

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    Error with images

    Karen Norris · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I purchased the pro version 2 days ago. I have also purchased some presets. Suddenly the app is not showing images .

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    An example uses a source which has politicized itself.

    Acorn Eyes · 1 · Last reply by Acorn Eyes

    The example for using wget to retrieve json uses, which when you look at what it returns, returns some political crap with "reject-facism":"random bullshit"

    I would use a different example.

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    Progress bar doesn't work with Eleven music player

    The default music player provided with Cyanogenmod and most other ROMs based on Cyanogenmod is Eleven. But the progress bar doesn't show playback time for the player.

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    Color Formula in Global Variable doesn't work

    Md. Imamul Islam · 1 · Last reply by Massamino

    I've been trying to use a formula for color in Global Variable, but it does not work. Here's the formula:

    I tried to change the color and even tried it without the HEX symbol, but it didn't work. Does that mean color formula doesn't work in global variables?