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    Widgets truncated, ratio problem

    Moloko · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza


    I don't know if it's because of an update but after restarting my phone my widgets got truncated. It seems that the ratio in app doesn't match the one on my home screen and I don't know how to fix that. It worked perfectly fine before I restarted it and I hadn't been modifying the widgets for a few weeks before this happenened.

    Thank you

    [Edit] nevermind I fixed it by changing the settings of the widgets' size (my app is in french so I'm not sure how it's called in English). I don't know why it changed but

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    Problem installing KWGT Kustom Widget Pro key

    Cesar · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I installed the pro key from the Google play store on my S8, I opened the KWGT app then I get an error saying the app is corrupted (look at attached files), tells me to reinstall the pro key, I install it again and the same error pops up. Any solutions, or a refund? Please help. Thank you.

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    Bitmap gradient alpha channels broken

    Joshua Fletcher · 0 · Posted

    Inside new komponent, add shape, texture>bitmap. Picked logo with transparent bg. Have Mode(Fit Center, Repeat, Mirror), Filter(None, B&W, Sepia, Desat, Invert, Colorize, Hue), Blur, Dim, Shadow.

    I can choose clear for the filter under the Paint tab but that ignores the alpha channel of the PNG and just clears a square.

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    Widgets not refreshed/updated

    Simone Ferrari · 2 · Last reply by Simone Ferrari

    Hello, I made a widget that displays current connection transfer speeds and wi-fi status.

    All works fine in the editor but once saved and editor closed I have the following issues:

    1. Data transfer speeds are not 'live'. They don't seem to refresh except for once in a while. As soon as I open the widget editor I can see the speeds in the editor preview working as expected.
    2. For wi-fi state it's a little bit different. When wi-fi is disabled widget correctly updates and shows 'disabled'. When wi-fi is turned on, widget correctly updates and shows 'enabled'. But,

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    Twilight app conflict.

    Peter · 0 · Posted

    This may be a Twilight app problem ( rather than a KLWP, however I have a repeatable bug. Whenever Twilight is active and KLWP is active, if you enter a whitelisted app (an app where you've specified Twilight not to dim the screen in) KLWP will crash and you will have to reset it as a wallpaper

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    [KWGT]CPU function problem with Oreo

    Enrico Meloni · 1 · Last reply by Simone Ferrari

    I don't know if this problem has already been reported. On Android Oreo, bullhead, stock rom, rootless, only with unlocked bootloader, CPU functions, that is: $rm(fmin)$, $rm(fmax)$ and $rm(fcur)$ give as output 0