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    Bug in series font size

    Kev Mitchell · 0 · Posted

    Add any series control to an empty preset. Set font size to 40. Save and exit. Font appears to be size 4. Any variation to layer scale or font size resolves. Seems only to happen with scale 100 and font size 40.

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    Rotation bug in KLCK 3.37b900320

    Mr R · 0 · Posted

    All my objects on my KLCK Lockscreen turns 90 degrees when I tilt my phone without me wanting them to do this. This makes everything get scrambled and it even makes some of my background objects glitch so they won't go back to normal unless I turn off the screen and then on again.

    In version 3.30 (which I reverted back to) this does not happen. So is this a bug or is it an option to be set somewhere?

    I'm attaching four screenshots, one of how it looks normally and three different states of glitched.

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    KLCK: Shape bitmap texture not working outside of editor

    Chris James · 0 · Posted

    Shape bitmap texture works as intended within the editor and even works in runtime when the source is either the gv pointing to a wallpaper or the album art from a music player, but fails to work in runtime when it is a YouTube thumbnail that has been stretched to fill the entire screen. If I don't resize the shape to be so big that a 16:9 image fills the 9:16 screen, it works as intended but then I have letterboxing going on. When I make it big enough to eliminate the letterboxing it only works in the editor for

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    Customisable notifications cannot be removed

    Faheem Yazdani · 0 · Posted

    I noticed in the last update, the ability to have customisable notifications has been introduced. I get a notification in the notification shade saying "Service is running" but I don't want this to show.

    I've gone into notification settings in Kustom and clicked on Disable, and then into my Note 9 battery settings to place Kustom into "Apps not optimised", but I am still getting the same message in the notification shade. And instead of Disable in the Notification Mode section, it stays on Automatic.

    Please can you fix this as I really don't want the "Service is running" notification

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    Materialized home for KLWP not working

    So I've purchased the pro pack for KLWP and I've also installed the Materialized home for KLWP but whenever I try to load it on my s8 the wallpaper becomes unresponsive. I cannot switch between the different wallpapers I can only tap the wallpaper in front and that's it.

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    Touch areas misaligned from actual location of object

    In this particular case, I was trying to have a Global List of different Social Media options (set as text) with Typicon arrows on either side to scroll through the choices. Then I made an area (a simple Square shape with a clear/transparent color applied) and set it behind the arrows with a hotspot to open the corresponding app.

    And up until this point everything works as intended. But when I add an animation to it, the square touch areas get shifted out of the appropriate place somehow which makes the whole thing not function properly.

    I'm not sure what

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    KWGT limits

    steve evers (SHN) · 0 · Posted

    Does kwgt have a limit?

    Since I've created a week Calendar (from Monday to Sunday, from 7h to 22h, so 112 ranges) with 112 loops I and 112 loops on touch, my widget have been slowed a lot...

    Does it have a way to accelerate the code? Does it have a limit of globals or groups?

    I have a Sony xperia ☓ with Android 8.0, Xperia home screen.

    Have a good day.

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    Google fit

    steve evers (SHN) · 0 · Posted


    I'm trying to deal. With Google fit data, 

    The steps ans de distance seems to be accurate but not the calories. 

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    Your theme is not working in samsung s8

    I purchased your KLWP wallpaper but it doesn't work on my Samsung Galaxy s8. I am also trying it with nova launcher. But I failed.

    Help me with solution

    Raj aryan

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    Animation with reactOn > scroll is inconsistent

    To reproduce, make a shape with an animation set to:

    reactOn: unlock

    action: fade in

    duration: 10

    delay: 40

    then lock and unlock your phone a couple times. The animation sometimes plays as expected, sometimes is reversed or just doesn't work at all

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    Broken Images

    Im having an issue where images I try to add are not rendering in the wallpaper.

    I've attached images, so that if it's user error, you can show me. 

    They're working just fine in the app.

    But the preview gives me this:

    And the actual home screen ends up just being a big mess of "insert picture here" logos, sometimes just one and sometimes several layered on top of each other:

    I'm trying to create a sort of faux 3d scrolling wallpaper (stereoscopic scrolling like in older video games) using artwork that I've made. 

    My device is a Samsung Galaxy

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    KLCK not working

    Aaron . · 2 · Last reply by Aaron .

    When I try to set up a custom lock screen, it does not work. There is no lock screen whatsoever or it opens straight to my home page. I am using a pixel 2 xl  with latest android update 

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    "Loading" or frozen non updating

    M@ · 0 · Posted


    Not sure why I have this issues but a reboot will not make any difference.

    I have a unrooted Google Pixel 3 XL and most of the time when I go to add a widget it doesn't load just displays "Loading...." And doesn't allow me to entre KWGT.

    IF I get it to stick and allows me to entre to pick a widget then the widget will display but will lose connectivity and freeze time or weather updates. I then cannot access KWGT via on tap I ha a to entre editor via the KWGT app icon , but

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    App launch is not working

    Hi. I'm using a huawei mate 20 pro n I have assigned 4 dots to launch different apps but when I press the dots, kwgt opens instead. This is very buggy n plz fix this problem. 

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    Music player stuck on Spotify

    Tu Phan · 0 · Posted

    I want the music komponent to automatically switch between whichever is the current media app. However if I have preferred music player set to Automatic, it always gets stuck to Spotify no matter which media app is currently playing (specifically Pocketcasts). Even when I close the spotify notification and close out of the spotify app and play the Pocketcasts app, the player still gets stuck on spotify.

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    Buy problem

    Fj · 1 · Last reply by Nelson Alberto Gonzalez Cuña


    I bought the pro version in the free version. But i don't get the version from pro. 

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    David · 2 · Last reply by David

    KLWP AND KWGT have both.... lost it... on the preferred music player setting...

    All the sudden I have no Pandora in the list but I do have File Manager+ and Vault.timerlock and a couple more that are way off base.

    I have even tried uninstall twice on KWGT. The second time I made sure to turn off the .... "install with old settings....?" feature.

    I probably did something wrong. I mess with everything on here because ... well... long story.



    Samsung Note 9 SM-N960U1 (unlocked 512g)

    Just thought of something. I'll look at my Note 8 and

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    si(alarmon) detects timer ?

    Guiguilein · 0 · Posted


    On my wallpaper, I'm displaying the time for my next alarm.

    I just noticed today, when I set a timer (with the app stopwatch & Timer +), the function si(alarmon) detects the timer and then display the time when it's gonna end as next alarm. 

    Is there any way for KLWP to differentiate a timer and a alarm?