Add functionality: Globals, that are available to all widgets (to transport information you input in one widget to another)

(Note: I tried to explain the problem as good as I can, so you would understand, what I mean and why I need the option to make globals visible to all Widgets, but the explanation quickly grew too long. So instead of making my point clear it might just confuse you even more. If you don't want to read it all, scroll down until ***SIMPLE EXPLANATION HERE***)

So I want to design my homepage as compact and simple as possible, but I want to display very specific information on my widget, in order for it to work correctly I need to change some settings in that widget, but since I want to keep my homepage as simple as possible, I don't want to enter the Editor everytime and I don't have space for touch actions on my homepage.

So I decided to make a seperate widget, on another page to change the settings for my homepage-widget. The problem is, I can't add touch-triggers to change globals in another widget, KWGT Action doesn't work at all for me, not even if it is touch-triggered inside a widget through a shortcut. So I can't transport the information I input in this widget to the one on my homepage. 

The only two solutions, that I see to this problem are:

1. Fix KWGT-Action. It should be able to change globals in any widget, even if it is through a shortcut inside a widget, none of which currently work for me. Another thing is, that you can't toggle a Global Switch on and off. You need two seperate KWGT-Actions and a Text-Global to create a workaround, which is unnecessarily complicated as the "Change Global"-touch-action for globals in the same widget works fine with Switches. Btw, why can't you change the name of KWGT-Action-Shortcuts? It is of almost no use like that. I don't see why one would use a KWGT-Action-Shortcut, instead of a widget that does the same, but with custom design.

2. Add a Checkmark for globals to be available to all widgets. The solution I would personally appreciate much more! When you create a global add a checkmark, that makes it appear in the globals list for all widgets. For example:

I create Widget B. I create a Global in Widget B. I want Widget B to display information in my freetime, but I want it to display other information, when I'm at work, since Widget B takes up the whole page I create Widget A on another page. I create Global A in this widget: $if(gv(Switch A), "work", "freetime". I only put one text-element in this widget: $if(gv(Global A) = work, "Work", gv(Global A) = freetime, "Freetime")$ Now I create the global Switch A. Finally I add a touch-action to the text-element, which turns Switch A on and off. So, now I finished Widget B. In order for Widget A to know if it is supposed to display information suited for my freetime or for work it needs to know if Switch A is turned on or off. I could have added another touch-action to the text-element, that toggled Switch B in Widget B on and off exactly like it toggles Switch A on and off, so I would have Switch A and B always have the same value, but since I can't change the value of Switch B, through a touch-action in Widget A, I chose the other solution. Instead of creating Switch A and B I'll just create one Global and tick the checkmark when creating it so it appears in the Globals list of both Widget A and Widget B. So when I change the one Global (that is visible to all widgets) through a touch-action in Widget A, it is also changed in Widget B.


Above I explained why you would need this function and how there is no way to transport information you input from Widget B to Widget A, by now, here I'll just simply explain what the function would look like:

When you create any global (text, color, switch, number...) there is a checkmark at the bottom of the page that pops up (under the type of the global). "Visible to all widgets" or any other description of that checkmark, that you might find more fitting is written next to it. And what it basically does is make the global, that you are about to create appear in the list of globals in every widget, not just the one you create the global in.

So when you create the global gv(Test) with the value "Did it work?" in Widget A and you go over to Widget B you will find gv(Test) with the value "Did it work?" and when you change it to "Yes" and go back to widget A you will find gv(Test) with the new value "Yes".

Well, I think, that this checkmark would be of great use. Without this function you would need to change the settings or switch the Global on and off manually in the Editor of the Widget, which is unnecessarily complicated. With this function you can just create a second widget which will change the settings in the first widget with one Click.

I don't know, why noone ever complained about this before! Am I the only one who needs this?

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I hope I read that time-stamp righ and that this is a 6 day old thread and not a 6 month old one.  And please forgive me, I kinda stopped reading your book when I got the gist of your concerm and skimmed  to the end searching or "KLWP".  I didn't find it; meaning,  I am either blind, you have an axe to grind, or you may not be very familiar with KLWP.  I assume the latter; so, my dear, sweet, and ever prolific author, please allow me to introduce you to Kustom Live Wallpaper.! Simply stated, most people find KLWP superior to KWGT in almost every way because it can do just about everything KWGT does and much, much more. I suspect this will prove true for you because a single  KLWP wallpaper can hold all the widgety awsomeness you'll probably need in life and obal variables. I use KLWP excvusively I and have not used KWGT in ages

Mr. Hemingway, if you have a compatible launcher (Nova is recommended) and you don't have a strict requirement to  put widgets inside a folder then you may very well be on the short path to KLWP nirvanna. The only insurmountable challenge and the one thing KWGT does that KLWP can't do better or differently (to my knowledge) is.....  a KWGT widget can be used on devices that don't have KWGT installed, whereas a KLWP wallpaper can only be used on devices with KLWP installed.

Put the typewriter down, go get KLWP, be t ter yet, get the pro version.  Then go make some bad ass animations while custom izing your device into a lean, mean, time killing machine (or less time killing if that's your thing)b

My final words before this response challenges the length of your opus: KWLP and KWGT share the same user interface, they can share Komponents with each other, lastly they were created and are maintained by the same developer.

May we all have many years of happy Koding!

1. How is promoting KLWP helpful as a reaction to a feature request related to KWGT? That's like answering a request for a better bike by trying to sell a scooter. Don't get me wrong, but owning pro for all Kustom products and knowing my way when it comes to Android development, I do see the logic of the feature request, After all, the widget provider service could handle inter-widget variables.

2. You are aware your comment is almost as long as the post, don't you?