Global text variables

If you inherit a global text from a main component with a function and you link a text global in a subcomponent (same and different name) to the main component, the formula is inserted as text instead of it being calculated

main component
- global text <name> = $df(YYYY)$

- global text <name1> = (inherit <name> from parent) => shows as $df(YYYY)$
- global text <name2> = $gv(name1)$ => shows as $df(YYYY)$

Even after save, close and reopen

Expected behavior: get the value of <name> in <name1> and <name2>



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Any news on this problem? Tnx

Still an issue.  I thought you previously said this was a known bug that was very difficult to fix.  I think I put a support ticket in.

Did you issue an update?  My play store hasn't notified me of anything recently.

It is a known bug. It's acknowledged. I was just curious if there was any progress in fixing it. I get some regular updates since I joined the beta program in the store.

Hi! I experiencing this on 3.29 :(

This will be fixed?

My problem is into list global from subcomponent, I get $wf(icon, 1)$ instead of "SHOWER". But I think is the same error...

I hope so. Not in 3.30 for now.

Confirmed, still preset on 3.26

Thank you

This also affects list globals.


gv(wicon) $wf(icon, 0)$##today, $wf(icon, 1)$##tomorrow

It doesn't actually execute the code. If I were to call the variable in a text element with $gv(wicon, null, 0)$ I'd expect to get something like SUNNY, PCLOUDY, etc. Instead I literally get $wf(icon, 0)$


I see there is a change in the new version (3.26).
I don't see the text anymore when linking with global text var.
When I use gv(...) in text object I can see the formula instead of the result.

By the way, I like the option to use scripting in color global vars. Tnx

Still an issue in v3.36

Problem still in 3.25b715214.

Real dealbreaker on modular komponents.


Please fix this

Problem still in version 3.23