Acknowledged Problems

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    Bitmap gradient alpha channels broken

    Joshua Fletcher · 0 · Posted

    Inside new komponent, add shape, texture>bitmap. Picked logo with transparent bg. Have Mode(Fit Center, Repeat, Mirror), Filter(None, B&W, Sepia, Desat, Invert, Colorize, Hue), Blur, Dim, Shadow.

    I can choose clear for the filter under the Paint tab but that ignores the alpha channel of the PNG and just clears a square.

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    the "$sh()$" formula doesn't support Chinese

    cloud neon · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    the "$sh()$" formula doesn't support Chinese,when i try to use the formula that contains Chinese characters,like $sh("echo 你好")$,KLWP returns null

    could the you please add utf8 support for sh() formula to solve it

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    About klwp action's Bug

    Sunshou Yan · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    When creating a klwp action, enter in global name, enter $gv (1) +1$ in global value(gV (1) =0), click this shortcut, and it can only output 1,but in theory, it should be clicked with output 2, 3,4,5, 6, or even more.So, this should be a bug.I reprted it in the and It replied to me ‘’its a bug ,can you report it in the problems section.''So, if you can see this, I hope you can fix this bug. Thank you.

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    Global text variables

    Massamino · 3 · Last reply by Massamino

    If you inherit a global text from a main component with a function and you link a text global in a subcomponent (same and different name) to the main component, the formula is inserted as text instead of it being calculated

    main component
    - global text <name> = $df(YYYY)$

    - global text <name1> = (inherit <name> from parent) => shows as $df(YYYY)$
    - global text <name2> = $gv(name1)$ => shows as $df(YYYY)$

    Even after save, close and reopen

    Expected behavior: get the value of <name> in <name1> and <name2>



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    overlap group rotation bug

    Dukevyner · 1 · Last reply by Jacek

    Reddit user /u/no_you_hang_up seems to have stumbled apon a bug, and I have investigated it; details below

    The user posed an export with overlap groups that contain circles and icons, the groups rotate inverted, react on a global switch. But the icons were not able to be touched. My initial thought was that another item might be blocking the icons.

    But apon further investigation I discovered the issue seems to be with the rotation animation. In the linked export,

    I have created 2 copies of the reddit users overlap group. The first, the rotation amount is 100, the second,

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    Center formula

    Joshua Fletcher · 0 · Posted

    For the BG Scroll action setting a formula to determine the CENTER attribute is flawed in a couple ways.



    This is incorrect.  I haven't tested them all but using a formula like SCREEN$si(screen)$ returns SCREEN1, SCREEN2, etc but doesn't work.  I have to use Screen $si(screen)$ to return Screen 1, Screen 2, etc then it accepts it as a valid entry.


    The second half of the problem:

    Using a formula like that

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    All day calendar events from yesterday still showing

    Raph · 1 · Last reply by ImranR

    Please help: As title says. Yesterday's events still showing until 10am next day. I am in GMT +10 timezone, KWGT settings reflect this as well as G-Cal settings. See screen attached

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    Unable to set the amount of screens to 8

    Rem Co · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I am having an issue when I want to set the amount of screens to 8. When setting it to 8 it seems to jump back to */7 instear of */8. I am able to set it to any other number, and it occurs on both X and Y screens.

    Is this intended?


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    Editor tabs overlap

    Jacek · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I think I found a little bug in the editor. When you tap two the small area near the tick box in any of the object tab, you'll get an options from the next tab. 

    Bug in action:

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    Inconsistent measurement system

    Porasjeet Singh · 1 · Last reply by Porasjeet Singh

    In widgets larger than 4x4 a width of 720 doesn't match with the device width.

    This makes it difficult to make full page setups and consistent widgets.

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    Animation Equation Error

    Mitch Morse · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza


    I have found a bug with using equations in animation parameters. Specifically, when using a global variable in a komponent's animation the global variable is counted as 0. Normal equations work, and I can use other variables, but not globals from the komponent. I have created an example that shows this affect using the delay parameter. Basically, it animates 4 circles, and in text shows what the delay should be and what it actually is due to the error. 


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    All global switches turning either on or off simultaneously in the editor

    Kim Phillips · 3 · Last reply by George Smith

    Whenever a global is changed in the editor, all of the global switches turn either on or off, despite their default setting. This is causing confusion & making it nearly impossible for the user to see their changes in the editor, because it is turning on/off background images & other objects that are normally controlled by the user with switches on the wallpaper.

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    Formula in shortcuts bug

    Francesco · 2 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I set a text gv as 0.

    I can set a touch action to increase this value by 1 with Touch -> Toggle Global Switch -> num -> $gv(num)+1$. Each touch action increases the value by 1 as intended.

    If I create a shortcut -> Switch Global -> num -> $gv(num)+1$, the gv is just set to 1 and it doesn't increase.

    I think there is a problem about how shortcut read formulas. Can anyone confirm?

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    Gmail unread counter account pattern

    Timothy Elmer · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    I'm trying to get an unread count for folder "Inbox" in Gmail using an account "a@b.c". The examples imply that this can be done (rather than using an index), but an attempt to do so only yields "unsupported operation: gmail -> a@b.c". Am I doing something wrong?

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    Music widget with Napster?

    Sky Treez · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    When using a Music Box Widget, the Artist's name does not show up when using it with Napster. It does work with other players like the Samsung Music Player app, though. It did work with Napster in the past. I hope it can be fixed. I added 2 images to show what I mean. One shows the widget with Napster and the other one with the Music Player by Samsung. 


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    Problem with clipping next item in editor and on screen

    Jacek · 1 · Last reply by Jacek

    There is a problem with clipping next item. Previously I thought it was only appearing in editor, but I've just found out that it can happen also on the screen. 

    Anyway, when I set a shape for clipping next object, and that object has a formula animation, which makes it dissapear in certain conditions, the clipping affects next visible object. In this case it happens only in editor.

    The other scenario is when the clipping object has a formula in layer visibility field, in this case clipping also goes to next object, but this time both in editor and screen.

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    KWGT 3.22 Bug? KWGT in Recent Apps list

    Lyle · 3 · Last reply by Lyle

    Is anyone else noticing some odd behavior with KWGT latest version? If I press one of my widgets to open an app, both the app and an instance of KWGT show in the recent apps list. If I swipe away the app I opened and press the KWGT instance, it opens the app. However, when I go back to my desktop the widget for that app has been resized to a tiny fraction of what it was. This is happening to all of my widgets.

    I'm using KitKat 4.4.4.




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    Global text variables with calculated value broken when used in other formulas

    Michael Bell · 5 · Last reply by Massamino

    Let's say you have this global texy variable


    MyVariable = $bi(temp)$°$wi(tempu)$

    And I want to incorporate it in another text box

    $tc(n2w, gv(MyVar))$


    The editor shows literal value of the variable ( $bi(temp)$°$wi(tempu)$)  , yet the actual wallpaper shows the expected "thirty-five°C"


    How do I get around this?

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    Negative values in globals number

    Massamino · 0 · Posted

    If you have a number global from let's say -100 to +100, you can't directly edit the field and pres the minus symbol (-) on the keyboard. It doesn't accept this.

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    si(mindex) on global var

    Massamino · 2 · Last reply by Massamino

    When I set a global variable to use si(mindex), and I use it on a subitem, it takes the mindex of the subitem instead of the komponent.