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    Computer editor?

    socksthefennec · 4 · Last reply by Zed

    hey, just wondering, would it be at all possible in the near future to have some sort of computer editor for klwp and stuff? like some program that shows your wallpapers that you've made and can edit them?

    I think it would be good because of the extra functionality the editor could have, especially the ability to see your wallpaper on any sized screen, which would help with making more universal wallpapers


    -thanks, Socks out

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    Copy n' Paste Globals

    mumiqs D · 1 · Last reply by Jacques Aucamp

    It would be really nice to have the possibility to copy/paste Global Variables (especially multiple at once). I mean the ones in root level. Basically just like with all other Elements. 

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    Jude · 3 · Last reply by Snowman .

    Kustom Watch Face!

    There are no good watch face making tools yet, a KLWP style watch face editor would be great!

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    Audio visualizer

    thomas Scheepstra · 0 · Posted

    It would be great to be able to visualize the music you're playing (so not some bars going up and down randomly), like an equalizer or something (see image).

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    Would love to see a "kustom launcher"

    Chase Huggins · 0 · Posted

    It would be great in the future to see a launcher that could be tightly integrated with Kustom apps. There could be alot to benefit from a full Kustom experiece.

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    Request to add 3D animation, Flip animation to Klwp

    Hi Frank: like we talk in the Kustom Official page we are making a request to add 3D Flip animation to Klwp. Thanks in advance.

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    Touch sounds

    Soul Extract · 1 · Last reply by Ewa K


    Requesting a feature to play a sound on a touch event.

    Something simple like only "ogg" support.

    I think this would make KLWP a more complete UI solution and alleviate the need for third party apps.




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    Multicolour gradient.

    Jarosław Frąc · 2 · Last reply by Rod K

    Please add multicolour gradient in color section for all objects, if it's possible of course.

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    Is it possible to send a variable to Tasker

    Brunoisa10 · 3 · Last reply by Lynda Howell

    I want to send a variable to Tasker in order to do some complex calculation depending on the value

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    Copy&Paste Animation

    Orlando · 2 · Last reply by T7

    When I copy & paste animations, formulas (e.g., in Delay property) are not copied.


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    Vertical Text

    BaconBits · 0 · Posted

    Option in a text item to be able to orient the text horizontally or vertically

    As of now, vertical text can only be done with a few crude hacks....IE....setting fixed width with narrow width and many lines

    An actual option for it would be much better


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    Export as image

    calvin b · 0 · Posted

    It would be nice to capture / export the current screen in KLWP as an image. This would be helpful for making static wallpapers with KLWP as you can edit the size and position of a wallpaper and add e.g. a gradient with an adaptive Color (see example in attachments).

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    Delay features in touch actions and formulas

    Francesco · 0 · Posted

    Hi there. What about a "delay" or "wait" function in touch menu, where you can set a delay after the tap before performing the action.

    Also it would be interesting to add it as a function in formulas. For example

    $if(a=1,#FFFFFFFF, delay(1, #FF000000))$

    meaning that after the condition is met (a different than 1), color will wait 1 second to switch from #FFFFFFFF to #FF000000.

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    Check/Display battery level of Bluetooth headset?

    EHKWGT · 2 · Last reply by Frank Monza

    Is there a way to determine and display the battery level of a Bluetooth connected headset? 

    I know that there are widgets on Google Play that can do this but I would rather build my own SIMPLE widget in KWGT.


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    Select all option

    Jacek · 0 · Posted

    Would be quite useful when we could select all items from 3 dots menu.

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    The ability to use formulas on touch action "Action" selection.

    Scott Almond · 0 · Posted

    *Feature Request* The ability to use formulas on touch action "Action" selection. Currently there's no formula option for setting the touch action to disabled or not based on a formula or global. Please can this be added? The formula would need to resolve the options "NONE", "KUSTOM_ACTION", "LAUNCH_APP", LAUNCH_SHORTCUT", "LAUNCH_ACTIVITY", "MUSIC CONTROLS", TOGGLE_GLOBAL", "OPEN_LINK", "CHANGE_VOLUME" or "DISABLED". We could then enable or disable touch actions based on global switches etc.

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    Index numbers for items in editor

    Jacek · 1 · Last reply by Scott Almond

    Frank please add a small index numbers for all items if possible. It would be very handy especially in situations like having lots of shapes in groups. 

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    it would be great if there would be a formula for handling the soundprofil of the phone... (sound, vibrate, silent) - e.g. to display with an icon the soundprofil

    Mike · 3 · Last reply by Mike

    it would be great if there would be a formula for handling the soundprofil of the phone... (sound, vibrate, silent) - e.g. to display with an icon the soundprofil

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    SIM Actions/Status

    Adz S · 0 · Posted


    1. Ability to read SIM status (activated/deactivated), particularly for dual SIM phones. 
    2. Ability to read network connectivity information for each SIM. 

    Stretch goal:

    1. Ability to activate/deactivate SIM cards by directly through the widget.