Rotation Bug when set to clipping mask

When I set FX to clipping mask (clip next module or clip all modules) and rotate the object manually, the object diagonally moves to the upper left although the anchor is set to center. This problem doesn't only affect the editor but still occurs when set as wallpaper.

I found a workaround by putting the mask in an overlay group and rotating the whole group (and rotating back the other objects in the group) but this way another bug occurs and the "hitboxes" (red boxes in the editor) don't rotate with the visible parts of the object (which rotate just like they should) which results in the touch feature becoming unusable (if you guess right and tap the area you remember the red boxes to be, the touch action is executed, so the representation of the "hitboxes" is correct).

I attached a gif demonstrating my first problem (there is just a plain white background behind the masking object to make the mask visible, the two objects ware bound together in an overlay group, all Anchors set to center)