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    Weather info does not update

    Raktajino · 0 · Posted

    I have "Network Refresh" set to 1 hour but the weather info will not update automatically, no matter which weather provider I try. 

    "Force Update" works from the settings menu, but not from a widget as a Kustom Action (Touch).

    My phone is on Android 9.0 and the KWGT app is not battery optimized.

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    If uptime longer than - then write something.

    Thomas Leigh · 0 · Posted

    Could You please help with if/else code which could display a particular text if uptime is longer than - let's say - 3 days? Otherwise display nothing... I can't figure it out.

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    Not all weather icons work.

    There are weather icon sets in case of which it seems that not every item within a set works properly. For example: although there is an icon for light snow ("lsnow"), it doesn't show itself while "snow showers". Or it doesn't show rain icon while "rain".

    The set which behaves like this is "Weather Class" ( link ). The set which works well in those cases is "BB Freebies" ( link ).

    I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong, or it is something with the set itself... I use KLCK in English.

    I tried various weather providers, to no

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    Calendar items out of order

    Jerry Kindall · 0 · Posted


    I'm having a problem with KWGT where the calendar events are shown out of order. I'm not doing anything weird with ci(), just getting title, start, allday and using index 0, 1, 2 to get each of the three events' info.

    Here is a screenshot

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    Meminta pengembalian Dana

    Shildam Ardana · 0 · Posted

    Saya ingin meminta pengembalian dana, 


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    Customisable grid

    It would be super sweet to have a customisable grid you could toggle when creating a wallpaper to assist with layouts  

  • AQ: Air quality info (index, co2, pm10)

    Frank Monza · 0 · Posted




    • type: Info type, see examples


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    Epochs incorrectly formatted in df() if passed as global variables or from Tasker

    Titus · 0 · Posted


    an epoch formatted by df() appears to be incorrect by up to 2 minutes if the epoch is passed via gv or Tasker. For example:

    $df(h:mm:ss, 1549959380)$ = 9:16:20 (correct)

    but, being "e_evfall" the same epoch 1549959380 in both cases below:

    $df(h:mm:ss, br(tasker, e_evfall))$ or $df(h:mm:ss, gv(e_evfall))$ = 9:17:10 (incorrect)

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    Hide seconds hand of clock when not on charge


    I've had a look at the FAQ & I didn't see this kind of thing listed. 

    I have an analog clock widget set to refresh the seconds hand while charging. Currently it shows the seconds hand at all times, but only animates it while charging. I want to hide the seconds hand while the phone isn't charging so it isn't shown being stuck in place all the time.

    Is this possible? 



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    Delay for klck to be active after re-pressing on/off button on phone

    KLCK works fine, but only if i wait for a long time after having locked the phone otherwise it just won't appear

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    DWD as a weather provider

    Mathis Müller · 0 · Posted

    Just a Suggestion: what about adding DWD (Deutscher Wetterdienst / German Weather service) as a weather Provider for Germany? I think many Germany would Like that because it is way more precise than DarkSky and the Others, in Germany.

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    Have Kustom apps request android.permission.DUMP

    Tored · 1 · Last reply by Joshua Fletcher

    More advanced users that want to get more out of shell could grant the permission via ADB and gain access to dumpsys.

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    Icon change during activity.

    I have selected LAUNCH ACTIVITY to start sound recording. I want to change icon during recording (till stop). How to do.

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    Wrong color picked by notification shade

    Denis Bouyer · 0 · Posted


    Since the last update, the notification shade doesn't seem to its bottom color from the wallpaper like it used to. Now it's just white.

    I tried restarting and changing my wallpaper image but it just stays white. When I use a wallpaper in Nova Launcher though, then it picks one of the wallpaper colors like it should.

    I went back to the previous version via APK and it works normally now, so it's definitely linked to the new update.

    Any idea what's causing this? Thanks!

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    Objects not rendering in large stack groups

    Tored · 0 · Posted

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. put 3 elements with 1440 height in a vertical stack group
    2. offset the group to check the 3rd element

    the 3rd element does not render at all, neither in the editor nor on the homescreen.

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    Play sound at time interval?

    Is there any way to play a sound file at a specific time interval? 

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    Padding on text objects also resizes text box

    Chris M · 2 · Last reply by Chris M

    I have a layout with a text element inside of a komponent. The text is set to "fixed width". When I align the text layer to the left of the komponent and add left padding. As padding is added, the text moves over to the left as expected and the red outline of the text layer expands the expected amount but the actual size of the text box seems to decrease. The text wraps sooner and sooner as padding is added almost as if right padding is being added as well.

    This does not seem to be an expected behavior

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    Klwp file to klck file pls help

    Klwp file to klck file pls help can't do it I even tried to change the file name to.klck

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    KLWP crashes when trying to export

    Everytime I attempt to export ain unlocked preset that I have tweaked for my own personal use the app crashes.  Can you please tell me how to fix this,  I spent a lot of time on this preset and would hate to lose it all

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    Touch actions don't work in the notification

    Jelle Boy · 0 · Posted

    I'm making a custom notification for my music player with KWGT. I already have a great and well-functioning widget, but if I try to do the same thing in the new notification, only the skip to next track button works. I can't skip to previous track, play/pause or open an app. I already tried to set the touch actions to a shortcut I made with another app that pauses, but that didn't work either.

    I use a Motorola Moto G6 Plus with the latest updates I can get at the time of writing.

    The music player I use is Vanilla