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How could I limit a text box?

I'm using a text to show daily quote, and I want to make it so if the text is too long, it will make it in 2/3 lines, so it would fit right with the design..


Dor Remez

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Hi man, trying to fix an issue again, and can't find an answer in the web.. 

I've using a animate to create a "Pop up menu" (used scale in, and mask to clip next module), and w Switch GV.. But, for some reason.. after a few seconds the animate goes back, and scale out, even if i didn't press the button that switches off the GV... why? :(

Hi, glad to keep hearing from you! 

Actually, I've already solved that issue ;)

Getting along pretty well with the app.. learning a lot all the time.. :)

I'm using Xiaomi mi 8 Pro, with MIUI 10 and running Nova launcher.

Could you please send me some SS? or can give me some ideas/tricks/tips?.. I'm always looking for some ideas for design..

Thanks for all your help, again! ;)

Best regards

Hi Dor👍 You have in the G+ Kustom Gallery page a lot of works from many users that you can take inspiration,and in cases you have a link to download the klwp preset and use it in your phone.

Search in Youtube for Brandon Craft, he have many tutorials on Klwp from begginers and advanced users that you can learn.

Miui phones OS have a little problems with Klwp to scroll the pages, here you have a "how to" from Frank Monza in how to make it work properlly.


And you can make the questions to make your own presets when you want here.👍👌

Hi, how are you doing, mate? :)

So, I went ahead and got the KLWP (Way better! lol)..

Now I'm facing an issue... I've started editing everything from the top, tho.. After a while i've noticed that the wallpaper doesn't refresh.. I've been adding stuff to it and all, and when I click "save" and go to my homepage, I see that it didn't update...  

would you know why? :(

Good good!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻  What is your phone and your OS?

See if Klwp is not in the Battery save mode in your phone, if yes, whitelist Klwp to prevent the app to work well. This is a complex app, and the developer add new stuff frequenttly, he is updating now to 3.37, and maybe the app have little bugs that he solve with updates daily for two or three days, to have it work properly.You are not going to have any problems in the near future like this is the problem is the new version (one or two days, no more than this). Try to make a preset to test, press save, and if it not update, restart your phone, and see what happen.

I advice that if you are using normal text (not morphing) you have in the BB codes, the option to make your font italic, this give you a skew of your font, it's not the same as in morphing, but maybe you can give a try.👍

So basically it's better, what you use... Sadly for me.. :(

It's different, you can work well with Kwgt, if in the future you want animations you need to go with Klwp. If you like animations and all screen customization, Klwp is the best for this. I have the two apps, but Kwgt only for tests, I'm only use Klwp, and I like it for my presets for  the last 2 years now.

Yeah, I've solved it using if function with global list, works pretty nice! :)

Now, I do have KWGT, what is the difference between this and klwp? Is it better than what I've got? (I've got the premium version)

Thanks again for all your help!

You are advancing fast man😁👍👌 Kwgt is an static widget, you can put as many in the screen as you want, but are statics and have size limitations(you can't make it cover all the screen as example). Klwp is a live wallpaper with animations, and cover all the screen and you can make the number of screens that you like, 1,2,3 or what you want and add the number of items per screen that you like. And you can make the different items of the preset animate when appear or disappear with touchs buttons or with scrolling the screens. It's another world😁, I use only Klwp.

You can search in Youtube for Klwp wallpapers, and you can see what are I'm talking about, and see if you like it.👍😃

Humm,, Could I buther you for another thing? :)

I'm making a weather widget.. Now, I have a forcast of 5 days, and I want to make it so when I press on a day, it will show a layer of that day in big.. <- that I've done..


what I need now is that to make it, so when I have lets say "Day1" displayed, and I press on another day (whichever) it will make the layer of "Day1" disapper..
and of course, I want it to work no matter which other day I press, it will turn off whatever is displayed and will show only the day I've pressed..

Lol, did I make myself clear about what i'm trying to do?..

Thanks a lot!


Hi👍 This is a tutorial by Brandon Craft (he had a lot of tutorials for begginers and advanced) If you have Klwp you can apply this tuto. If you have Kwgt, you don't have animations, maybe you can apply a workaround, using the action in the visibility of the overlap group of the differents items. Like



Hehe that's ok.. tho, kinda bummed that I can't use skew/angle now.. that was my original idea..

Ohh, yes, you don' have this option sadly

Ohhhhh... Got my mistake.. used morphing text!

Thanks!! :)))

Excuse me,🤦‍♂️ morphing text don't have fixed width, I don't make it clear🤦‍♂️👍😁

Hummmm... Sadly, I don't have type option.. :(

Text,Font, Size, Mode, Skew, filter, rotation, ratio, spacing, angle..... No "type" :(

Can't find that "fixed width"... Where would it be?

When you put a text, you enter the text, and you have 





 Tap in Type and you have the options, by default is Fixed Font Height

I did, thanks!

Will try the text thing now :)

In the Type of the font when you put a text, you have the Fixed Width, here you have the option to set the width, the lines and the size of the font.

You solved the problem with the uc(whatsapp)?