Solved Problems: KLWP

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    KLWP [BUG]: field using global text not updated

    Ŧгє ๓єค · 7 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    KLWP 3.36, Android 9

    No komponent involved, all in root !

    1. Add a global, text type, named test containing this formula : $df(hh:mm)$ $if(si(alarmon),"Alarm "+ tf(si(alarmd))+" (vol "+si(vola)+"%)")$
    2. Add text item.
    3. Use the test global in the text field.

    Result : the time is not updated. If alarm is set or unset, the text item is not updated to reflect changes. The entire text item is frozen in time. This until the screen switch off/on.

    But if you directly use the formula into the text field instead of a text global, all work, instant refresh.

    Very frustrating if you plan to use globals

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    Maxlines on Oreo added "..."

    Gamoses · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Update collapsed my calendar events with ellipses.  How do I undo that and revert to simply cutting off mid-word by the character limit I set?


    Editing the post to add that going into the editor and manually changing maxlines back and forth mostly corrected the issue with 2 exceptions.  I'm anticipating a device reset will fix those as well.

    Is there a way to delete this post?

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    Maxlines bug

    Aldi Jaya Putra · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Maxlines not working on samsung s8 oreo, please fix this bug. Thanks

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    Text item won't obey "max lines"

    areallytinydot · 4 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Here's a screenshot

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    dark KLWP background equals white quick settings

    Gamoses · 2 · Last reply by Gamoses

    Got a new pixel phone, just discovered KLWP, spent a whole day creating the perfect black home screen, only to then discover that Oreo doesn't recognize it as being dark and thus makes the quick settings notification pull down into bright white.  Very uncool!  Guess I won't be using KLWP after all.  :-(

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    The komponent RSS 510S is not working properly

    When I alternate the list of feeds, and click on a news, the previous news appears, that is, is not updating

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    Touch to launch app not working with MIUI8.1

    枫 凌 · 10 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I installed the KLWP 3.22 and Nova Launch 5.1.But I can't launch any app when I touch the overlap with launch shortcut.Ok...Only if I'm extremely lucky can I make this UI back to work by taping it madly

    It's not just me,others who use MIUI have  thus problem too.

    My device is Redmi 4 with MIUI 8.1 system.

    Please fix it quickly.

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    Desktop icon unresponsive to touch..

    Mohit Kumar · 2 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Desktop icons like message, call, etc are unresponsive to touches. They are only for showpiece. Nothing opens up after touching these icons... 

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    Daylight Saving Time causes All Day events to be one hour off

    Cnirithian · 2 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    The end of Daylight Saving Time causes All Day events to start an hour early (e.g. Christmas starts on December 24th at 11pm instead of December 25th at 12am)

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    Can't use touch option for Appdrawer in Nova Launcher

    Rumit Patel · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I have updated KLWP on 2nd of December 2017.. And after that update I can't open Appdrawer by setting touch option in fonticon.. while other things like volume up-down, play/pause is working good.. I tried the original appdrawer of nova lancher a t the same place to check if their is something worng with my screen or any other app is interrupting but there is nothing like this... The original appdrawer is working good... After that I added a shape in KLWP with the same touch option and it didn't worked... So plz check out for this issue and I

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    Scrolling issue, but then it got worse.

    NinjaAssassin · 2 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I'm new to all this, but I found a theme I just had to have. I'm poor so I didn't pay for prime,  but I looked at a DIY page and put it together. Everything looks fine while it's inside of KLWP, but as soon as I try to set it as the home screen it only shows part of it, and it won't let me scroll. I downloaded nova launcher to try to fix the issue, I set the wallpaper scrolling to forced, but it had no effect, so I read some comments on here telling me to switch

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    Problem with klwp not recognizing wifi state

    DragonKiss · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza


    I have a samsung galaxy note 4 in witch I only run klwp (I love it very very much). I created my own theme. It works great but since today, my wifi status (I have a formula so it shows icons insted of connected, enabled and disconnected) and beside it a text that shows to witch wifi I am connected.

    Since today everything worked great but today I woke up an wifi status was on enabled as if the phone couldnt connect to wifi. I checked if wifi is working and it is. I opened app klwp and it

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    [KLWP] Cancelable notification icon (bitmap) not allways relevant

    Guiguilein · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza


    my problem is not really easy to describe because it seam relatively random.

    I'm trying to show to first three cancelable notification on a small part of my wallpaper. First line will appear as soon as i have one notification, second will appear with two , and third line will appear with three. This work well with layer and formula.

    Now each line is composed with : Notification big icon, then App Name on top of title, then Short text.

    And that's were i'm confused : Icons are shown, sometimes they are correct, but sometimes they aren't. in the

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    William Stover · 4 · Last reply by William Stover

    Wondering if someone can help me. I'm trying to craft a klwp with speed and altitude, as I'm an over the road truck driver. Unfortunately I can not get either to work. I have checked all my settings in my phone AND klwp. Neither works nor updates when I manually force update weather. You can see I'm moving and you can look at my current settings in the pictures. Any help appreciated. Thanks. 

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    Performance in loading app (v3.24)

    Orlando · 2 · Last reply by Frank Monza


    with the last update (v3.24) the app, when started, takes up to 30 sec to load vs the usual 5-7 sec. 

    This behavior has been experienced with the same preset being loaded. 


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    SMS notifications displaying incorrectly

    Jordan Finch · 4 · Last reply by John

    Recently (the past few weeks), the in-built unread SMS notifications function has been correctly detecting new unread SMS messages, but has not been detecting when they have been read. Thus, it simply increments the number indefinitely.

    I have found a temporary solution by changing the formula from the default from $uc(sms)$ to $ni(pcount,$.

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    The location doesn't change.

    Joseph Pham · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    So I was in London just a few days ago and then trying to refresh the location and even edit the location turn my location on but the home screen just didn't change to my current location after I had left London. The location permission was on btw

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    sh() has a chance of completely freezing KLWP

    Eugene Kartashov · 2 · Last reply by Eugene Kartashov

    I have several formulas that make use of the sh() command. They call route print, ifconfig and cat regularly to check whether the VPN connection and SSH tunnel are active, and to read and store data from/to files.

    The more commands I add, the more the chance to have KLWP frozen because of sh() (be it opening the Advanced Editor, editing the formula or just viewing the item which has the sh() function, causing it to update). I've been locked out of my design once, unable to even load it and edit. This is a really powerful command and I'd

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    Wallpaper stops working when skipping through music

    Condorasaur · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Currently I have my wallpaper set to show the album art in the background when music is playing, and also in a circle that lines up with a Kustom widget when I scroll to that page. Occasionally, when skipping through music (I use Black Player Ex) I will get a message saying "Unfortunately, Kustom Live Wallpaper has stopped." I can get the wallpaper working again by changing wallpapers and the  changing back to KLWP, or by restarting my device. This is a very annoying issue, so any help is greatly appreciated.

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    After updating Moto Z to android N

    John Karix · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I am experiencing problem on app drawer shortcut on any presets after updating the device to Nougat. It would just freeze the app or take like 5 seconds before opening app drawer. After nougat update I did reset device to factory settings and later installed all apps from play store. Launcher used is Nova prime+KLWP pro+A2K 106 preset. App drawer setting is list transparent set to 100%