New Problems: KWGT

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    Am Tech · 0 · Posted

    This app not runing in my phone, im allready buy pro version, try to disable password or finger from device the app still not runing and im already to allow all admin permision for this app still not runing. Im using pocohone F1. Please help me, i need your support like im support your app, thanks.

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    Error: source file not readable

    Tried downloading a Weather Komponent and I get the above error when trying to load it via a preset (going to the "+", through the folder icon etc.).

    Here is the Komp file (

    How can I avoid this error?

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    Unable to use


    Can't get wether informations for location: Ksar el-Kebir, MA.

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    Screen rotation Problem

    GM-JAYO ?! · 0 · Posted

    Widget not updated when screen rotates automatically.

    Regardless of update mode, I would like to be able to update the widget when screen rotates

    Ps. I have a problem since the last update.

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    Notification fix doesn't work.

    Paul M. Zahorosky · 0 · Posted

    Hello. Needless to say the recent update to Kustom broke some of my widgets. When editing an existing counter widget I get a popup about the issue but clicking FIX does nothing but blink the box. I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S4 stock rooted. Please advise.



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    SVG rendering still broken in 3.37

    ottaky · 0 · Posted

    Originally reported that SVG rendering was partially broken about 3 months ago ..

    .. but didn't get any kind of response or acknowledgement, so I sat back and waited for the next release with the hope that it might be fixed anyway. Just got the 3.37 update and the issue is still present - font directives are ignored and &#x????; style entities are not rendered.

    Link to the SVG in question (it's generated dynamically, so will be subtly different on each fetch) ..

    AFAICS, the SVG is valid ( reports no errors). It renders correctly in chrome and firefox on

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    Customisable notifications cannot be removed

    Faheem Yazdani · 0 · Posted

    I noticed in the last update, the ability to have customisable notifications has been introduced. I get a notification in the notification shade saying "Service is running" but I don't want this to show.

    I've gone into notification settings in Kustom and clicked on Disable, and then into my Note 9 battery settings to place Kustom into "Apps not optimised", but I am still getting the same message in the notification shade. And instead of Disable in the Notification Mode section, it stays on Automatic.

    Please can you fix this as I really don't want the "Service is running" notification

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    KWGT limits

    steve evers (SHN) · 0 · Posted

    Does kwgt have a limit?

    Since I've created a week Calendar (from Monday to Sunday, from 7h to 22h, so 112 ranges) with 112 loops I and 112 loops on touch, my widget have been slowed a lot...

    Does it have a way to accelerate the code? Does it have a limit of globals or groups?

    I have a Sony xperia ☓ with Android 8.0, Xperia home screen.

    Have a good day.

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    Google fit

    steve evers (SHN) · 0 · Posted


    I'm trying to deal. With Google fit data, 

    The steps ans de distance seems to be accurate but not the calories. 

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    "Loading" or frozen non updating

    M@ · 0 · Posted


    Not sure why I have this issues but a reboot will not make any difference.

    I have a unrooted Google Pixel 3 XL and most of the time when I go to add a widget it doesn't load just displays "Loading...." And doesn't allow me to entre KWGT.

    IF I get it to stick and allows me to entre to pick a widget then the widget will display but will lose connectivity and freeze time or weather updates. I then cannot access KWGT via on tap I ha a to entre editor via the KWGT app icon , but

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    App launch is not working

    Hi. I'm using a huawei mate 20 pro n I have assigned 4 dots to launch different apps but when I press the dots, kwgt opens instead. This is very buggy n plz fix this problem. 

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    The date format selection doesn't work

    Whenever I want to select the 24 hour format it always shows the 12 hour format, this happens even ef the 24 hour format is selected, and when I try to change it manually in the widgets it defaults to the 12 hour format instead of the 24 hour format I would really appreciate if you could tell me how to fix this 

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    Issue importing widgets

    Hello! As you can see I'm having an issue importing widgets. I've provided you an example but this is happening with multiple designs - icons and fonts do not render properly. I've tried deleting and readding the icons or fonts but it continues to happen, even when choosing different icons or fonts. I love the app and appreciate the help! 

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    Can't add Tasker shortcuts. App closes without saving.

    William Becerra · 0 · Posted

    I'm not sure when it started, it used to work fine. Maybe it was with a recent update but I can't add Tasker shortcuts anymore. Everything in KWGT works exactly as expected up until I add the Tasker shortcut. After choosing a tasker task from the list, I get a task actions preview in Tasker as expected, but when I press the back button the app closes and I'm back in the app drawer. And when I go back in to edit the widget there is no touch action. None of my changes are saved, it goes back to the

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    No city/locality name for Indian cities

    Saroj Panda · 0 · Posted


    I'm not able to get the city name in the widget. It has been a problem for around 2 months now.

    Can you please suggest how to get the city name Inge widget.

    I'm using OnePlus 6 with Android 9 and Oxygen OS 9.0.



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    Can't add items to empty container

    If I start with an empty container there is no "plus" button to add items. The button will only appear if I add an item by loading a preset. See attached image.

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    Double notifications with some apps, affects all ni() functions except pcount

    Example for a single Gmail notification:

    1. ni(pcount, = 1
    2. ni(count) = 2
    3. ni(0, pkg) =
    4. ni(1, pkg) =

    This seems to appear only with Gmail and Telegram X, and cancelling the single notification brings the notification counts to 0.

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    A little shift on left for the center screen after a refresh

    When I switch on my screen or after a unlock, the default screen is display like the beginning of a move on left. After slide a finger, the default position is come back well.

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    Since the last update my install is completely broken. Weather Temps and forecasts give bad information and the battery meters say things like 'full 100 years from now'. I am not using esoteric formulas, just the sample code given. The info shows up bad in the app interface as well as my widget. What can I do to fix this? 

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    SSID shows "<unknown ssid>" after updating to Android 8.1 Oreo


    I would like to report a problem. I've been using KWGT for a couple of months now and I created this widget where it shows the name of the wifi network the phone is connected to.

    Today, I updated my phone to Android 8.1 and I noticed that the widget shows "<unknown ssid>" instead of the actual name of the wifi network. When I open the KWGT editor it shows the name of the wifi network just fine. But on the actual widget on the homescreen it's shows <unknown ssid>. 

    Please help. I am attaching a screenshot of my