Common Problems

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    Problems with the location settings

    NakaRB · 4 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    KWGT was installed from Play Market. But there were problems with the location settings. They do not work correctly. For example, Kuching (Malaysia) time should be GMT+08, but in fact it turns GMT+05. Perhaps this is due to the fact that before I tried to set the location for Fihalhohy Island (Maldives), where the time zone is really GMT+05 (in general for the Maldives, this island should be GMT+06, but I can not set up the correct time zone in settings because it is not saved correctly). Finally, I could not set locations themselves correctly. From the first time any of

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    Animated flashing in objects with animate rotation when it is very near the borders

    Melquisedec Daniel · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I think there is a bug in animations and positions. When the circle is in center the rotation animation is fine, but if I put the circle near the border the behavior is wrong. why the circle flashes if the only animation is rotated?

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    For loop does not play well with wget

    libnaniam · 4 · Last reply by Moloko

    An extensive report of the problem can be found here, but the general idea is that fl (for loop) does not play nicely with wg (wget). I tried to iterate through an array inside of a json file, but there were two problems:

    1. wget cannot parse variable "i" inside of square brackets ("[ ]")
    2. if we make the array call static (jsonArray[0]) within the for loop and iterate n amount of times (1 through n), it will display jsonArray[0] more than n times
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    overlap group rotation bug

    Dukevyner · 2 · Last reply by T7

    Reddit user /u/no_you_hang_up seems to have stumbled apon a bug, and I have investigated it; details below The user posed an export with overlap groups that contain circles and icons, the groups rotate inverted, react on a global switch. But the icons were not able to be touched. My initial thought was that another item might be blocking the icons. But apon further investigation I discovered the issue seems to be with the rotation animation. In the linked export,

    I have created 2 copies of the reddit users overlap group. The first, the rotation amount is 100, the second,

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    All day calendar events from yesterday still showing

    Raph · 3 · Last reply by Andrew Andrew

    Please help: As title says. Yesterday's events still showing until 10am next day. I am in GMT +10 timezone, KWGT settings reflect this as well as G-Cal settings. See screen attached

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    RSS links load wrong URL

    Kim Phillips · 2 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Since the latest KLWP update, RSS > open link is loading the wrong URL, typically the URL to the previous feed.

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    Bitmap gradient alpha channels broken

    Joshua Fletcher · 1 · Last reply by T7

    Inside new komponent, add shape, texture>bitmap. Picked logo with transparent bg. Have Mode(Fit Center, Repeat, Mirror), Filter(None, B&W, Sepia, Desat, Invert, Colorize, Hue), Blur, Dim, Shadow.

    I can choose clear for the filter under the Paint tab but that ignores the alpha channel of the PNG and just clears a square.

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    Text item won't obey "max lines"

    areallytinydot · 4 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Here's a screenshot

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    Moving Clip object bug

    Francesco · 2 · Last reply by Lee Fernie

    When you have a element with the property mask "clip all" or "clip next module", if it is in the main folder, it can be moved through the x y offset and it works fine.

    If it is in an overlap group, you need to move it with the padding options. In that case, the element will only move upward and leftward. When its supposed to go downward and righward, it will take the opposite direction.

    Can this be fixed?

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    Lagging when changing padding of text

    Lam Zero · 2 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Yoffset & xoffset disapeare and appeare

    And the text added previously doesn't have the option of Yoffset & xoffset


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    Night icon

    Simon Gutgesell · 6 · Last reply by keen

    The night icon option in the weather Komponent doesn't work

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    Kustom will not update weather/json if display is set to never turn off

    Madelena Mak · 3 · Last reply by joe

    I dedicated and set up an Android tablet to run only KLWP (yes, I love KLWP that much), and I found that Kustom will not update weather and wg JSONs, if the display is set to Never Sleep, regardless of the update interval. When I turn off the screen and turn it on again, KLWP will immediately auto update.

    Android version: KitKat 4.4.4 Tablet: Nuvision TM1318

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    Open calendar item broken $ci(url, 0)$ in KLWP, but works in KWGT

    applesandsynths · 7 · Last reply by applesandsynths

    I've added calendar items to my KLWP using  $ci(title,0)$ and  set an Action: Open Link:  $ci(url,0)$ does nothing when the calendar item is tapped. 

    The exact same formulas works perfectly in KWGT so I'm assuming this may be a bug?

    Running KLWP Pro 3.27b725315

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    Alarm detection

    MeX000 · 4 · Last reply by mihaluchh

    When I set system language to English (US) and KWGT language to Russian, KWGT cannot detect next alarm.

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    Problem with clipping next item in editor and on screen

    Jacek · 1 · Last reply by Jacek

    There is a problem with clipping next item. Previously I thought it was only appearing in editor, but I've just found out that it can happen also on the screen. 

    Anyway, when I set a shape for clipping next object, and that object has a formula animation, which makes it dissapear in certain conditions, the clipping affects next visible object. In this case it happens only in editor.

    The other scenario is when the clipping object has a formula in layer visibility field, in this case clipping also goes to next object, but this time both in editor and screen.

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    On/Off global variable: si(screen) function doesn't work when incorporating it into an "auto off" formula

    Josh · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I'm using an on/off global variable with an auto off formula set to: "$si(screen)!=1$". It's purpose is to reset visiability of certain groups when leaving screen 1. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to turn off when leaving screen 1. I've tested the function itself with a text module to make sure it can detect which screen it is on. 

    Currently using v3.19b623413 RC4 on an LG G5 running Android 6.0.1

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    Scroll animation speed not updating

    James Waters · 1 · Last reply by James Waters

    I have an image that is animated to scroll with the background. When the phone is put in landscape mode, I want it to scroll at a different speed.

    I am using a formula to do this: $100 - si(land) * 90$. In previous setups this has worked perfectly, but for some reason in my newest project, this doesn't work.

    Going from portrait to landscape the scrolling speed stays the same, until I go into KLWP itself, go to the formula in question, open it and confirm it, then save. Only then does the scrolling speed change. The same problem

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    Galaxy S9 and landscape orientation problem

    Marcin Mally · 6 · Last reply by Daniel Hajduch

    Hi, I've switched to S9 and it doesn't allow wallpaper rotation...

    It allows desktop orientation change but not wallpaper. Problem is that KLWP presets do not rotate (no live wallpaper does), but touch points related to KLWP elements in the preset seem to react to rotation (they change position).

    In portrait everything works fine (default and for now only avalaible wallpaper orientation for S9), element touched reacts as configured. But when desktop orientation is set to auto rotate, after switching to landscape, the visible location of the elements is different from the touch points related to them. At first I

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    Global text variables with calculated value broken when used in other formulas

    Michael Bell · 7 · Last reply by Massamino

    Let's say you have this global texy variable


    MyVariable = $bi(temp)$°$wi(tempu)$

    And I want to incorporate it in another text box

    $tc(n2w, gv(MyVar))$


    The editor shows literal value of the variable ( $bi(temp)$°$wi(tempu)$)  , yet the actual wallpaper shows the expected "thirty-five°C"


    How do I get around this?

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    Clipping problem in overlap groups

    Quin Smith · 1 · Last reply by Ken Knechtel

    If you set a shape mask to a clip, that is inside an overlap group the padding under position does not work correctly anymore.

    For example if you make a square anchored in the center and give it 50 padding from all directions than the square stays in the perfect center as it should, but if you than make it into a clipping mask it moves to the top left corner of the area designated by the padding (refer to attached screenshots).