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  • Reorder globals in bulk

    Jacques Aucamp · 0 · Posted

    If I select a global, an arrow appears to be able to move the global lower in the list.

    When selecting two or more globals  the arrows disappear

    I'd like to request functionality to move more than one global up or down in the list, or maybe a way to sort globals by name, type or value? 

  • Resizable or larger parameter window

    Jacques Aucamp · 0 · Posted

    Sometimes when you have a lot of globals or parameters to set, it's hard to scroll the small list at the bottom of the screen.

    I'm looking for a way to toggle the display of the widget which will give more real estate to the bottom section  or to minimize the bottom section to be higher.

  • Calculation/variable based location

    Jacques Aucamp · 0 · Posted

    I'd like to be able to set a location by variable or calculation.

    I have a rather complex widget that I want to add a button to toggle the location between my GPS location and that of Alternative Location one (I do not want to use layers due to the complexity of the graph widget and it will cause a ton of duplication .

    Please consider adding this functionality 

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    Option to change screen ratio inside the editor

    Jacek · 1 · Last reply by Craftmath

    It could be super handy to adapt presets for all resolutions on the phone without needing to use emulators on pc.

  • Line Renderer

    Espiongerbil · 0 · Posted

    Hi. Please could you add point to point line drawing to the shapes? The shape would have x/y coordinates for the start and end points, and a line thickness value. If the coordinates and thickness could be modified with formulas, it would make it a lot easier to draw graphs, and other dynamic shapes. Currently I'm using rectangles, with 4 variables per line, and trigonometry to work out where it should be placed and the angle. It seems overly complex/bloated on the user side. Thanks!

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    Copy n' Paste Globals

    mumiqs D · 0 · Posted

    It would be really nice to have the possibility to copy/paste Global Variables (especially multiple at once). I mean the ones in root level. Basically just like with all other Elements. 

  • Use system icons

    Jacques Aucamp · 0 · Posted

    With Launchers such as nova, icon packs are sometimes used to display app icons  

    I'd like to be able to open and select an icon from one of the system installed icon packs such as Antimo and use these icons directly in the widget 

  • Toggle for Oreo-specific features

    Since the 3.30 version of the app, it adds support for Oreo's style APIs and adapts for the light/dark SystemUI, which is nifty to have.

    At the same time though, it also lets the OS detect the tone/color of the wallpaper and use it to tint the lockscreen / notification shade / recents background, which I'd prefer it doesn't - the plain dark filter before works more consistently visually.

    Is it possible to have a switch that toggles the feature(s) on/off? People who loves the feature keeps what we have now, and people who don't can stop KLWP from reporting

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    Audio visualizer

    thomas Scheepstra · 0 · Posted

    It would be great to be able to visualize the music you're playing (so not some bars going up and down randomly), like an equalizer or something (see image).

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    Computer editor?

    hey, just wondering, would it be at all possible in the near future to have some sort of computer editor for klwp and stuff? like some program that shows your wallpapers that you've made and can edit them?

    I think it would be good because of the extra functionality the editor could have, especially the ability to see your wallpaper on any sized screen, which would help with making more universal wallpapers


    -thanks, Socks out

  • Text Element: fit to box

    keen · 0 · Posted

    There is already a functionality for text elements that adjusts the font size so that a text fits to a given width.

    I would really appreciate two alternative options:

    1. Fit to height: Font size is adjusted automatically so that the text uses full specified height
    2. Fit to box: Font size is adjusted automatically so that the text is scaled so that it fits in a box of which the user can specify width and height. The text should not be squeezed in the box; it is only scaled until either it is as high as the box, oder it is
  • Planned

    Headphone plugged/unplugged kode

    BaconBits · 2 · Last reply by Álvaro Hurtado

    Would it be possible to add a kode to detect if headphones have been connected or not

    Something like - 

    $si(head)$ where 0 is not connected and 1 is connected

  • Declined

    Could it be possible to access to root globals without declaring a global under a komponent ?

    Brunoisa10 · 3 · Last reply by Jacques Aucamp

    In order to use formulas on some komponents as mainly they are locked

    So we can check/change some parameters value depending on our root global variable.

    For me it will be for changing some positions on Calendar for example if I have set my gv scale as 60 or 120

    • Currently, when rescaling, some elements are not well positionned
  • Add an option to light up and image apart from dimming it

    Álvaro Hurtado · 0 · Posted

    Allow to light up an image by adding minus values on dim option. While from 0 to 100 it dims the image, from -100 to 0 it lights up it.