New Ideas

  • Calendar color counter

    Sebastian Olivera · 0 · Posted

    We need a function than returns calendar name and quantity of events for a certain date:

    Something like this:

    $ci(colors, a1d)$

    And return: "CalendarOne,#FF03GGAA,3;CalendarTwo,#FF00FF00,1"

    This will be useful with new trim function and will makes the calendars more cute :D

  • Line Renderer

    Espiongerbil · 0 · Posted

    Hi. Please could you add point to point line drawing to the shapes? The shape would have x/y coordinates for the start and end points, and a line thickness value. If the coordinates and thickness could be modified with formulas, it would make it a lot easier to draw graphs, and other dynamic shapes. Currently I'm using rectangles, with 4 variables per line, and trigonometry to work out where it should be placed and the angle. It seems overly complex/bloated on the user side. Thanks!

  • Ability to change global refresh rate?

    Krenar Shabani · 0 · Posted

    Can you make the global clock refresh faster than 1 second? What I mean is, I have tu(seq) functions iterating faster than 1 second, but when I view it on the home screen, since the wallpaper refreshes only once a second some "frames" get skipped. I understand what I'm asking for may be problematic for many reasons so if anything you can add an advanced menu in settings to change this refresh rate or whatever its called

  • Setting locations by numeric longitude and latitude

    riumutu · 0 · Posted

    I made a world clock that randomly changes times to show in every 3 hours, using KLWP's "time zone per layer" function. Now I'd like to add weather features to it.

    It's great that we can set different time zones to each layer and I really appreciate developers' effort for that feature. However, location settings is still limited to three preset locations (except current GPS location), and the time zone settings don't affect weather information and forecasts.

    It would be better that each layer's location could be customizable with numeric longitude and latitude.

    I hope my idea attracts you. Thanks!

  • Would love to see a "kustom launcher"

    Chase Huggins · 0 · Posted

    It would be great in the future to see a launcher that could be tightly integrated with Kustom apps. There could be alot to benefit from a full Kustom experiece.

  • Blurred background effect for group items

    Simo M · 0 · Posted

    Could you add the background blur effect for items inside a group, please?

  • Max lenght text

    Sebastian Olivera · 0 · Posted

    It would be nice than text component cut text inside when reach width and put suspensive dots, like $tc(ell, "")$ function but only cutting letters and not entire words.

  • Time to astronomical seasons

    Levente Kósa · 2 · Last reply by Levente Kósa

    Hi, is there any way to calculate the day numbers to the next astronomical season (equinox, solstice)? Thanks!

  • Bigger UI Controls

    Patrick J · 0 · Posted

    Hi there,

    It would be nice if one could change the size of various Editor-UI controls. This would be very helpful for people (like me for example) who have a custom (especially smaller) DPI.

    In addition it might help people with bigger hands to handle the UI more precisely.

    I was hoping for this feature to be included for a while now, but as because nobody requested it I thought I'll do the first steps.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!


  • Local variables

    Andreas Gram · 2 · Last reply by Andreas Gram

    I would like groups to have local variables in them, to accommodate for creating multiple groups which are almost the same, but with one number differing in several  properties. This would help a lot when creating komponents which contain objects per day or per hour. eg. lv(var) 

  • Planned

    Aplly mask to N layers (Selecting quantity)

    Sebastian Olivera · 0 · Posted


    I think than a third mask option is needed:

    1) Next

    2) Next N layers (With a custom number of layers than reach the mask) <---

    3) All After

    I'm trying to avoid create N masks with animation, and create only one to get better performance :)

  • Under Review

    Touch animation ripple in KWGT

    Sander V · 2 · Last reply by Adinklotz

    There's a persistent animation ripple on shapes when you add touch actions in KWGT. This can't be turned off as far as I know. KLWP doesn't have this. 

    Is this animation normal behavior? If so it should be optional and the same for both KWGT and KLWP. 

    Thanks in advance, 

  • "ReadMe" file for presets

    dryshirt · 0 · Posted


    A function which is desperately needed for those sharing presets within the community is a way to "introduce" the theme, or include additional information (such as the global variable naming shorthand system, intended usages and additional functions, additional links to the creator's web profiles, etc.) 

    This information could be displayed the first time (or every time outside of a small range) a preset is loaded, which would benefit any users loading presets from an unfamiliar creator, who may use a different methodology when creating presets.

    I would also suggest adding another button so that the user could easily access

  • Global File

    Joshua Fletcher · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Please add a Global File option.  This would allow someone to point their global to a file which would then get embedded in the KLWP export in something like a data folder.  Currently anything referenced in the local file system has to be distributed to users via some other channel.  

  • Better/bigger buttons

    Eric · 0 · Posted

    Could the buttons shown below, and in other instances, be made easier to select? They are currently like #1, but I feel like it would be easier if they were like #2. 

    I often select the text box for these areas and it gets very frustrating lol. 

  • Select all option

    Jacek · 0 · Posted

    Would be quite useful when we could select all items from 3 dots menu.

  • The ability to use formulas on touch action "Action" selection.

    Scott Almond · 0 · Posted

    *Feature Request*

    The ability to use formulas on touch action "Action" selection.

    Currently there's no formula option for setting the touch action to disabled or not based on a formula or global. Please can this be added? The formula would need to resolve the options "NONE", "KUSTOM_ACTION", "LAUNCH_APP", LAUNCH_SHORTCUT", "LAUNCH_ACTIVITY", "MUSIC CONTROLS", TOGGLE_GLOBAL", "OPEN_LINK", "CHANGE_VOLUME" or "DISABLED". We could then enable or disable touch actions based on global switches etc.

  • Index numbers for items in editor

    Jacek · 1 · Last reply by Scott Almond

    Frank please add a small index numbers for all items if possible. It would be very handy especially in situations like having lots of shapes in groups. 

  • New material style app icon?

    reCoded · 1 · Last reply by reCoded

    The current KWGT icon is not very material and doesn't look that great. I made a mock-up of what I think the KWGT icon could look like which uses material design. Would love to see something like this in the future!