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  • Plz Add Favorites.

    Aimilios Dakos · 0 · Posted

    I am a KWGT user and first of all congratulations for this app.

    I believe many of the users would love a favorites feature. Judging by me, I browse the thousands  installed presets just to see what I like but when the time comes to actually pick one, I manage hard to find where the few I liked were.

    Could you in a future update 

    - Add a favorites tab and the ability to favorite an individual preset that gets a star icon and can be also seen in the favorites tab.

    - Add favorites functionality in the upper level,

  • KLCK Security Methods

    Tobias Nagel · 2 · Last reply by Arseny Uskov

    A component for KLCK which allows me to add e.g. a pattern, like normal lockscreens do, would be very useful

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    Upcoming songs

    Joshua Fletcher · 1 · Last reply by Joshua Fletcher

    Any way to add upcoming song title, duration, etc?  mi(title, 1) something like that?  Info is supplied to bluetooth devices, I'd assume KLWP could pull it relatively easily.  Would be nice to be able to show the song queue in a theme.

  • Planned

    Headphone plugged/unplugged kode

    BaconBits · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Would it be possible to add a kode to detect if headphones have been connected or not

    Something like - 

    $si(head)$ where 0 is not connected and 1 is connected

  • Completed

    Roman Numerals

    Paul Monlezun · 1 · Last reply by Paul Monlezun

    I would love to see a text filter that converts numbers to Roman Numerals. I could see using that in clocks, a year line, calendars and other widgets. I don't think I'd be the only one who would appreciate it and as far as I can see, no other widget customizer offers the function. Thanks.



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    Add code for owner for read only preset

    Keith Fuscaldo · 0 · Posted

    I've read many times on the Kustom forum of people not properly backing up there presets or accidentally saving them as read-only. Now they can't get into their own preset. Is it possible to add a feature that would allow someone to enter a code (one of there own choosing) that would unlock the preset?

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    Computer editor?

    socksthefennec · 2 · Last reply by Saber .

    hey, just wondering, would it be at all possible in the near future to have some sort of computer editor for klwp and stuff? like some program that shows your wallpapers that you've made and can edit them?

    I think it would be good because of the extra functionality the editor could have, especially the ability to see your wallpaper on any sized screen, which would help with making more universal wallpapers


    -thanks, Socks out

  • FPS Value

    Billy VZY · 0 · Posted

    Read current frame of second.

    Or tenth of a second, either way, some time monitoring way would help with making smooth animations with very little work.

    Right now, my BG IMG is hue shifted by the percent of a minute (50% = 30 second) but it jumps by over 1.5% each tick, making all my percent of a minute animations jumpy and sharp to the eye. Even just adding in a millisecond value instead of a frame # would work (and have a better fitting into the time and date functions)

  • Webcam

    Fabio Angeli · 0 · Posted

    It would be great displaying images from Webcam, I would have a real live wallpaper! 

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    Jude · 1 · Last reply by Pussy Destroyer

    Kustom Watch Face!

    There are no good watch face making tools yet, a KLWP style watch face editor would be great!

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    Touch sounds

    Soul Extract · 1 · Last reply by Ewa K


    Requesting a feature to play a sound on a touch event.

    Something simple like only "ogg" support.

    I think this would make KLWP a more complete UI solution and alleviate the need for third party apps.




  • Audio visualizer

    thomas Scheepstra · 0 · Posted

    It would be great to be able to visualize the music you're playing (so not some bars going up and down randomly), like an equalizer or something (see image).

  • get time in milliseconds

    kilozz385 · 1 · Last reply by Als Hate 09

    hi, i would like to be able to get the current time in milliseconds or less to create smooth custom animations using math. i've been struggling all day to find something that updates just as fast but in the end i can only get the animation to update each second, resulting in a choppy sequence.


  • Vertical Text

    BaconBits · 0 · Posted

    Option in a text item to be able to orient the text horizontally or vertically

    As of now, vertical text can only be done with a few crude hacks....IE....setting fixed width with narrow width and many lines

    An actual option for it would be much better


  • Planned

    Option to set fps for animation

    Francesco · 1 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Hello. I'd like to ask if it's possible to add an option in the settings to change default fps of animations of the wallpaper.

    If default value is 30 fps, maybe one can be willing to set it to 10 or 5 to reduce the impact on the cpu of a wallpaper with loop animations.