Option to change screen ratio inside the editor

It could be super handy to adapt presets for all resolutions on the phone without needing to use emulators on pc.

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Coming soon eh? 

Apologies not quite understanding.

Latest release v3.32 with no beta.


Great news!

Oh I see what your saying, I thought you were referring to the resolution of the background image. My mistake sorry about that.  By the way that would be really helpful, I threw down some votes :|

I think you can. If you add a formula to the main layer one to the height and one to the width then add the code :  $si(rheigth)$ and $si(rwidth)$ this vwill automatically make it your phone's resolution and you can even further adjust the resolution by adding a numerical value at the end like so ; $si(rwidth)2$ or even .5 ect. If this isn't what you meant then sorry : \


You can't apply that solution to the whole preset, especially when it has a lot of complex elements, with different anchors, position and animations. Changing the screen ratio inside the editor would make it a lot easier.

Yes!  Please and thank you.... :)