Common Problems

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    Error with images

    Karen Norris · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I purchased the pro version 2 days ago. I have also purchased some presets. Suddenly the app is not showing images .

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    An example uses a source which has politicized itself.

    Acorn Eyes · 1 · Last reply by Acorn Eyes

    The example for using wget to retrieve json uses, which when you look at what it returns, returns some political crap with "reject-facism":"random bullshit"

    I would use a different example.

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    Progress bar doesn't work with Eleven music player

    The default music player provided with Cyanogenmod and most other ROMs based on Cyanogenmod is Eleven. But the progress bar doesn't show playback time for the player.

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    Color Formula in Global Variable doesn't work

    Md. Imamul Islam · 1 · Last reply by Massamino

    I've been trying to use a formula for color in Global Variable, but it does not work. Here's the formula:

    I tried to change the color and even tried it without the HEX symbol, but it didn't work. Does that mean color formula doesn't work in global variables?

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    Text Font/Item Shapes changing automatically

    Woo-Sung Shim · 0 · Posted

    I am using a Galaxy S9+ with the paid version of KWGT. Starting today my widget kept changing the font of the text to a normal type and shapes of items to a normal type. I checked the preset widget and it was all normal and fine but whenever I save it, it's fine for about 30 seconds but after that it automatically changes the whole widget to a different and default looking font and shapes of items. Why is it doing this?

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    Cannot open klwp and kwgt editors (blank screen)

    Kyle W · 2 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    So recently I factory reset (system, data, cache, dalvik cache) my phone and like usual downloaded klwp and kwgt. Upon trying to open both all I got was a blank screen. Here is a logcat.


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    Problem loading

    Rovi Matilla · 2 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Hi im using lines icon pack. And they released a kgwt widget on their app so i decided to purchase kgwt pro. But im having a problem loading them. It won't load. Please help thanks

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    Problem with Weather Condition on Widget

    Mohammad Aziz · 3 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I have a home widget that is set to show the weather as follows

    Weather: Actual Temp, Feels like Temp, State

    So for example it'd be

    Weather: 3°, Feels like 1°, Clear

    However, on the widget preview, even tho it shows the Clear part, on the homescreen it doesn't...

    So for example, it'd just show

    Weather: 3°, Feels like 1°,

    Does anyone know why? And how can I fix this, as it really bothers me.

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    pantalla desconfigurada

    Bebel Mendez · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    E tratado de cargar varios temas pero todos salen desconfigurado necesito que me ayuden por favor adjunto un pantallazo. 



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    Regular expression no longer works

    Lta205 · 0 · Posted


    I had the below formula for stripping the name of the Sonos speaker out of mi(artist) and it worked just fine, I had to factory reset my phone and now this formula no longer works.

    It returns the error literal can't follow another literal, has anything changed

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    Stack group not centered

    Anuraag Agrawal · 1 · Last reply by Anuraag Agrawal

    I have searched a lot but couldn't find this issue. 

    Phone : Moto G5 Plus

    Android Version 7.0 (default display size) 

    Launcher :Nova launcher default setting.

    I have created a widget containing 5 rectangle each same size in stack group(horizontal center) . 

    Height= $si(rheight)$

    Width = $si(rwidth)/5$

    Result widget left space at left side. 

    If i change display size(from android setting) widget looks fine. 

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    on loading preset the screens brightness darkens and the app freezes up

    StupidNed · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    title says it all, i have rebooted and that did absolutly nothing

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    Go to next/previous in global list item does not function

    pf · 0 · Posted

    I have made a global switch, type list, an addes "0,7,14,21,28" for my events. I have a stack group with the next seven events. Then I want to show the next 7 events by touch of a button. Therefore I use the touch function, gobal switch, my list (calles events), and then I see the list an next an previous item. But this is confused and shows "7 next 0 21 14 previous 28" And therefore the next and previous does not function. If I make two buttons, and the first one going to 7 (first in List) next an

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    Buy problem

    Fj · 1 · Last reply by Nelson Alberto Gonzalez Cuña


    I bought the pro version in the free version. But i don't get the version from pro. 

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    Album art is not being displayed properly

    John · 0 · Posted

    The latest notification thumbnail is shown instead of the album art.

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    bug with global variable not applying

    Fernando Lam · 2 · Last reply by Fernando Lam


    link to gif.

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    All hexagon strokes have a flat edge

    Nathan Thompson · 0 · Posted

    Pretty much just that. If I go past 5 (pixels or whatever) width it's really obvious. All hexagons have one flat edge where a corner should be.

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    Current locality cannot appear

    Samuel Hung · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    HI, The current locality is work fine before Mid Sep on my 2 phones, HTC 10 and Blackberry Keyone

    But after Mid Sep, Current loclity cannot not display, I thought it may my phones problem, after I have hard reset my phone and try to install Kwgt/KLWP again, it still doesn't work.

    But something strange, currect admin area can still display correct (please see attachment), is it the problem of my phone apps permission setting or problems of KWGT/KLWP?