BI: Battery info (level, voltage, temperature, time since charging)


bi(type, [date])


  • type: Info type, see examples
  • date: Optional date for historical data up to 24 hours, you can use usual format so, "r1h" will give one hour ago, "r30m" 30 minutes ago and so on (see examples)


Formula Description
$bi(level)$% Battery Level (in %)
$bi(temp)$$wi(tempu)$ Battery Temperature in local unit
$bi(tempc)$ Battery Temperature in celsius
$bi(volt)$ Battery voltage in millivolts
$bi(source)$ Current power source (Battery, AC, USB or Wireless)
$df("hh:mma", bi(plugged))$ Date of last plugged / unplugged event
$bi(current)$ Realtime charging/discharging current in milliampere (Android 5.x or better only)
$if(bi(charging) = 0, "unplugged", "plugged")$ $tf(bi(plugged))$ Time since last plugged / unplugged event
$df("hh:mma", bi(fullempty))$ Date of expected next charged/discharged event
$if(bi(charging) = 0, discharged, charged)$ $tf(bi(fullempty))$ Time to next expected charged/discharged event
$if(bi(charging) = 0, Discharged, Full)$$if(bi(charging) = 0 | bi(level) < 100, " in " + tf(bi(fullempty) - dp()))$ Alternate time to next expected charged/discharged event with relative time
$bi(level, r30m)$% Battery Level (in %) 30 minutes ago
$bi(source, r1h)$ Battery Source 1 hour ago
$bi(temp, r2h)$$wi(tempu)$ Battery Temp 2 hours ago
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