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    Re-do setting live wallpapers over and over

    Setiawan Carolyne21 · 0 · Posted

    i just bought the pro one and start using live wallpapers. it works normally, but whenever i open some apps, my live wallpapers is gone and change toriginal one.  i have to set the live wallpaper over and over again. whenever im closing apps or opening some apps.  please help

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    Cannot enable Fitness permissions

    Ken Konkel · 2 · Last reply by Ken Konkel

    When I try and create a widget to show fitness data, kwgt recognizes it needs permissions, however clicking on the permissions dialogs takes me in an endless loop of two dialogs:

    - missing requirements

    - choose account

    After clicking on my Google fit account, it goes back to the "missing requirements" dialog. I've tried restarting my phone, clearing the cache and app data for kwgt...but nothing seems to work.

    I also have kwlp, and the fitness data works fine there.


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    KWLP 3.28 crashes within seconds of setting the wallpaper

    Frank DiGiorgio · 2 · Last reply by Frank DiGiorgio

    New Android user. Love KLWP but I cannot get the screen to stay on live wallpaper. Running Android 6.0 on a LG V10. Any help would be appreciated. I really want this to work. Thanks

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    Appointments, the day before a Holiday, after 5pm displaying after the Holiday

    Kim Phillips · 3 · Last reply by Andrew Andrew

    I've noticed recently that any appointment after 5pm, the day before a Holiday is displaying after the 'next day' Holiday. If I change the event time to 5pm or earlier, it displays correctly. See attached screenshot:

    I am in EST

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    Some notification icons broken, ever since switch for Pixel 2.

    Dcwiker05 · 2 · Last reply by Dcwiker05

    I have a pre-built KLWP that I used on my S8 and when I got alerts from apps it would show that apps icon or that contacts picture if it was a text. But I switched to the Pixel 2 XL and now it doesn't do it for some things like Gmail, Google Now updates and a few others. Texts still show up correctly. Any ideas? I attached a screens hot to show. On my s8 that would show Gmail's icon. 

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    Step count decreasing throughout the day

    Kim Phillips · 2 · Last reply by Kim Phillips

    This morning step data using fd(steps) was consistent with Google Fit step count. Throughout the day the count has been drastically decreasing in KLWP, yet is still accurate in Google Fit.

    I have never encountered this before today, which happens to be when DST has ended, so possibly this may have something to do with this issue?

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    Issues with image display

    Kyle Meador · 0 · Posted

    I cannot get an image that is retrieved from the web to display in an image or shape layer. I can get the same image to load in the background of the widget. Any help would be appreciated. I feel like this is could be a user error due to the ease of the issue, but I am fairly confident somethings not working.


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    Past Event still showing

    Onesound · 0 · Posted

    Hi, I live in city GMT +9, and using korean.
    KLWP 3.28b729710

    1. Timezone>GMT+9 option  actually showing time to -9:00,  GMT-9 is +9:00.
        maybe localizing or something's wrong.

    2. "ci(Title, 0)" still showing past event. I tested GMT (calendar, system clock, KLWP setting...),
        I found "ci" doesn't work on GMT setting.  I changed system clock to add 9 hour. 
        Event showing right.

    3. sometimes event date/time to showing wrong GMT. now still showing right. 
        but I don't know why... 


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    Problem with changing screen resolution

    İnanç Atıl · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I am using note 8. When I change screen resolution 1080p to 1440 , klwp doesnt fit the screen. I have to force stop klwp and set wallpaper again. Can anyone confirm this? Because I might change some system values while trying tasker-autotools to change resolution automatically..

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    Bitmap Uploading Issues

    Bryanjpratt89 · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    All attempts at adding bitmaps & photo backgrounds results in projects on both KWGT Pro and KLWP to reset to their original settings both before and after latest update. 

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    after update to 3.28, presets are misformed, shapes are not at the same place as configured in editor

    Max Liederlich · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza


    as already written in subject my presets (respotet from Play store) which where working before are now broken. Icons are shown smaller, shapes are not as seen in the editor.

    I tried to create a new preset - same problem, the circle which I placed in the bottom right corner is shown about 2 centimeters above. In the editor it is shown as I want it, in home screen it looks different.

    Using a HTC U11, Android 7.1.1, Lightning Launcher, KLWP 3.28.

    Kind regards,


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    Incorrect reporting of song position and duration

    Eldog · 1 · Last reply by Eldog

    Running a recently-reset OP5 with OxygenOS, and the song position is always the same as the duration. The "Music Playtime" formula for progress also resets to 0 every time my music is paused, and doesn't reset to 0 on track change. I have tested this and the same issue occours with AIMP, Phonograph, and Retro Music.

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    rotation offset variable text migrates vertically

    anotherbeta · 0 · Posted

    Any variable text, when rotated, will migrate vertically by seemingly random intervals when the variable changes. This can not be fixed with any combination of overlap groups that I've tried, and still occurs when rotation is applied to the overlap group rather than the text. The problem can be reproduced by creating text that varies significantly in length (i.e. music title) and setting a manual rotation.

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    Current locality cannot appear

    Samuel Hung · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    HI, The current locality is work fine before Mid Sep on my 2 phones, HTC 10 and Blackberry Keyone

    But after Mid Sep, Current loclity cannot not display, I thought it may my phones problem, after I have hard reset my phone and try to install Kwgt/KLWP again, it still doesn't work.

    But something strange, currect admin area can still display correct (please see attachment), is it the problem of my phone apps permission setting or problems of KWGT/KLWP?

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    \" doesn't work in tc()

    Marvolo · 0 · Posted

    The escaped quote doesn't work and is considered as a proper quote, thus breaking any formula.

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    Open calendar item broken $ci(url, 0)$ in KLWP, but works in KWGT

    applesandsynths · 3 · Last reply by Patrick O'Donnell

    I've added calendar items to my KLWP using  $ci(title,0)$ and  set an Action: Open Link:  $ci(url,0)$ does nothing when the calendar item is tapped. 

    The exact same formulas works perfectly in KWGT so I'm assuming this may be a bug?

    Running KLWP Pro 3.27b725315

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    Weather icons changed into letters and numbers

    Keegan · 2 · Last reply by Keegan

    My weather icons just randomly changed into letters and numbers. I have several spots displaying the upcoming weather, $wf(icon,1)$, $wf(icon,2)$ etc... And now instead of a partly cloudy icon, it's just a capital J... Anyone know why this is happening?

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    Gyroscope X axis animation problem

    KHGX · 0 · Posted


    I'm trying to make a 3d parallax-like effect using KLWP, but the gyroscope animation for X axis works not as I expected. It doesn't provide me a 'seamless' animation.

    For Y axis, I can show smooth and continuous animation for entire angle of rotation. But for X axis, the animation only works as I expected when my phone screen shows upside. When the screen shows downside and I show the screen from below, X axis animation flickers between two extremes of the animation sequence.

    I presume that the animation warps between 180 and -180 degrees. at degree 180, the object

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    Jrj · 0 · Posted

    I've been traveling in England and France for the last two weeks. My KWGT still shows my home town, state, country and lat/long. Why don't they update as I move around? Can someone help me fix this?


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    Background Image Issue with Tasker Broadcast [KLWP Version 3.27b725315]

    Loran Cehack · 0 · Posted

    I'm using Tasker to send a variable to KLWP through a broadcast to detect a random image from a directory but when it sets the wallpaper it freezes my entire device making it unresponsive. It's just blotches of squares and it will just show distorted pictures. It's got problems rendering images.