New Problems

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    Rss feed only shows in app

    Scott Steely · 0 · Posted

    Any rss feed I link only shows loading on the background but in the app it loads. This includes the $wg cnet examples.

    Edit: it turns out, this only happens when i load multiple images into shapes using $wg then try to use $wg for rss text.

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    I boughrpro key. Uninstalled a while ago, went to reinstall and I have to buy it again?

    Nicholas Hylands · 0 · Posted

    Forced to re-buy app if I want to use the pro version again?

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    Notification Icons not Appearing

    Jae · 0 · Posted

    I have used the $ni (0, icon)$ code in the bitmap of these images, but when I have notifications, I never see the images on my lockscreen. 

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    Accidentally make KLWP project as locked

    Vincntshn · 0 · Posted


    I'm making a self-made live wallpaper right now, and i wanna fix the bugs inside, but I accidentally make the project locked and I can't export it.

    How can I export the project to publish the project I made with bugs fixed?

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    problems with the play/pause buttons on samsung s7 edge

    HIEU HOANG · 0 · Posted

    problems with the play/pause buttons. when I set touch on any item to play/pause it didnt pause the music but instead turn to the next song and then when I touch it again it turn to the previous one, it just stop the music till the thith time I touch. 

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    Saving Presets

    Daniel Pasman · 0 · Posted

    The app has stopped saving the preset widgets I've created.

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    Font changes automatically very often

    Hải Nguyễn · 2 · Last reply by Hải Nguyễn

    Font of widget is changed automatically.

    This problem occurs many many times.

    It makes me so annoyed.

    I paid to use this app but many errors.

    Please fix this problem as soon as possible.

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    Widget Components Disappearing

    David Reynolds · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I have created some very cool widgets,  Periodically, everything in the Kustom directory on the device (and I have had this happen on three (3) different devices) is returned to the default state and all the added data in the Fonts, Bitmaps, Icons, Komponents, and Widgets are cleared.

    I have backed up this data to a Cloud drive.  However, it takes about 1/2 to an hour to fix it and reconfigure the active widgets again.  Please help

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    Kustom is affecting my launcher

    pamuel j · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Every time I open the app or tap on one of my kustom widgets it resets my launcher to android o default. I use nova launcher prime on the galaxy s8+. I dont know if this is a bug with kwgt or something else but please help

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    Complex animation works fine at advance editor but no at home screen

    Vagelis · 0 · Posted

    When i test a complex animation at advance editor it works just fine.. But at the homescreen doesn't ... Xiaomi Redmi note 4x resurrection remix (unofficial)  rooted. 

    Update :SOLVED.. wrong set of clipping mask. .

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    Can't tap on calendar items to open default calendar - Samsung Devices

    applesandsynths · 0 · Posted

    KLWP calendar items via  $ci(title,0)$ and  set an Action: Open Link:  $ci(url,0)$ does not work on Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S9+ when item is tapped. Tapping on calendar item causes no response at all, not even a vibration or toast notification. Same formula copy/pasted works perfectly in KWGT, which I have since uninstalled. Issue has been ongoing for 6+ months. I've tried reinstalling KLWP, tried different devices, no change. Currently on V 3.31b808608.

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    Album art no longer displays when using Amazon Music.

    I installed KWGT to replace Amazon Music's amazingly ugly widget. When I first installed KWGT, there was no problem. The album art showed up when I used Amazon Music and everything was working fine, so I purchased the pro version and a bunch of widget packs. However, a couple of days after installing, the album art no longer shows up when using Amazon Music. It still shows up with Google Music... but I have zero desire to change the music player I use and it was working fine with Amazon Music when first installed. I wouldn't find this so mysterious (or

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    MI: Music info not fetching

    Michiel · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Hello there, First of all, I love the concept of this program. Good job. Second, I'm having some bad luck with it. I'd like to use it for one reason alone; being able to display music information. Nothing fancy, just 3 lines of 'code'. However, when I first tried this, none of the MI functions would work except for the album art. Then I figured, maybe the beta version of KLWP fixes this problem. And it did! Except, now the album art function didn't work. Soon after that, nóne of the MI functions fetches anything from the notificationbar anymore.


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    Backgrounds render in blurry

    Alan · 2 · Last reply by Alan

    When setting the wallpaper, the background renders in blurry. 

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    Wallpaper freezing and remaining that way

    Anca Diana · 0 · Posted

    I seem to keep on encountering this problem: any custom wallpaper works just fine for a while, the animations run smoothly and everyting, but then it just simply freezes in the middle of a transition becoming what basically amounts to a flat image. I met this problem before and my solution then was to reformat my phone, as it was quite new at the time. Are there any solutions to this? 

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    Font issues - fonts reset after restart and can no longer be used

    After restart, all KWGT widgets irreversibly reset to another font and can no longer use original KWGT fonts. I was using Roboto Condensed Bold.

    The font names are displaying correctly, widget preview also displays correctly, but once the widget is placed on desktop, the displayed font is wrong (see screeenshots). I cannot find way a how to force KWGT to use its default fonts.

    My device is Huawei Nova with Android 7 Nougat stock ROM, no root. I have SD card. Font files seem present in Kustom/Fonts directory on SD card. I tried to copy them to another locations at

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    High CPU load with simple widget

    Regystro · 2 · Last reply by Regystro

    Hi. I'm experiencing a high CPU load when I put a simple 4x1 widget on the screen.

    Here is a video showing it:

    I'm monitoring CPU usage with Simple System Monitor

    Relevant data:

    • Phone model: Oneplus 3T 8.0.0 (rooted)
    • OxygenOS 5.0.1
    • Nova Launcher (up to date)
    • KWGT version: 3.31b808608 (+ KWGT Pro user license)

    The widget uses as Text source this formula: $wg("file:///sdcard/Tasker/scripts/test.txt", raw)$

    Any idea why would this happen? I think that didn't go that way in v3.29 so maybe something to do with the last changes added to wg().

    Thank you very much :)

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    Galaxy S9 and landscape orientation problem

    Marcin Mally · 4 · Last reply by Sean Ross

    Hi, I've switched to S9 and it doesn't allow wallpaper rotation...

    It allows desktop orientation change but not wallpaper. Problem is that KLWP presets do not rotate (no live wallpaper does), but touch points related to KLWP elements in the preset seem to react to rotation (they change position).

    In portrait everything works fine (default and for now only avalaible wallpaper orientation for S9), element touched reacts as configured. But when desktop orientation is set to auto rotate, after switching to landscape, the visible location of the elements is different from the touch points related to them. At first I

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    Mask set to None is actually applying mask options

    fri · 0 · Posted

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Set a solid yellow background. 2. Create a Shape, a red square. 3. Save and go to home screen. The square is red. Great. 4. In the square's FX tab, set Mask to Background, and Filter to Colorize. Set the color to blue. 5. Save and go to home screen. The square is invisible. Unexpected result. 6. In the square's FX tab, set Mask to None. 7. Save and go to home screen. The square is properly filtered.

    It seems that Mask option "None" is bound to an incorrect result.

    What's more, the preview doesn't change

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    Battery plugged 4 moths ago ???

    TurboSpencer96 · 1 · Last reply by TurboSpencer96

    Since some time (idk when I saw this bug first time, its possible that it was about new year) my formula shows me after plugging cable that I plugged it 4 moths ago (some time earlier it shows me 5 months, what a progress...). There I include screenshot: