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    Error: source file not readable

    Tried downloading a Weather Komponent and I get the above error when trying to load it via a preset (going to the "+", through the folder icon etc.).

    Here is the Komp file (

    How can I avoid this error?

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    Unable to use


    Can't get wether informations for location: Ksar el-Kebir, MA.

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    Am Tech · 0 · Posted

    This app not runing in my phone, im allready buy pro version, try to disable password or finger from device the app still not runing and im already to allow all admin permision for this app still not runing. Im using pocohone F1. Please help me, i need your support like im support your app, thanks.

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    Problems with the location settings

    NakaRB · 4 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    KWGT was installed from Play Market. But there were problems with the location settings. They do not work correctly. For example, Kuching (Malaysia) time should be GMT+08, but in fact it turns GMT+05. Perhaps this is due to the fact that before I tried to set the location for Fihalhohy Island (Maldives), where the time zone is really GMT+05 (in general for the Maldives, this island should be GMT+06, but I can not set up the correct time zone in settings because it is not saved correctly). Finally, I could not set locations themselves correctly. From the first time any of