New Problems: KLWP

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    Can't load presets

    Tony Calio · 0 · Posted

    Hello, I purchased klwp pro today and tried to load a preset. A prompt popped saying it was a pro only feature. When I tried hitting the go pro button I get an error saying I already own it. 

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    Overlap Groups Not Displaying on Home Screen

    To start, this is what my screen is supposed to look like. 

    When you tap one of the overlap groups on the bottom third of the screen, it expands into the middle and reveals different app icons.

    At some point yesterday, they disappeared. I was still able to touch and interact with them, and the app shortcuts that I keep inside were still responsive. It's like the circle just went entirely see-through.

    I tried restarting the phone, and when it started back up the missing overlap groups had returned, but when I tapped one, the app icons were missing. They

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    Purchased pro; can no longer access it.

    On April 30th, of 2017 I purchased KLWP Pro.  I was able to download it on one of my new phones when I switched.  But, after an accident with the second phone, I have since been unable to access my purchase on my new phone.

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    Auto save - future dates

    While I was testing some settings for a calendar, I changed the date on my device. KLWP made some auto saves and now the restore point list is full of dates in the future i.e. 9 months from now. Is there a way to correct this? 

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    Calendar url's not correct for some events

    Maxi J · 0 · Posted

    All info for the calendar event is displayed correctly e.g. ci(title,0) but ci(url,0) gives "Event not found" when trying to launch this intent. This happens only with some recurring events, some recurring events work fine.

    I am using Google calendar.  

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    system ui stopped when using custom notification

    Uslin Pfeiltaler · 0 · Posted

    I tried the new notification feature with one of the provided  examples. After around 10 minutes of it working fine a window popped up reading "system ui stopped". It seemed like it repeatedly failed to load the background (the screen loaded and went black again)...I could not use my phone anymore. Luckily I managed to access the kustom configuration file via my PC and deactivated the notification. After rebooting everything worked fine again.

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    Global switch Auto formula Not Working!

    Pulkit Garhwal · 0 · Posted

    Hi again!

    I know you'll be fixing my previous problem soon, but here I've got another one in a different device. Please help me or correct me if it's not a bug....

    Ok, I have 5 global on/off switch named q,w,e,r and t. On toggle switch "q" I've set auto on to manual, but on auto off, I've manual and formula. 

    Formula- $(if(gv(t)=1,1,gv(w)=1,1,gv(e)=1,1,gv(r)=1,1)$

    And it works, the switch "q" toggles off if any other switch is toggled "on" and and can't be toggled "on" before switch off other keys.

    But if I copy paste the exact formula by changing one

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    Morphing Text Bug

    Shinobu Donuts · 0 · Posted

    Seems like writing 'th' using dancing script regular as morphing text doesn't work well. The h is displaced and the positioning is a character over. I've tried spelling "weather" with other fonts and also with regular text (but with dancing script) and it seems that the issue only happens in this particular combination. (Only tested 2 other fonts)

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    Not adjusting!

    I have recently started using fluid nav bar which hides the stock nav bar off my home screen. Because of this none of the items on the preset adjust to this. And it doesn't look nice at all. Please help!

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    Russian characters is missing

    I use wg to parse local xml file with quotes in Russian, but see only punctuation marks. If I add English characters they display normally.

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    Materialized home for KLWP not working

    So I've purchased the pro pack for KLWP and I've also installed the Materialized home for KLWP but whenever I try to load it on my s8 the wallpaper becomes unresponsive. I cannot switch between the different wallpapers I can only tap the wallpaper in front and that's it.

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    Touch areas misaligned from actual location of object

    In this particular case, I was trying to have a Global List of different Social Media options (set as text) with Typicon arrows on either side to scroll through the choices. Then I made an area (a simple Square shape with a clear/transparent color applied) and set it behind the arrows with a hotspot to open the corresponding app.

    And up until this point everything works as intended. But when I add an animation to it, the square touch areas get shifted out of the appropriate place somehow which makes the whole thing not function properly.

    I'm not sure what

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    Your theme is not working in samsung s8

    I purchased your KLWP wallpaper but it doesn't work on my Samsung Galaxy s8. I am also trying it with nova launcher. But I failed.

    Help me with solution

    Raj aryan

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    Animation with reactOn > scroll is inconsistent

    To reproduce, make a shape with an animation set to:

    reactOn: unlock

    action: fade in

    duration: 10

    delay: 40

    then lock and unlock your phone a couple times. The animation sometimes plays as expected, sometimes is reversed or just doesn't work at all

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    Broken Images

    Im having an issue where images I try to add are not rendering in the wallpaper.

    I've attached images, so that if it's user error, you can show me. 

    They're working just fine in the app.

    But the preview gives me this:

    And the actual home screen ends up just being a big mess of "insert picture here" logos, sometimes just one and sometimes several layered on top of each other:

    I'm trying to create a sort of faux 3d scrolling wallpaper (stereoscopic scrolling like in older video games) using artwork that I've made. 

    My device is a Samsung Galaxy

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    Buy problem

    Fj · 1 · Last reply by Nelson Alberto Gonzalez Cuña


    I bought the pro version in the free version. But i don't get the version from pro. 

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    Scrolling on nova emui 8

    I have done everything in the faq but scrolling still doesn't work on nova launcher, I am on the nova beta so this could be the problem if so how do I uninstall it it just sais deactivate on the play store

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    froze screen when create shortcut with gmail label

    Kuugo Wada · 0 · Posted

    When I created shortcut with gmail label, froze and black out the screen.

    Galaxy S8, Android 8.0

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    Picking image from icon pack reloads preset

    Nyk Miller · 0 · Posted

    I've no idea how long this issue has persisted, this is the first setup I've tried to make in a while. I use images inside of overlap groups tiered in multiple stack groups to create app grids for organized app drawers, maybe all of that subgrouping is what causes this. Picking a regular image straight from my files seems to be fine. Occasionally picking an icon wilk work fine but how many attempts it takes to get it to work is too much work in itself, especially considering how many apps I have to set.