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    Alarm detection not working on MIUI

    Łukasz B. · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Hello, the regular detection method does not work on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 pro, it does not show the correct alarm, just some random hour, i have set to 10:30 and the alarm value on custom lockscreen says 12:00. Could you look into that?

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    Country code error on location

    vitumen · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza


    I'm using KWGT since a few weeks ago and let me tell you, it's amazing.

    But i'm having this annoying trouble with the weather options.

    Let me explain myself: i'm from Salto, a little city in Uruguay (that's South America). So, i`ve searched for my town and it gave me the name correctly and the coordinates correctly too. So far, so good.

    The issue starts when i choose as provider. It gave me a wrong temperature value. I mean, very wrong. That's because it uses ITER2056, that is the code for Salto, Emilia Romagna (Italy) and not UYXX0008,

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    $li(spd)$ stopped working after update

    Ron · 2 · Last reply by Ron

    I have KLWP on my Android 5.0 Head Unit, it has been doing pretty good at showing my GPS speed until the KLWP update I got on 10/26/2017. Now the speed only updates when the KLWP app is on and 1 sec after then it freezes on whatever speed I was at. I have set location accuracy to max and recreated the Text item with "li(spd)" inside and of groups even tried clearing cash and data, any ideas?

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    Shapes visible in editor are not visible on home screen

    Zak Lawson · 3 · Last reply by Zak Lawson

    I have a preset with no clipping and no animations. There are 4 shapes in the root with a few overlap groups on top. Although all 4 are visible in the editor, only 2 are visible on the home screen. Curiously, if the shapes are offset past a certain point, they appear in both places. I have a Nexus 6P with Oreo and stock everything, no root. I have attached screenshots and the preset if it will allow it. The preset is a modified version of the Chameleon color extracting wallpaper.

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    Loading kwgt widget from iconshowcase does not work

    Marco Genovese · 1 · Last reply by Marco Genovese

    Sto cambiando la dashboard da polar a Iconshowcase perchè ha troppi bug e da android 7 è quasi inusabile.

    Iconshowcase è molto più stabile ed aggiornata però ha un bug importante, kwgt si blocca quando si arriva al caricamento del widget da iconshowcase. Cerco di essere più chiaro possibile. Apro iconshowcase, vado alla sezione kustom, premo su un widget, scelgo una base (o tela) non so come chiamarla, se la base è un widget vuoto Kwgt va alla schermata iniziale ignorando il caricamento, se la base è un widget già impostato in precedenza allora kwgt si blocca. Spero che

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    KLWP wallpaper off center after phone reboot

    Simon Wilkinson · 2 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Just purchased KLWP & KWGT - great apps! Only a very minor issue but each time I reboot my phone, my 3-screen KLWP wallpaper always starts off focused off-center. So the center screen (2 of 3) is displayed halfway off the screen. As soon as I swipe left or right it aligns itself correctly until I reboot again. Any idea why this might be?

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    nc(cell) constantly returns "OFF" when connected to 4G

    Condorasaur · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    nc(cell) will only ever return "OFF" when connected to Verizon 4G LTE. It functions properly when on 3G. Also, nc(csiga) constantly returns 99 (unknown) and nc(operator) returns MyCellOperator, which I'm pretty sure isn't right. Any idea what's going on?

    I'm on an LG G5 running stock Android 7.0, if that helps.

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    It seems that the multiply filter is not working

    Michael Belew · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    As a continuation of my previous post, I am working on a tutorial of the KLWP filters, and it seems to me that the multiply filter is not working. I created a horizontal black gradient from #FF to #00 and a vertical black gradient from #FF to #00 and overlapped them.  My understanding is I should have seen a resulting image that looked like a radial gradient from the corner of overlapping #00 to the opposite corner with #FF.  I tried similar test without gradient and with #DD opacity, but with a tonal shift. Every time the resulting image was the