Hot Problems: KLWP

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    Can't load presets

    Tony Calio · 0 · Posted

    Hello, I purchased klwp pro today and tried to load a preset. A prompt popped saying it was a pro only feature. When I tried hitting the go pro button I get an error saying I already own it. 

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    Weather not updating

    Naveed · 2 · Last reply by Sonali K

    My weather refuses to update with any provider. I tried setting the location manually but it still doesn't update.

    This is a stock lg v500

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    About klwp action's Bug

    Sunshou Yan · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    When creating a klwp action, enter in global name, enter $gv (1) +1$ in global value(gV (1) =0), click this shortcut, and it can only output 1,but in theory, it should be clicked with output 2, 3,4,5, 6, or even more.So, this should be a bug.I reprted it in the and It replied to me ‘’its a bug ,can you report it in the problems section.''So, if you can see this, I hope you can fix this bug. Thank you.

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    Lag in animations

    Param Upadhyay · 1 · Last reply by Clément Janssens

    Hey there. I just got a razer phone and downloaded klwp on it. Almost every preset I try is very laggy in the animations and it makes it almost unusable. Any thoughts on how I can fix this?

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    Clipping problem in overlap groups

    Quin Smith · 1 · Last reply by Ken Knechtel

    If you set a shape mask to a clip, that is inside an overlap group the padding under position does not work correctly anymore.

    For example if you make a square anchored in the center and give it 50 padding from all directions than the square stays in the perfect center as it should, but if you than make it into a clipping mask it moves to the top left corner of the area designated by the padding (refer to attached screenshots).