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I created widget and Komponent and I would like to share it on  play store.

Do I have to activate read only when I export them?

I made an apk with apk maker I succeeded to install it on an other phone, but kwgt pro is needed to use it????!!!! Did I do something wrong or is it normal?

Any advice before I create developer account and pay for it 

Have a good day  

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I did it !!!! check it out !


of course if you want it Mr Nelson Alberto, let me know I ll send you it for free cauze you help me a lot!!!

Good work Steve!!👍👏 Many successes!! Thanks for your kind offer, I appreciate it, but I only use my own creations.Keep designing!!👍👌

Hi Steve👍 In Kwgt, Klwp and Klck free versions, you don't have the option to install nor export(a widget that you create in the free version). The free version allow you to only create what you want and use it, if you want to change this preset, the preset that you created is erased and you need to create a new one. If you are going to put your work in the Playstore I recommend you to see how other designers inform the users to his creations, and what the users need to use his widgets, they ever said that to use his widgets the buyers need the pro version of Kwgt.

If you activate the read only, the widget is blocked, the users only can change the globals that you had created, like colors, fonts or whatever, they don't have access to the items in the widget,because this you need to create globals that you think are important to the users, like I said, colors, fonts, size fonts,etc.

The designers normally make read only a preset when he has a formula that they don't want to make visible for other users, but this option is in you.👍

Thanks for all your advices.

I saw you where interrested by the loops somewhere, I could deal with them...It's quite difficult but I think I did well...

I use them for a week calendar, check it please and tell me what you think about.

Have a good day.