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    Twilight app conflict.

    Peter · 0 · Posted

    This may be a Twilight app problem ( rather than a KLWP, however I have a repeatable bug. Whenever Twilight is active and KLWP is active, if you enter a whitelisted app (an app where you've specified Twilight not to dim the screen in) KLWP will crash and you will have to reset it as a wallpaper

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    Widgets not refreshed/updated

    Simone Ferrari · 2 · Last reply by Simone Ferrari

    Hello, I made a widget that displays current connection transfer speeds and wi-fi status.

    All works fine in the editor but once saved and editor closed I have the following issues:

    1. Data transfer speeds are not 'live'. They don't seem to refresh except for once in a while. As soon as I open the widget editor I can see the speeds in the editor preview working as expected.
    2. For wi-fi state it's a little bit different. When wi-fi is disabled widget correctly updates and shows 'disabled'. When wi-fi is turned on, widget correctly updates and shows 'enabled'. But,

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    on loading preset the screens brightness darkens and the app freezes up

    StupidNed · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    title says it all, i have rebooted and that did absolutly nothing

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    Unexpected behaviour from the new TimeZone function.

    CX15 · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    This is hard for me to explain but I will do my best.

    I'm using the new TimeZone function to display calendar event times in their local time zones.

    For example: I'm flying from Boston to Hong Kong on the 3rd of Sept.
    Currently I am in Hong Kong (home) and it is 10AM on the 1st of September.
    That means the flight is the 1st event, on day 3 of my calendar. (a0d = 1 Sept, a1d = 2 Sept, a2d = 3 Sept)

    If I leave the TimeZone field in default. It will display the correct title and

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    Interface showing wrong input fields

    Massamino · 0 · Posted

    Sometimes I can see input fields that shouldn't be active on that moment.

    As an example if I set a progress object to split progress and switch from linear to circular in the style field, then the options become available.

    Sometimes when I change a padding, the offset fields show up for a split second after changing a padding value (or the other way around).

    I can live with this, but I was demonstrating the app to someone and it flipped almost on every screen (he has a sony xperia z). Could it have something to do with high ram

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    Color Formula in Global Variable doesn't work

    Md. Imamul Islam · 1 · Last reply by Massamino

    I've been trying to use a formula for color in Global Variable, but it does not work. Here's the formula:

    I tried to change the color and even tried it without the HEX symbol, but it didn't work. Does that mean color formula doesn't work in global variables?

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    Incorrect time in other time zones

    Pavan Pamidimarri · 0 · Posted

    I have my wallpaper show the times in a number of different timezones, using the layer seeing TZone. It works well most of the time. But when I am in India which has a half hour off time (UTC+5:30) the times in other zones don't always show up correctly. When the time in India is in the first 30 minutes of an hour, the times in Brussels and New York show up correctly. But for the next 30 minutes, those times are off by one hour. 

    Example: time in India is 1:27 pm. Time in Brussels is 9:57 am, and

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    Strange touch/press area behavior

    Dee · 1 · Last reply by Dee

    i don't know if it's a bug or not, but either way it's a strange behavior in KLWP .

    I'll try to explain, and attach some screenshots.
    I am testing simple navigation with 3 buttons, square, star and circle. Pressing one of those buttons opens corresponding object(square in this case).
    Anyway animation part works fine, no problem there.

    The problem is in button area that reacts on press.My buttons are in this order:

    - Main Stack with horizontal-center orientation (Buttons Group)
    - Inside Main Stack, there are 3 stacks. Each stack contains Icon and Text, which represents a Button.

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    18:9 screens still show as 16:9 in the editor

    Trent Hewton · 0 · Posted

    So I'm surprised all my searchers in this have shown up nothing (sub reddit, Google and here).

    Devices with 18:9 screens (such as the LG G6) still show the editing view in KLWP at 16:9. This makes positioning objects in the y axis difficult as they are later repositioned on the actual home screen. Isn't there some way we can edit in 18:9 too? 

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    [KWGT]CPU function problem with Oreo

    Enrico Meloni · 1 · Last reply by Simone Ferrari

    I don't know if this problem has already been reported. On Android Oreo, bullhead, stock rom, rootless, only with unlocked bootloader, CPU functions, that is: $rm(fmin)$, $rm(fmax)$ and $rm(fcur)$ give as output 0

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    Stock wallpaper resets itself randomly forcing me to reenable KLWP

    Included is a bug report taken after the issue occurred overnight. Hope this is of use to you. I am currently running LineageOS and Nova Launcher beta, but this problem has been occurring with stock OxygenOS.

    Phone: OnePlus 3T. Os: Lineage v14.1, non-rooted. Launcher: latest Nova beta.

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    FontIcons seem to be broken in Android O

    Christopher Cole · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I just updated to Android Oreo. The FontIcons I used in my live wallpaper now show up as question marks on my home screen, but work perfectly within the app

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    Calendar event count not updating properly

    Kim Phillips · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    When using ci(ecount), the event count is not updated after the event end time, instead it is updated at the end of the day, as if it was an all day event.

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    KLWP resets data usage after KLWP crashes or forced close

    Kim Phillips · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Using a formula to show monthly or daily data usage, is reset to 0 in the event that KLWP crashes.

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    default design screen doesn't fit S8+

    Paul J Ogilvie · 2 · Last reply by Trent Hewton

    So now that I have upgraded to an S8+ and am trying to get KLWP themes working on my phone I have noticed that the design screen doesn't directly match the applied wallpaper. It seems to be quite a bit smaller. Having used KLWP on about 6 different devices this is the first time I have seen this. Any suggestions?

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    Global color variable

    Massamino · 0 · Posted

    In version 3.26 when I set a color global variable with a formula and use it on a shape as paint color, the color (on the shape) doesn't change when i change the color variable.

    When I set it as a calculated value on the shape's paint color, it does work.

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    Klwp freezes when trying to add animation to shape

    Molnár Tímea · 5 · Last reply by Levente Kósa

    Klwp freezes when I want to add animation to shape in root. It gets to adding animation with default disabled state, but when I want to change it it gets frozen and I have to kill the app. 

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    Progress shape

    Caboose · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    It's not letting me change the progress shape, and when I press square the option goes away and the shape doesn't change. 

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    Widgets disappear on phone restart

    Pablo Antequera · 2 · Last reply by Pablo Antequera

    Each time the phone restarts all the widgets disappear and I'm not able to add them. Only the 1x1 custom action is on the widgets list. I need to unistall the app and reinstall again to see the widgets 

    This is truly annoying

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    Styles/Pictures/Fonts/Blurs not showing up

    Nickkiolvera · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    So, I randomly saw that all of the aforementioned things including clocks were gone from my KLWP, this also happened with fonts in KWGT. I am using the free version of both products, so I created the wallpaper myself and would hate to restart. All background and icons I have set are gone, so are any blurs and visible clocks. This has happened before but could be solved by going to previous restore points, however it seems these restore points have also been corrupted. Please help, I don't have pictures of what the background used to look like, I only