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    Computer editor?

    socksthefennec · 2 · Last reply by Saber .

    hey, just wondering, would it be at all possible in the near future to have some sort of computer editor for klwp and stuff? like some program that shows your wallpapers that you've made and can edit them?

    I think it would be good because of the extra functionality the editor could have, especially the ability to see your wallpaper on any sized screen, which would help with making more universal wallpapers


    -thanks, Socks out

  • Calendar color counter

    Sebastian Olivera · 0 · Posted

    We need a function than returns calendar name and quantity of events for a certain date:

    Something like this:

    $ci(colors, a1d)$

    And return: "CalendarOne,#FF03GGAA,3;CalendarTwo,#FF00FF00,1"

    This will be useful with new trim function and will makes the calendars more cute :D

  • Line Renderer

    Espiongerbil · 0 · Posted

    Hi. Please could you add point to point line drawing to the shapes? The shape would have x/y coordinates for the start and end points, and a line thickness value. If the coordinates and thickness could be modified with formulas, it would make it a lot easier to draw graphs, and other dynamic shapes. Currently I'm using rectangles, with 4 variables per line, and trigonometry to work out where it should be placed and the angle. It seems overly complex/bloated on the user side. Thanks!

  • Ability to change global refresh rate?

    Krenar Shabani · 0 · Posted

    Can you make the global clock refresh faster than 1 second? What I mean is, I have tu(seq) functions iterating faster than 1 second, but when I view it on the home screen, since the wallpaper refreshes only once a second some "frames" get skipped. I understand what I'm asking for may be problematic for many reasons so if anything you can add an advanced menu in settings to change this refresh rate or whatever its called

  • Setting locations by numeric longitude and latitude

    riumutu · 0 · Posted

    I made a world clock that randomly changes times to show in every 3 hours, using KLWP's "time zone per layer" function. Now I'd like to add weather features to it.

    It's great that we can set different time zones to each layer and I really appreciate developers' effort for that feature. However, location settings is still limited to three preset locations (except current GPS location), and the time zone settings don't affect weather information and forecasts.

    It would be better that each layer's location could be customizable with numeric longitude and latitude.

    I hope my idea attracts you. Thanks!

  • Would love to see a "kustom launcher"

    Chase Huggins · 0 · Posted

    It would be great in the future to see a launcher that could be tightly integrated with Kustom apps. There could be alot to benefit from a full Kustom experiece.

  • Completed

    Gauge & Volumes

    Simon Marchal · 3 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    It would be great if gauge could be mapped on volumes as the battery for instance

    I saw that a gauge can be mapped on the music volume (this is a start), but other volumes are missing.

    In my case, the ringstone would be enough, but why not put them all?

    (I know that I can by-pass the system using Tasker, but it would be far more easier if it was nativelly implemented)

  • Full screen privew

    Sounak Kundu · 0 · Posted

    KWLP is great and having a live wallpaper do all the tasks is beautiful. It is also helpful that we get to check out the theme before applying in the little editor window we got there. But the only problem is that the editor window is too small and some minor details are very hard to notice in that small window. I know that there is automatic zoom but still I think it is a good idea to have a fullscreen preview option.