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    My KLWP wallpaper reverts to default when I turn off my phone

    PK Gaming · 1 · Last reply by PK Gaming

    So I downloaded this kickass Persona 5 preset wallpaper for my phone. The only problem is that it reverts to default whenever I turn off my phone. What gives? I'm using the Nova launcher btw

    Here's the wallpaper:

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    Help needed

    Piyush Chauhan · 0 · Posted

    Touch action doesn't work on my Redmi 4, when I touch the phone vibrates but nothing happens. Is it just a problem on my phone or with the MI OS in general  

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    The day of the week is wrongfuly highlighted in my widget. I've tried changing the time zone and everything but it's still the same...

    Praveen Sr · 0 · Posted

    The week of the day is highlighted as Wednesday even though the time zone and the time is right. 

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    Widgets truncated, ratio problem

    Moloko · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza


    I don't know if it's because of an update but after restarting my phone my widgets got truncated. It seems that the ratio in app doesn't match the one on my home screen and I don't know how to fix that. It worked perfectly fine before I restarted it and I hadn't been modifying the widgets for a few weeks before this happenened.

    Thank you

    [Edit] nevermind I fixed it by changing the settings of the widgets' size (my app is in french so I'm not sure how it's called in English). I don't know why it changed but

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    music info

    grape ape · 2 · Last reply by Brenno Regen

    The music info and album cover doesn't display from Spotify. Whenever I try to use a kode such as $mi(album)$ the field returns a blank. This happens even when Spotify is open and music playing. I've tried a different music player such as YouTube and Google play music and they work fine. Spotify is the only issue. 

    Device broadcast status from Spotify is on. 

    Notification access for klwp on Android is on. 

    I'm on KitKat version 4.4.4

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    Negative values in globals number

    Massamino · 0 · Posted

    If you have a number global from let's say -100 to +100, you can't directly edit the field and pres the minus symbol (-) on the keyboard. It doesn't accept this.

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    KLCK not working

    Aaron . · 2 · Last reply by Aaron .

    When I try to set up a custom lock screen, it does not work. There is no lock screen whatsoever or it opens straight to my home page. I am using a pixel 2 xl  with latest android update 

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    Have a problem? Please share it with us and we will do our best to solve it!

    Frank Monza · 0 · Posted
    Looking for a solution to your problem? Start by writing it here. Chances are someone has experienced it in the past and will help you resolve it.
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    $wf(icon)$ != $wf(cond)$

    Sebastian Olivera · 0 · Posted

    $wf(icon)$ = PCLOUDY

    $wf(cond)$ = CLEAR

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    Can't use touch option for Appdrawer in Nova Launcher

    Rumit Patel · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I have updated KLWP on 2nd of December 2017.. And after that update I can't open Appdrawer by setting touch option in fonticon.. while other things like volume up-down, play/pause is working good.. I tried the original appdrawer of nova lancher a t the same place to check if their is something worng with my screen or any other app is interrupting but there is nothing like this... The original appdrawer is working good... After that I added a shape in KLWP with the same touch option and it didn't worked... So plz check out for this issue and I

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    Battery plugged 4 moths ago ???

    TurboSpencer96 · 1 · Last reply by TurboSpencer96

    Since some time (idk when I saw this bug first time, its possible that it was about new year) my formula shows me after plugging cable that I plugged it 4 moths ago (some time earlier it shows me 5 months, what a progress...). There I include screenshot: