Load a preset in the editor from external app

Starting from 3.16 Kustom allows external apps to directly open a preset into the editor, this is very useful for Dashboards or preset packs in generals. So, how to do that?

Build a Kustom Uri

You will need to pass to Kustom a specific Uri via intent, in order to build the Uri you will have to follow this format:


So, for example, if you preset pack package is org.great.kustom.pack and you want to open a wallpaper called foo.klwp then your final Uri will be kfile://org.great.kustom.pack/wallpapers/foo.klwp. Ok, then how to launch the intent? That's different between apps, see below.


For Kustom Live Wallpaper you will have to do the following:

Intent i = new Intent();
i.setComponent(new ComponentName("org.kustom.wallpaper",


In Kustom Widget Maker please do this:

Intent i = new Intent();
i.setComponent(new ComponentName("org.kustom.widget",

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