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    Appointments, the day before a Holiday, after 5pm displaying after the Holiday

    Kim Phillips · 3 · Last reply by Andrew Andrew

    I've noticed recently that any appointment after 5pm, the day before a Holiday is displaying after the 'next day' Holiday. If I change the event time to 5pm or earlier, it displays correctly. See attached screenshot:

    I am in EST

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    Cannot enable Fitness permissions

    Ken Konkel · 2 · Last reply by Ken Konkel

    When I try and create a widget to show fitness data, kwgt recognizes it needs permissions, however clicking on the permissions dialogs takes me in an endless loop of two dialogs:

    - missing requirements

    - choose account

    After clicking on my Google fit account, it goes back to the "missing requirements" dialog. I've tried restarting my phone, clearing the cache and app data for kwgt...but nothing seems to work.

    I also have kwlp, and the fitness data works fine there.


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    KWLP 3.28 crashes within seconds of setting the wallpaper

    Frank DiGiorgio · 2 · Last reply by Frank DiGiorgio

    New Android user. Love KLWP but I cannot get the screen to stay on live wallpaper. Running Android 6.0 on a LG V10. Any help would be appreciated. I really want this to work. Thanks

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    Re-do setting live wallpapers over and over

    Setiawan Carolyne21 · 0 · Posted

    i just bought the pro one and start using live wallpapers. it works normally, but whenever i open some apps, my live wallpapers is gone and change toriginal one.  i have to set the live wallpaper over and over again. whenever im closing apps or opening some apps.  please help

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    Battery current always 0 on GS7

    BenJ · 6 · Last reply by Thomas


    I wrote a review on google play store mentioning a issue with the battery current value on my Gs7 (alaways 0).

    You ask me to try to reboot the device and send an email if it still doesn't work.

    So I've tried it and it still doesn't work. I even noticed that if i put a text with battery current value (which is always at 0), the widget show "loading" undefinitely and doesn't load until I load KWGT apps.

    Several other apps works fine and display a good value.

    I tried to play with the Autorisations and allowed all

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    Events in the wrong order

    Andrew Andrew · 3 · Last reply by Josh Thompson

    My agenda works well 98℅ of the time. But all day events get treated like GMT instead of my local time zone(MST currently) and end/disappear early as well as appear before late night events like you can see on the attached picture.

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    Calendar event fetcher (ci) includes unwanted weather forecasts from each day

    Caleb Firth · 1 · Last reply by JR Adkins

    This calendar feed uses $ci$ to fetch information about calendar events. It also appears to be listing weather forecasts as all day events. I'm not sure where the weather information is coming from: KLWP or Google calendar. Is there a way to remove these, or have KLWP not recognize them as events?

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    Open Weather stopped working on KWGT

    D. Duque · 1 · Last reply by Fareed Abdul Hameed

    It was working fine until some days ago it stopped updating the weather and I found out that open weather in kwgt stopped working and I have to use other options but they don't work so well for me.

    Any help?