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    Font Variants not appearing

    Marta Maki · 0 · Posted

    LG G6 7.0 with KWGT + KWGT Pro Key

    When I try to select a font with variants, the list page is blank. 

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    Forecast issues

    Andrew Andrew · 0 · Posted

    Weather underground forecasts are currently not updating consistently for me. I know my api key works because my other apps that use it to pull forecasts are working just fine. Current weather information does not seem to have an issue, but the forecasts are not pulling properly. Anything relying on a forecast tag is blank multiple times through the day, and the app says forecast data not available when I look at the widget in edit mode. Sometimes forcing a manual update fixes and other times it doesn't. This started maybe 4-5 days ago. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the

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    Klwp not working properly on Samsung galaxy s8

    Osama Nasir · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza


    I purchased klwp from the play store and also purchased betinho themes pack. Everything was working fine. Then i installed some more  themes (paid) from play store. Now after a day of using klwp i am facing the following problem ;

    Whenever i change a theme on klwp and i want to apply it, the wallpapers doesn't change and becomes unresponsive. The only way to then move forward is to apply a normal wallpaper and then re apply the klwp . This means if anytime i change a theme or modify icons, position or anything on the theme. I

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    global switches not responding to touch commands on bottom half of screen

    Nxs · 1 · Last reply by Nxs

    So I designed my own lock screen and for a couple of days if worked completely fine. During this time I had changed absolutely nothing, I just kept using it. Then it started getting a bit laggy. Then all of i sudden I was having trouble doing anything on my lock screen. Not even unlock my phone with the simple vertical scroll function. May I just say I'm so glad that you can use the bottom left corner as a fail safe. Turns out that only the top half of my screen is actually responding to my touch commands, toggling

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    can' t apply the theme

    Damon Nick · 0 · Posted

    Hi! I have created a theme and on my phone work , i have passed this theme at my friend (he have Huawei p8 2017, i have honor 6x) but when he try to apply theme klwp not say anything,( when you set apply/save and the app say wallpaper fix, You touch and set apply) on my freind's phone not work and not appear nothing... He Save but wallpaper not change... I have also try to install nova Launcher and change the wallpaper on nova( on my phone the live wallpaper work only in this way , i mean i

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    SVG file problem

    Klaus · 0 · Posted

    I can't place an SVG file on my widget. The filename is not displayed in the editor and the image is not visible on the widget. Any solution?

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    Non riesco a caricare un wallpaper

    Emil Wörndle · 2 · Last reply by Emil Wörndle

    Ho appena acquistato il prodotto ma non riesco a caricare alcuno dei preset che sono messi a disposizione. Il mio fondo (wallpaper) rimane quello impostato e non si cambia.

    Uso un Nextbit Robin con Android 7.

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    ni() function not working on KWGT, but works on KLWP

    Marco Russo · 2 · Last reply by Marco Russo

    I'm trying to make a widget with KWGT that shows the number of unread notifications, so I use the "ni" function. However it always gives 0, doesn't matter how many notifications I have.

    When I use the same function within KLWP it shows the correct number.

    Ps: I have granted notification access to both apps.

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    Loaf Bloak · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    The music widgets have been working fine until recently. The problem is that when I press the play/pause button on a music widget, a number of things happen 

    - the first touch skips to the next track

    - the second touch goes back to the previous touch

    - the third touch finally plays/pauses the music

    As I said this has only happened recently. I'm on a htc 10 with Action launcher 3 as my launcher. I use Retro music as my music player.

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    Music info update

    Some time after closing music player and KLWP app, music wiget (made in klwp) stops responding to music switching. When i switch the music cover and info still same. It fixes with opening klwp again, but i don't want do it every time. I'm already tried all teoubleshot tips. What's wrong?

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    Widget not fitting all the way to the sides.

    Justin Cantor · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I have a Galaxy Note 8 and widgets are not fitting all the way to the sides. I have made a black rectangle with KWGT and placed it on a grey background so you can see. I definitely have the widget maxed and the padding too, so there should be no grey showing at the sides.

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    Donvea T. · 0 · Posted

    Please assist me with this issue: 

    I use go launcher prime as my launcher and I recently downloaded KGWT to use with it. It does not populate under my widgets and I cannot find out what/how to disable components of the launcher to allow the program to become visible. Am I doing something wrong? Are the programs incompatible?I'd really like to use your product, I just need some help understanding how. Thanks,


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    Positioning of objects different from editor to homescreen

    pf · 0 · Posted

    I love KWLP but have a lot of problems with the position of objects. Often they are correct in the editor but different in the homescreen after saving. See the screenshots. The red circles is a picture for loading (first example, big difference) and then whatch the wind forecast in bft at the bar graph (second example, smaller difference).

    I use a Samsung S8 with standard ROM of Samsung (not rooted).

    A fix would be great.

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    music controls not working

    Abhipratap Singh · 2 · Last reply by Mal Warwick

    I've installed Powercard XUI. But I cannot play/pause or change the song 

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    Images not loading / loading inconsistently

    Aidan Marr · 1 · Last reply by pf

    For some reason KLWP has been acting weird for a couple months now. Every once and a while, almost all images, whether they are a texture on a shape or just bitmaps, fail to load. The only image that sometimes loads when everything else fails is the album cover. Strangely enough, the images appear on the editor preview just fine.

    I go in trying to fix the problem a variety of ways from the answers I've seen before. I try to re-select the images I am having problems with. I re-open the icon packs I am using (although not all the

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    Wrong date with $df("dd MMM hh:mma", ai(moonrise, r1d))$

    BaconBits · 2 · Last reply by BaconBits

    $df("dd MMM hh:mma", ai(moonrise, r1d))$

    It's giving the wrong date

    It returns today's date (11) instead of yesterday's (10). Works fine for r2d (9) and only seems to effect moonrise

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    Sizing bug when using power save mode.

    udontm8 · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    This bug is mocking me at the moment.

    All KWGT widgets change their size by an seemingly fixed unknown amount, when enabling and disabling the normal and ultra power save mode.

    Using the Samsung Galaxy S8 running standard Launcher on Android 7.0.

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    Images won't appeared/load in the persona 5 live wallpaper

    Pocket Metal · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I have the note 8 and for some reason few of the images won't appeared in the screen. Not sure if this a bug or if i did something wrong? Please help :( 

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    Dissapearing wallpaper

    Kamil Wróbel · 0 · Posted

    My wallpaper is dissapearing after some time of using. In place of wallpaper appears black screen. I must change to other wallpaper and then I can again use my animated wallpaper. Other wallpapers works fine but the one I am using now have this problem. I tried change klwp to prev version but that didn't help. My phone is Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 MIUI 9.