Common Problems: KWGT

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    Random reverting

    Chad Schmader · 0 · Posted

    After most recent update,  any changes to elements....komps, text....then save of course. Upon returning to home screen, the widget will revert back to what it looked like prior to changes made. Sometimes a komponent will vanish all together, only to return a moment later. Then the process repeats itself. I've never had these issues prior to update. Thanks for your time.

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    Problems with the location settings

    NakaRB · 4 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    KWGT was installed from Play Market. But there were problems with the location settings. They do not work correctly. For example, Kuching (Malaysia) time should be GMT+08, but in fact it turns GMT+05. Perhaps this is due to the fact that before I tried to set the location for Fihalhohy Island (Maldives), where the time zone is really GMT+05 (in general for the Maldives, this island should be GMT+06, but I can not set up the correct time zone in settings because it is not saved correctly). Finally, I could not set locations themselves correctly. From the first time any of

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    All day calendar events from yesterday still showing

    Raph · 3 · Last reply by Andrew Andrew

    Please help: As title says. Yesterday's events still showing until 10am next day. I am in GMT +10 timezone, KWGT settings reflect this as well as G-Cal settings. See screen attached

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    Night icon

    Simon Gutgesell · 7 · Last reply by Archie

    The night icon option in the weather Komponent doesn't work

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    Problems with displaying calendar events

    David · 3 · Last reply by Libor Foltýnek

    After the update last night the calendar will randomly stop showing events and only show "--" for a while. If I open KWGT to edit my widget it corrects itself and shows my events again.

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    Wrong forecast data

    Jiří Tušil · 0 · Posted

    Please revise forecast data processing. The wf(max,d), wf(min,d), wf(rain,d) and possibly other functions show completely different results than the official app or other 3rd party programs.

    There are overlapping hours in the API output XML file for different time ranges forecasts, so maybe this could be the reason. Attaching examples with source data fetched from API. Thanks for fixing :-).

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    Album art no longer displays when using Amazon Music.

    Chromatic Labyrinth · 2 · Last reply by Kestuhh

    I installed KWGT to replace Amazon Music's amazingly ugly widget. When I first installed KWGT, there was no problem. The album art showed up when I used Amazon Music and everything was working fine, so I purchased the pro version and a bunch of widget packs. However, a couple of days after installing, the album art no longer shows up when using Amazon Music. It still shows up with Google Music... but I have zero desire to change the music player I use and it was working fine with Amazon Music when first installed. I wouldn't find this so mysterious (or

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    Icons, fonts and question marks

    Tomaž Drnovšek · 0 · Posted

    My KWGT widgets that include fonts and icons are working only half of the time. They work for a while, then instead of displaying fonts and icons correctly there are question marks instead of icons and instead of proper fonts the widget displays I guess system font. It can change from proper to wrong in 10 minutes twice. Then it can work for hours or not work for hours. I'm using fonticons (fontawesome), Galaxy S8, Android Oreo, Nova Launcher. Here's how it looks: The image on top is how it should look and the bottom one is how it

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    Loaf Bloak · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    The music widgets have been working fine until recently. The problem is that when I press the play/pause button on a music widget, a number of things happen 

    - the first touch skips to the next track

    - the second touch goes back to the previous touch

    - the third touch finally plays/pauses the music

    As I said this has only happened recently. I'm on a htc 10 with Action launcher 3 as my launcher. I use Retro music as my music player.

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    Music widget falls asleep

    konan.atp · 3 · Last reply by Артем К.

    Widget for musci player (PowerAMP) falls asleep after 5 minutes of work. It does not respond to the first click and album cover disappears. How to make it permanently active? Making the app system didn't help.

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    3.29 did not fix all day events

    Andrew Andrew · 2 · Last reply by Kim Phillips

    The update did change the behavior of all day events, so whatever you did is likely on the right track. However, I am in UTC-7 and now my all day events disappear at 10am on the day they are happening. The times appear correct in the calendar and the date is correct on the app data that appears on the widget. But at 10am the widget treats the event as over.

