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  • Unread SMS and missed calls counters

    Frank Monza · 0 · Posted

    Unfortunately Google has now restricted access to the SMS and Calls permissions, due to this change Kustom is not able to reliably read SMS and missed calls and the unred plugin for devices running on Android 5 or lower cannot be distributed anymore on the Play Store. Capability is still there if you grant Kustom access to notifications but it will just give you the status of what its actively in your notification bar, real unread and missed calls info wont be displayed anymore since the stock app cannot be queried without SMS and CALLS permissions.

    There is a workaround,

  • Load a preset in the editor from external app

    Frank Monza · 0 · Posted

    Starting from 3.16 Kustom allows external apps to directly open a preset into the editor, this is very useful for Dashboards or preset packs in generals. So, how to do that?

    Build a Kustom Uri

    You will need to pass to Kustom a specific Uri via intent, in order to build the Uri you will have to follow this format: kfile://pkgname/folder/filename So, for example, if you preset pack package is org.great.kustom.pack and you want to open a wallpaper called foo.klwp then your final Uri will be kfile://org.great.kustom.pack/wallpapers/foo.klwp. Ok, then how to launch the intent? That's different between apps, see below.


    For Kustom

  • How KWGT compares with Zooper / Buzz / UCCW?

    Frank Monza · 0 · Posted

    Here are some of the main advantages of KWGT over its competitors, Zooper, Buzz and UCCW (go check them out!). This list is not exhaustive it's just a starting point, probably there is much much more :) Anyway, in KWGT:

    • You have Komponents which are like widgets inside widgets or reusable items inside the editor. So for example you can create a clock and redistribute it as a module for KWGT, users will just add your clock and change the options you expose (like colors and font), there are many examples online on the store already or you can check
  • KAPK Walls Format

    Frank Monza · 0 · Posted

    Kustom APK Dashboard uses cloud-based wallpapers, meaning you need to host your wallpaper images on the internet. An easy and free way to do this is a public GitHub or BitBucket repository. Both sites allows you to host files of any type (provided you own the rights to do so), and they are fast. You can also just store the JSON (see below) in them and then use public image sites to store the walls.

    So, first step is to collect all your images URLs and create the JSON like the one below, example is taken from, the "thumbnail" part

  • Kustom Adaptive Icon Contest Winners

    Frank Monza · 0 · Posted

    Oh man this was really a good competition! Kudos to all the designers who participated you really did an awesome job, if you didnt win really looking forward for seeing those icons in an icon pack soon! So, WHAT ABOUT THE FINAL RESULTS?!?!?! Here we go, this is what the community decided and i have nothing to say to my wonderful community other than accepting their choice which i actually DO LOVE, say welcome to the new Kustom Icon

    Final results

    Number one goes to Max Patchs! Congrats!!!!

    And then? What about the others??? So, second place goes to Za

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    Fade animations don't execut correctly when global is "on" upon saving

    Jacek · 0 · Posted

    After recent klwp update fade animations trigerred by globals don't execut correctly when global is "on" upon saving. When you set it off before saving it works ok. The problem is also with fade animations triggered by list global, it will only work for the item selected inside the editor.

    Here is a simple preset with this issue.:

    How to reproduce: load the preset, set global to on, hit save.

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    Colorizing + Hue Shift over time of an image?

    Colton · 0 · Posted

    I have an image, that is a white lines image. I would like to colorize it, and then affect it with a hue shift over time. Currently my background is only using a hue shift formula that shifts over time, which is $tu(seq, 0.001, 0, 100)$ - I first need to colorize my white lines image somehow, then integrate this formula. Any ideas? I'd like to keep them all bright colours, which is why hue shift works. I would prefer not having a formula that results in browns or greys. Thanks! 

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    Can't load presets

    Tony Calio · 0 · Posted

    Hello, I purchased klwp pro today and tried to load a preset. A prompt popped saying it was a pro only feature. When I tried hitting the go pro button I get an error saying I already own it. 

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    is there any way to have a widget launch an app of my choice?

    sorry since I'm sure this is possible, but I'm not good at these things.

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    How to make a moving row

    How to make a moving line if the text don't fit into the width of the field? (syntax)

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    Error: source file not readable

    Tried downloading a Weather Komponent and I get the above error when trying to load it via a preset (going to the "+", through the folder icon etc.).

    Here is the Komp file (

    How can I avoid this error?

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    Unable to use


    Can't get wether informations for location: Ksar el-Kebir, MA.

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    Theme don't have back button

    Seangcool98 · 0 · Posted

    The theme button don't have a back button to exit the theme settings page

    Edit: nvm I figure it out, just tap anywhere on homescreen to get out of theme page 🤣

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    Bluetooth Name

    kennyowz · 0 · Posted

    Please allow us to display the name of a connected Bluetooth device!! =) 

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    Computer editor?

    socksthefennec · 4 · Last reply by Zed

    hey, just wondering, would it be at all possible in the near future to have some sort of computer editor for klwp and stuff? like some program that shows your wallpapers that you've made and can edit them?

    I think it would be good because of the extra functionality the editor could have, especially the ability to see your wallpaper on any sized screen, which would help with making more universal wallpapers


    -thanks, Socks out

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    Why is so much RAM constantly being used since last update?

    Zayd Sharif · 0 · Posted

    I've attached a screenshot of the memory being used and as far as I can tell it's always like this since the latest update

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    A new Kustom App; KCS Community Share

    Cows4evero · 0 · Posted

    a cool idea would be for Kustom to make an app specifically designed for sharing the designs you create. People could still put their stuff on there with a price so that they could make some money off of it. You can also simply share your creation because you want to show people what you have done. IT could also be a place for inspiration and brainstorming. I know we have the subreddit and the google plus page but I think something like this would work much better. I think maybe you should only be able to access it if

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    Kustom Screen Overlay

    Xiongshe · 0 · Posted

    A screen overlay that would allow you to do things like the edge but with way more kustomization

    Imagine just swiping to the left and you see the weather for tmrw while continuing to play your favourite mobile game