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    Touch to launch app not working with MIUI8.1

    枫 凌 · 10 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I installed the KLWP 3.22 and Nova Launch 5.1.But I can't launch any app when I touch the overlap with launch shortcut.Ok...Only if I'm extremely lucky can I make this UI back to work by taping it madly

    It's not just me,others who use MIUI have  thus problem too.

    My device is Redmi 4 with MIUI 8.1 system.

    Please fix it quickly.

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    Toggling animation "ReactOn" setting with formula not working

    Scott Almond · 3 · Last reply by Ŧгє ๓єค

    Hi Frank

    I'm trying to create a compass that when you tap it it toggles the gyroscope animation on/off.

    I create my my global switch "Compass".

    On my compass overlap group, I add an animation, I change the"ReactOn" selection to a formula (Not selected ReactOn type formula).

    I set my formula to $if(gv(Compass)=1,GYRO,DISABLED)$.


    This correctly shows "DISABLED" or "GYRO" in the text preview. depending on my global switch position.

    But the animation ReactOn option does not change and no animation takes place

    I've tested this with other animation

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    Scroll animation speed not updating

    James Waters · 1 · Last reply by James Waters

    I have an image that is animated to scroll with the background. When the phone is put in landscape mode, I want it to scroll at a different speed.

    I am using a formula to do this: $100 - si(land) * 90$. In previous setups this has worked perfectly, but for some reason in my newest project, this doesn't work.

    Going from portrait to landscape the scrolling speed stays the same, until I go into KLWP itself, go to the formula in question, open it and confirm it, then save. Only then does the scrolling speed change. The same problem

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    Galaxy S9 and landscape orientation problem

    Marcin Mally · 6 · Last reply by Daniel Hajduch

    Hi, I've switched to S9 and it doesn't allow wallpaper rotation...

    It allows desktop orientation change but not wallpaper. Problem is that KLWP presets do not rotate (no live wallpaper does), but touch points related to KLWP elements in the preset seem to react to rotation (they change position).

    In portrait everything works fine (default and for now only avalaible wallpaper orientation for S9), element touched reacts as configured. But when desktop orientation is set to auto rotate, after switching to landscape, the visible location of the elements is different from the touch points related to them. At first I

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    Screen transition problem

    Rodrigo Gutierrez · 0 · Posted

    Hi, I have a problem with huawei mate 8 android 7.0, it's with nova launcher but when I put themes from multiple screens it does not work, it stays alone on the first screen please help!

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    Problems with displaying calendar events

    David · 3 · Last reply by Libor Foltýnek

    After the update last night the calendar will randomly stop showing events and only show "--" for a while. If I open KWGT to edit my widget it corrects itself and shows my events again.

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    Wrong forecast data

    Jiří Tušil · 0 · Posted

    Please revise forecast data processing. The wf(max,d), wf(min,d), wf(rain,d) and possibly other functions show completely different results than the official app or other 3rd party programs.

    There are overlapping hours in the API output XML file for different time ranges forecasts, so maybe this could be the reason. Attaching examples with source data fetched from API. Thanks for fixing :-).

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    Album art no longer displays when using Amazon Music.

    Chromatic Labyrinth · 2 · Last reply by Kestuhh

    I installed KWGT to replace Amazon Music's amazingly ugly widget. When I first installed KWGT, there was no problem. The album art showed up when I used Amazon Music and everything was working fine, so I purchased the pro version and a bunch of widget packs. However, a couple of days after installing, the album art no longer shows up when using Amazon Music. It still shows up with Google Music... but I have zero desire to change the music player I use and it was working fine with Amazon Music when first installed. I wouldn't find this so mysterious (or

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    si(mindex) on global var

    Massamino · 2 · Last reply by Massamino

    When I set a global variable to use si(mindex), and I use it on a subitem, it takes the mindex of the subitem instead of the komponent.

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    \" doesn't work in tc()

    Marvolo · 1 · Last reply by Daniel Gil Mendes

    The escaped quote doesn't work and is considered as a proper quote, thus breaking any formula.

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    Clipping problem in overlap groups

    Quin Smith · 1 · Last reply by Ken Knechtel

    If you set a shape mask to a clip, that is inside an overlap group the padding under position does not work correctly anymore.

    For example if you make a square anchored in the center and give it 50 padding from all directions than the square stays in the perfect center as it should, but if you than make it into a clipping mask it moves to the top left corner of the area designated by the padding (refer to attached screenshots).

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    Shapes with stroke and clipping look really messed up in the editor

    Jacek · 0 · Posted

    Setting a shape to stroke and applying clipping fx makes a totall mess in the editor, looks ok on the screen though.

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    Huawei screen notch

    Kira Bay · 3 · Last reply by Orlando

    My huawei "screen notch" pushes my klck lock screen down. You can see my background behind in on the top of the screen. I do not have this problem with my klwp home screen, which looks great.  Thank you  :) 

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    Autofill should not be provided for Formula editor on Oreo

    Kenneth So · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    As shown in the screenshot below, autofill for password is offered for the formula editor, which usually is not appropriate. What makes it worse is that the BB code buttons, hints or errors get blocked by the prompt, resulting in a poor experience.

    Tested on HTC U11, Android 8.0.0 with Bitwarden password manager.

    I'm also an android developer, and did some quick googling on the Oreo Autofill Framework. Here is what I found that may be useful. There is an attribute "android:importantForAutofill" which can be set to no to disable autofill on that view. But I'm not sure if that

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    Icons, fonts and question marks

    Tomaž Drnovšek · 0 · Posted

    My KWGT widgets that include fonts and icons are working only half of the time. They work for a while, then instead of displaying fonts and icons correctly there are question marks instead of icons and instead of proper fonts the widget displays I guess system font. It can change from proper to wrong in 10 minutes twice. Then it can work for hours or not work for hours. I'm using fonticons (fontawesome), Galaxy S8, Android Oreo, Nova Launcher. Here's how it looks: The image on top is how it should look and the bottom one is how it

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    Loaf Bloak · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    The music widgets have been working fine until recently. The problem is that when I press the play/pause button on a music widget, a number of things happen 

    - the first touch skips to the next track

    - the second touch goes back to the previous touch

    - the third touch finally plays/pauses the music

    As I said this has only happened recently. I'm on a htc 10 with Action launcher 3 as my launcher. I use Retro music as my music player.

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    Global switch in subkomponent can only be linkt to a global color

    Massamino · 4 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    When you put a komponent in another component and want to link the subcomponents global switch to a global switch in the main component, it doesn't work. It can only connect to a color global var in the main component.

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    Repeatedly setting kustom as my wallpaper

    Amy Christian · 4 · Last reply by Mal Warwick

    I am wanting to go pro with kustom, unfortunately when i set kustom as my wallpaper it does not remain set. It will typically stay during the period I'm using it a t the time, but next time i use my phone the old paper is reset. I'm on a Nexus 6P running Oreo and Nova on an unrooted device. Thanks for your help. The app seems amazing!

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