New Ideas

  • Would like a check box in export preset form to keep specified file name as new standard filename

    Ddark · 0 · Posted

    At present if you set the filename to "wildcat14", export it, edit it some more,  then go to export it as eg "wildcat15", KLWP often will have a filename used many saves before in the form e.g. "Owl17" in the filename field, so you have to delete the filename, retype the whole new filename then export. Again, edit preset, go to export, the filename shows "Owl17", again have to delete entire filename, retype "wildcat16". I'm sure it used to be the case that if you saved "wildcat14", edited preset, went to export, the filename entry would still show "wildcat14" (i.e.

  • Set Transparent Colour in Image

    DroidRifter · 0 · Posted

    I would like to be able to add an image and set a specific colour to be transparent. It might look bad if used on images with gradients, but it could be very cool if used on drawings or images with areas of solid colour.

  • WG HTML Header

    Joshua Fletcher · 0 · Posted

    Can we get the option to wget json with an html header?  Currently it seems the only way to pull from an API that requires auth through a header is with tasker.  It would be awesome if we could have a parameter for a header.

  • First letter quick scroll for font search

    Jarosław Frąc · 0 · Posted

    It would be great if You could add first letter quick scroll. It could speed up search process if You have like 100+ fonts and You only remember the first letter of name. Right now search function shows all fonts which includes this letter You put in the search

  • Wrapping stack group items

    Gust van de Wal · 0 · Posted

    Wouldn't it be nice if you had the option to determine the maximum width or perhaps maximum amount of children allowed in each row of a stack-group? This way, you can, for example, create a complete visual calendar with one stack-group.
    If you were to do that now, you'd have to create a vertical stack-group with 6 horizontal stack-groups, and you'd have to make some pretty complicated calculations to know what numbers go inside the cells and which items to hide or not.

    In the images, the dark numbers represent hidden cells


    With wrapping:

    I recommend trying to create
  • Naming items

    James Phillips · 0 · Posted

    Can you put the name of the item in the properties of itself and rename it that way. Right now you check it hit edit and then rename. I'd like to be able to create a new shape,  open it up, rename it, edit properties and save. 

  • Global switch formula

    Massamino · 0 · Posted

    I think it would be nice to have the fully blown interface for global switch formulas. Now you have one small textbox.

  • Zoom into editor

    Sebastian Olivera · 0 · Posted


    It is necessary got a zoom into editor (For preview), like "zoom selected object" but applicable to all preset. Sometimes preview window is too small :(

  • .

    Paul Monlezun · 0 · Posted

    I would love to see a text filter that converts numbers to Roman Numerals. I could see using that in clocks, a year line, calendars and other widgets. I don't think I'd be the only one who would appreciate it and as far as I can see, no other widget customizer offers the function. Thanks.



  • Full screen privew

    Sounak Kundu · 0 · Posted

    KWLP is great and having a live wallpaper do all the tasks is beautiful. It is also helpful that we get to check out the theme before applying in the little editor window we got there. But the only problem is that the editor window is too small and some minor details are very hard to notice in that small window. I know that there is automatic zoom but still I think it is a good idea to have a fullscreen preview option.

  • UV Index, Air Pollution, Pollen Count

    Link2999 · 0 · Posted

    Request for additional Weather Information such as UV Index, Air Pollution, and Pollen Count.

    Specifically UV Index would help me out as I have recently been inflicted with an immune/skin condition where the sun invokes an allergic reaction that causes hive-like spots to appear on my skin within seconds of sun exposure. UVA can penetrate cloud cover, so even on cloudy days I need to be aware of current UV levels. Air Pollution and Pollen Count should be able to help out others in similar ways. I know UV Count and Air Pollution are both supported with OpenWeatherMap, but are currently in beta;

  • Add functionality: Globals, that are available to all widgets (to transport information you input in one widget to another)

    Nichtwitzig64 · 1 · Last reply by Adam R Atkinson

    (Note: I tried to explain the problem as good as I can, so you would understand, what I mean and why I need the option to make globals visible to all Widgets, but the explanation quickly grew too long. So instead of making my point clear it might just confuse you even more. If you don't want to read it all, scroll down until ***SIMPLE EXPLANATION HERE***)

    So I want to design my homepage as compact and simple as possible, but I want to display very specific information on my widget, in order for it to work correctly I need

  • Integer and others

    Al Qu · 2 · Last reply by Al Qu

    Please add the possibility to reduce numbers to either the integer, or the digits after the decimal separator.

    For example:

    mu(int,2.8462) and mu(int,2.205) would both result in 2

    mu(frac,2.8462) would result in 0.8462

    mu(frac,2.8462,1) would result in 8.462

    mu(frac, 2.8462,2) would result in 84.62

    and so on

    and the modulo operator would be great

    mu(mod,12,5) would result in 2

    the remainder of 12/5 is 2

    Thank you in advance

  • Soft keys functionality.

    Abhishek Junghare · 0 · Posted

    How about a widget of functionality of the back, home, recent apps (Soft Keys). I'm not talking about an app, I'm talking about a widget which can be added to the kustom widget maker, or the kustom wallpaper maker.

  • Allow klwp to be chosen as Android's screen saver

    Jeff Guymon · 2 · Last reply by PierreB

    KLWP is the perfect choice for recycling old phones into an awesome wall clock. The problem is this requires keeping the phone unlocked and at the homescreen which is a security concern. 

    I think it would be ideal if KLWP was selectable as one of Android's "screen saver" choices. 

  • parameters animation

    Massamino · 0 · Posted

    With the complex animation, it would be helpful to animate the properties of the object (like animating the rounding of a rectangle for example)

  • Cloud Cover

    Mitch Dellandrea · 0 · Posted

    Hey Frank,

    I was manually pulling hourly temps + chance of rain from Weather Underground before the last update, so your improvements have really sped up my interface -- thanks! I'm hoping you can also include an hourly cloud cover % as that's the last thing I'm still pulling from the JSON. It's referred to as 'sky' in the hourly WU pull. It's a great indicator as to how sunny it's going to be.

  • Calendar Image

    Joshua Fletcher · 0 · Posted

    Google calendar displays an image based on event location.  Would love to be able to display that image on an agenda layout.  Something like ci(image, 0)

  • Upcoming songs

    Joshua Fletcher · 0 · Posted

    Any way to add upcoming song title, duration, etc?  mi(title, 1) something like that?  Info is supplied to bluetooth devices, I'd assume KLWP could pull it relatively easily.  Would be nice to be able to show the song queue in a theme.

  • Icons instead 3 dots menu after selection

    Jacek · 1 · Last reply by Jacek

    I don't seem to find a reason for the 3 dots menu after selecting an item. I mean if we want to copy an item, you just select it and tap the copy icon. If we want to cut, then you need to select, tap the 3 dots menu, select cut option. It would be much easier to have the options from the menu at the top as icons.