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    Frank Monza · 0 · Posted

    External Tutorials

    • A very basic Video Tutorial for beginners
    • A great set of intruduction videos by Dillogic
    • Kustom Series on Jagwar Site, very good set of written tutorials for beginners
    • Advanced video tutorials on Brandon Craft YouTube Channel a MUST see if you want to fully exploit Kustom

    Basic Tasks

    • Create your own Weather Komponent
    • Create a new Font Icon Pack
    • Change a Layer or Image if day or night
    • Use different colors based on a condition
    • Floating Action Button tutorial (FAB, KLWP only)
  • Create a Font Icon pack

    Frank Monza · 0 · Posted

    Kustom has a wonderful Font Icon module that allows you to easily add vector icons to your preset. Sometimes however builtin packs are not enough and you want to add your own, this is very easy, please follow these steps:

    • Go to the IcoMoon App site and create a new project (top right corner)
    • Add your icons and please pay attention to the license!
    • Once you are done adding icons press the "Generate Font" button (bottom right corner)
    • Give the icons the appropriate name (so just the text right to the icon, no need to change the code)
    • Finally press

    Frank Monza · 0 · Posted

    Why KWGT needs to display a Notification?

    Kustom to work properly needs to be always running, the notification can be disabled by removing Kustom from battery optimized apps, a full explanation is available at

    Can Kustom Widget update every second?

    Android Widgets do not know if they are currently displayed or not, this means that they will run also when you are using another app like a browser (even if Kustom widget never updates when screen is off it still doesn't know if you are actually looking at it or not when screen is on), so, from a technical

  • Math operators in formula

    Frank Monza · 0 · Posted

    As you probably already know kustom supports advanced formulas between $ symbols, what you probably don't know is that, within those symbols, you can also use math operators like "+", "/" and so on, and also use parentheses when needed like you do in math. The operators will work differently depending on the way you use them, so, let's give some example:

    • $2*(2+3)$ will give 10, this is simple math
    • $df(s)*2$ will return the number of seconds in current minute and multiply it per 2
    • $"foo" + "bar"$ will merge "foo" string and "bar" string resulting in "foobar" text, this
  • Load a preset in the editor from external app

    Frank Monza · 0 · Posted

    Starting from 3.16 Kustom allows external apps to directly open a preset into the editor, this is very useful for Dashboards or preset packs in generals. So, how to do that?

    Build a Kustom Uri

    You will need to pass to Kustom a specific Uri via intent, in order to build the Uri you will have to follow this format: kfile://pkgname/folder/filename So, for example, if you preset pack package is org.great.kustom.pack and you want to open a wallpaper called foo.klwp then your final Uri will be kfile://org.great.kustom.pack/wallpapers/foo.klwp. Ok, then how to launch the intent? That's different between apps, see below.


    For Kustom

  • MU: Math Utilities (floor, ceil, sqrt, min, max)

    Frank Monza · 0 · Posted


    mu(var, [default])


    • var: Function (one of ceil, floor or sqrt)
    • default: One or more values depending on the function


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    Would love to see a "kustom launcher"

    Chase Huggins · 0 · Posted

    It would be great in the future to see a launcher that could be tightly integrated with Kustom apps. There could be alot to benefit from a full Kustom experiece.

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    Have Kustom apps request android.permission.DUMP

    Tored · 1 · Last reply by Joshua Fletcher

    More advanced users that want to get more out of shell could grant the permission via ADB and gain access to dumpsys.


    Frank Monza · 0 · Posted

    Why KLCK needs to display a Notification?

    Kustom to work properly needs to be always running, the notification can be disabled by removing Kustom from battery optimized apps, a full explanation is available at

    Is KLCK a secure Lock Screen?

    No it is NOT, the main reason is that there is no official way to create an alternative lockscreen in Android, what Kustom does is just displaying on top of your system lockscreen and request an unlock when you unlock Kustom

    Does KLCK support Fingerprint Unlock?

    Yes it does but to avoid conflicts with the system lockscreen it can

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    Delay for klck to be active after re-pressing on/off button on phone

    KLCK works fine, but only if i wait for a long time after having locked the phone otherwise it just won't appear

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    Audio visualizer

    thomas Scheepstra · 0 · Posted

    It would be great to be able to visualize the music you're playing (so not some bars going up and down randomly), like an equalizer or something (see image).

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    Not all weather icons work.

    There are weather icon sets in case of which it seems that not every item within a set works properly. For example: although there is an icon for light snow ("lsnow"), it doesn't show itself while "snow showers". Or it doesn't show rain icon while "rain".

    The set which behaves like this is "Weather Class" ( link ). The set which works well in those cases is "BB Freebies" ( link ).

    I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong, or it is something with the set itself... I use KLCK in English.

    I tried various weather providers, to no

  • BI: Battery info (level, voltage, temperature, time since charging)

    Frank Monza · 0 · Posted


    bi(type, [date])


    • type: Info type, see examples
    • date: Optional date for historical data up to 24 hours, you can use usual format so, r1h will give one hour ago, r30m 30 minutes ago and so on (see examples)


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    Customisable grid

    It would be super sweet to have a customisable grid you could toggle when creating a wallpaper to assist with layouts  

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    Jude · 3 · Last reply by Snowman .

    Kustom Watch Face!

    There are no good watch face making tools yet, a KLWP style watch face editor would be great!

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    Hide seconds hand of clock when not on charge


    I've had a look at the FAQ & I didn't see this kind of thing listed. 

    I have an analog clock widget set to refresh the seconds hand while charging. Currently it shows the seconds hand at all times, but only animates it while charging. I want to hide the seconds hand while the phone isn't charging so it isn't shown being stuck in place all the time.

    Is this possible? 



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    If uptime longer than - then write something.

    Thomas Leigh · 0 · Posted

    Could You please help with if/else code which could display a particular text if uptime is longer than - let's say - 3 days? Otherwise display nothing... I can't figure it out.

  • AQ: Air quality info (index, co2, pm10)

    Frank Monza · 0 · Posted




    • type: Info type, see examples


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    wallpaper update problem in Oreo

    Und · 1 · Last reply by Age

    Hi When KLWP is already set as wallpaper, saving the project in KLWP does not update the homescreen. Only option to update homescreen is either restarting the phone or setting normal wallpaper and then setting KLWP again. Android 8.0.0 on S9.