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    Update When Screen Off

    Christopher Reeve · 0 · Posted

    The Update When Screen Off option will not stay enabled. After enabling (checking) the option, I immediately go back to settings and it is disabled (unchecked).

    Nexus 5 running stock 6.0.1. KWGT V3.22

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    Problems with Steps

    Christoph Portmann · 3 · Last reply by Ken Konkel

    Hello This is a translation from German. I bought the KWGT "Widget Pro" and am thrilled. I have the step counter displayed in the widget. Now I have a problem. I have "Google Fit" installed. However, the number of steps in the widget does not match those of the app. There are fewer and fewer steps. I would actually like to use the data from another app as they are more accurate. For example, from the app "Pacer". How is that possible? Thank You

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    Problem installing KWGT Kustom Widget Pro key

    Cesar · 1 · Last reply by Christina Knight

    I installed the pro key from the Google play store on my S8, I opened the KWGT app then I get an error saying the app is corrupted (look at attached files), tells me to reinstall the pro key, I install it again and the same error pops up. Any solutions, or a refund? Please help. Thank you.

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    Cannot enable Fitness permissions

    Ken Konkel · 4 · Last reply by Marco Faccini

    When I try and create a widget to show fitness data, kwgt recognizes it needs permissions, however clicking on the permissions dialogs takes me in an endless loop of two dialogs:

    - missing requirements

    - choose account

    After clicking on my Google fit account, it goes back to the "missing requirements" dialog. I've tried restarting my phone, clearing the cache and app data for kwgt...but nothing seems to work.

    I also have kwlp, and the fitness data works fine there.


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    Battery current always 0 on GS7

    BenJ · 8 · Last reply by J.S


    I wrote a review on google play store mentioning a issue with the battery current value on my Gs7 (alaways 0).

    You ask me to try to reboot the device and send an email if it still doesn't work.

    So I've tried it and it still doesn't work. I even noticed that if i put a text with battery current value (which is always at 0), the widget show "loading" undefinitely and doesn't load until I load KWGT apps.

    Several other apps works fine and display a good value.

    I tried to play with the Autorisations and allowed all

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    Widget name

    Summer Son · 0 · Posted

    There is no ability to change Widget's name. They are automatically being named Widget XX (where XX is a number), but it's ok, however, suddenly one of my widgets name appeared "Cut". Should be either "Widget XX" or user should be able to edit it.

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    KWGT limits

    steve evers (SHN) · 0 · Posted

    Does kwgt have a limit?

    Since I've created a week Calendar (from Monday to Sunday, from 7h to 22h, so 112 ranges) with 112 loops I and 112 loops on touch, my widget have been slowed a lot...

    Does it have a way to accelerate the code? Does it have a limit of globals or groups?

    I have a Sony xperia ☓ with Android 8.0, Xperia home screen.

    Have a good day.

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    Calendar URL not working for recurring events

    Linh Nguyen · 0 · Posted

    Whenever the $ci(url)$ function encounters a recurring event, an "event not found" error occurs. 

    I use the Google calendar app, if that helps.  

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    wg function's json parser is not working correctly

    Michaeljdietz · 3 · Last reply by Phuturist

    Problem with TWO different wget statements in KWGT:

    A) $wg(gv(fullurl), json, .['Time Series (Daily)'].['2018-04-03'].[0])$

    B) $wg(gv(fullurl), json, .['Meta Data'].[0])$


    If I execute $wg(gv(fullurl), json, .['Meta Data'])$ (without the [0]) I get the following:

    {1. Information=Daily Prices (open, high, low, close) and Volumes, 2. Symbol=MSFT, etc...

    This data should be AN ARRAY of data, but appears to be a string instead

    Statement B above COMPLETELY fails (no output).  My best guess is that the parenthesis in the json key are causing the issue, but I am not entirely sure.

    Am I missing something?

    Actual results (truncated here) in a browser