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    [HELP] presets loading as a black screen

    Lindsay West · 3 · Last reply by Lindsay West

    I went in to my wallpaper settings to adjust the colour of something, and now everything loads as a black screen. Everything is still there, when I touch where the komponents would be, they still work. I've tried restarting my phone, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app, I've tried other presets; nothing works. I'm running Android 7.1.1 on Nexus 6P with Nova Launcher Prime (Also, whenever I restart my phone, I have to reset my wallpaper. That's been happening since I first installed KLWP)

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    Background colorize option causing repeats of objects

    Cody Harkinz · 2 · Last reply by Bryan Ogg

    I had a custom function for colorizing 1 screen of the background and the objects on that screen repeated at least once and where strangely offset. I took out the function and all the screens' objects had the same effect. Another thing I found is that it repeats more when the alpha in cm() is lower.

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    Clipping objects KLWPand KWGT

    Massamino · 0 · Posted

    When I put two objects in a Overlap Group and use the XPadding positions, all goes well.

    When I set an object to clip the next/all item(s), the paddings always go to the same side (top/left).

    If I add padding to bottom, it goes up (like it should), but when I add padding to the top, it goes to up as well (but shouldn't).

    I attached a sample komponent

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    Problema en KLWP

    Gee Rea · 0 · Posted

    Cuando cambias de personalización, el reproductor de música se queda pasmado. Se tiene que reiniciar el dispositivo para que vuelva a funcionar.

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    Progress bar, less than 5 sections?

    Tim Watts · 0 · Posted


    It would be really handy to have a progress bar with 4 sections as this matches the nc(csig) value that ranges 0-4.

    A sectional bar with bottom align and growth makes a really simple mobile signal "triangle".


    All the best, Tim Watts

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    Black screen

    Rod K · 1 · Last reply by Rod K

    Pixel XL - Constant loss of functionality and black persistent screen only. Reboot temporarily fixes only.

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    App crash/freeze when "Edit Image"

    A New Translator · 4 · Last reply by Michele Possamai

    Nexus 5X, unrooted, Android 7.0

    KLWP version Pro 3.21b629914

    App freezes/prompts Android's app crash dialog after selecting "Edit Image" under any image option. "Select image" causes no problem and opens from my Drive folder normally.

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    weather not auto updating

    Jan Zaremba · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    My weather is not auto updating despite being set to update every hour (see screenshot). It only force updates.

    1. My location is turned to on and klwp is listed as requesting the location recently;

    2. I do have google play services installed although it does crash from time to time lately;

    3. The optimisation is disabled for KLWP.

    Is there anything I could do to fix this?



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    Touches are propagated to the KLWP even when Widget is on top.

    Daniel Hajduch · 1 · Last reply by Daniel Hajduch


    I'm new and I just bought full version of KLWP. I'm quite happy but I found that even a widget is on top of the KLWP the KLWP still receives touches. In my case I using APW PRO Contact widget and when I tap on contact which is over the KLWP touch area not only contact is dialed, but also associated app from KLWP touch area is launched. This is quite annoying and slows down a lot and it is something I didn't expect. I have latest Nova Launcher Pro and also latest KLWP.

    Any Idea how to fix

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    Contatore chiamate perse

    Giovanni Volpicelli · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Non funziona il contatore di chiamate perse mi segna sempre zero, ho installato anche il Plugin dal play store ma niente

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    Battery current always 0 on GS7

    BenJ · 8 · Last reply by J.S


    I wrote a review on google play store mentioning a issue with the battery current value on my Gs7 (alaways 0).

    You ask me to try to reboot the device and send an email if it still doesn't work.

    So I've tried it and it still doesn't work. I even noticed that if i put a text with battery current value (which is always at 0), the widget show "loading" undefinitely and doesn't load until I load KWGT apps.

    Several other apps works fine and display a good value.

    I tried to play with the Autorisations and allowed all

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    Memory leak with multiple filters on a wallpaper

    Michael Belew · 2 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    If I create a wallpaper with lighten and darken filters, KLWP begins to slow down eventually reporting that KLWP is not responding, wait or report. If I force quit KLWP, my phone will work as normal, but if I restart KLWP it will eventually stop working again. If interested I have a wallpaper that I can send that will fail on my phone within 5 minutes. I have never had this issue with KLWP with any other wallpapers that I have made.



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    Klwp forgets all the icons, fonts and bitmaps after every phone restart.

    kryty · 4 · Last reply by Jacques Aucamp

    Clearing cache does not help, got to reinstall and import my wallpaper back and it starts to work again. 

    [edit]Seems that clearing data and import works. Can share the theme if needed.[/edit]

    Reverts to some basic font, icon fonts (music player icon font mainly) just show a letter, icons show a questionmark. And the bitmaps just aren't there.

    Using Action Launcher 3 on Honor 7.

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    Apk maker?

    Jeremy DuBois · 0 · Posted

    The apk maker rocks site has said compiling for over an hour now...I'm not real sure if it went through the first time I tried it this morning, but I know that this one is just sitting there. I was wondering if you had any record of generated files for me.


    Update....I decided to try to download the file I already had and all it gave me in the zip file was my 512* web icon?

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    Rounding errors with tc(cut) and mu(round)

    Alex Leach · 0 · Posted

    Bug involving both the tc(cut) function and mu(round)  function. Both will occasionally have an error where a large number of zeroes followed by a single number will appear at the end of the rounding. See picture for example.

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    Toggling animation "ReactOn" setting with formula not working

    Scott Almond · 3 · Last reply by Ŧгє ๓єค

    Hi Frank

    I'm trying to create a compass that when you tap it it toggles the gyroscope animation on/off.

    I create my my global switch "Compass".

    On my compass overlap group, I add an animation, I change the"ReactOn" selection to a formula (Not selected ReactOn type formula).

    I set my formula to $if(gv(Compass)=1,GYRO,DISABLED)$.


    This correctly shows "DISABLED" or "GYRO" in the text preview. depending on my global switch position.

    But the animation ReactOn option does not change and no animation takes place

    I've tested this with other animation

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    Weather not updating

    Naveed · 2 · Last reply by Sonali K

    My weather refuses to update with any provider. I tried setting the location manually but it still doesn't update.

    This is a stock lg v500

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    Calendar event fetcher (ci) includes unwanted weather forecasts from each day

    Caleb Firth · 1 · Last reply by JR Adkins

    This calendar feed uses $ci$ to fetch information about calendar events. It also appears to be listing weather forecasts as all day events. I'm not sure where the weather information is coming from: KLWP or Google calendar. Is there a way to remove these, or have KLWP not recognize them as events?

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    weather icon does not change to the icons of the night, always indicates yellow circle icon and not the moon, I am currently using Google Now iconpack Weather

    Kike Vidales · 0 · Posted

    weather icon does not change to the icons of the night, always indicates yellow circle icon and not the moon, I am currently using Google Now Weather icon pack.

    but using another package of icons like WeatherIconImage works.

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    Icon issues

    Chad Cheesman · 0 · Posted

    Even though i have set them just to be sure they are set....the phone messaging and camera icons will not open....they do vibrate my phone so i know they are working